December 15, 2012

Snookerbacker Classic Leeds 15th December

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It’s the Festive Classic Heat.

It’s time to find the sixth finalist for this season’s Snookerbacker Classic today in Leeds and one of the players involved will join Oliver Lines, Andrew Norman, Adam Wicheard, Jamie Clarke and Kyren Wilson in the final stages in February.

The tournament today will have something of a festive feel about it and you can keep up with the latest happenings live from Leeds on Twitter by following me here and by using the hashtag #sbc13. Please feel free to join in the conversation and if you are in the area come and have a watch at what is easily the finest snooker club in the North of England, the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds.

Remember, the highest break of the Classic so far is 141 by Jamie Clarke so that currently is top of the leaderboard for the £300 high break prize which increases to £500 for a maximum. Will it be beaten today?

The best of luck to all sixteen players competing today and I hope it lives up to what so far has been a great event.

All Matches Best of 7 Frames 

10.30am Round One

Brett Miller 4-3 Liam Monk (109)

Gavin Lewis 1-4 Alex Davies

Roland ‘The Shuttle’ Cox 0-4 Stuart Wood

Ryan Bailey 2-4 Sean Hopkin

Alex Taubman (108) 3-4 Sam Thistlewhite

Damian Wilks 4-1 Tom Goldstein

Russell Morgan 2-4 Ant Parsons

William Lemons 4-2 Joe Roberts

Approx 12.30pm Round 2

Brett Miller 4-1 Alex Davies (104)

Stuart Wood 3-4 Sean Hopkin

Damian Wilks 3-4 Sam Thistlewhite

William Lemons 1-4 Ant Parsons

Approx 3pm Semi Finals

Brett Miller 3-4 Sean Hopkin

Sam Thistlewhite 2-4 Ant Parsons

Approx 5pm Final

Sean Hopkin 1-4 Ant Parsons

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