October 31, 2012

International Championship Quarter Finals

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As I write Selby and Walden are entering their sixth hour.

Thursday in Chengdu sees the Quarter Finals of the International Championship and today’s matches just passed me by as I didn’t see any of them, not one bloody, sodding solitary ball. I am a little peeved at that.

It’s probably a good job though as I’d have just sat there swearing as the betting side of things is a write-off this week unless Judd wins it, he’s the main outright pick and only the naughtiest of snooker from him can salvage anything from the wreckage of this particular event on that score. I’m closing the satchel now and hoping that he can do just that.

I can’t really write any sort of preview based on the matches today as I didn’t see them so I will simply list the matches and the head to heads and leave it at that.

If anyone would like to have a stab at writing a couple of paragraphs in the comments section describing today either in a serious, slightly amusing or laugh out loud kinda way then please be my guest, it would be nice to have someone that could take over when I’m a bit busy and today I’m afraid was one of those days when that thoroughly inconvenient and overrated thing called ‘a life’ totally got in the way of my snooker duties.

In fact the next person that tells me to ‘get a life’ will feel the sharp end of my wrath as these tend to be people that think they have one because they go out getting shitfaced and talk about football all night with their no-mark mates and then go home alone with a kebab before going to their dead-end job next day and doing the same thing the night after. If that’s a life you can keep it because mine’s a lot better.

I told you I was narky today, I think I’ve got the baize equivalent of cold turkey, I’ll be ok tomorrow as I should get to see almost all of Judd and Mark Allen, always a treat to watch these two lock horns.

OK, as I write Walden and Selby are still playing, coming up to the 6 hour mark, what’s that all about then? So I’ll have to fill in the blanks when the result of that particular borefest is known.


Peter Ebdon v Ricky Walden

Peter Ebdon Ricky Walden British Open 2003 Round 2 5-2

Judd Trump v Mark Allen

Judd Trump Mark Allen Bank of Communication Shanghai Masters 2012 Round 2 5-2
Mark Allen Judd Trump World Open 2012 Round 2 5-4
Judd Trump Mark Allen German Masters 2012 Round 2 5-2
Judd Trump Mark Allen UK Championship 2011 Final 10-8
Judd Trump Mark Allen Players Tour Championship 2 2011 Round 2 4-2
Mark Allen Judd Trump SAGA Insurance Masters 2009 Round 1 6-4
Mark Allen Judd Trump World Snooker Bahrain Championship 2008 Round 1 5-1


Shaun Murphy v Marco Fu

Marco Fu Shaun Murphy UK PTC3 2012 Semi-final 4-0
Shaun Murphy Marco Fu Premier League 2010 Semi-final 5-2
Marco Fu Shaun Murphy Premier League 2010 Robin round 4-2
Shaun Murphy Marco Fu Premier League 2009 Robin round 5-1
Shaun Murphy Marco Fu Wuzhoo International Jiangsu Classic 2009 Robin round 2-0
Shaun Murphy Marco Fu World Snooker Championship 2009 Round 2 13-3
Shaun Murphy Marco Fu Maplin UK Championship 2008 Final 10-9
Marco Fu Shaun Murphy Royal London Watches Grand Prix 2007 Robin round 4-3
Marco Fu Shaun Murphy Citywest Irish Masters 2004 q-Round 5 5-3
Shaun Murphy Marco Fu Embassy World Championship 2002 q-Round 6 10-4
Shaun Murphy Marco Fu Benson & Hedges Masters 2001 Round 1 6-1

Lu Haotian v Neil Robertson

Never met. #banthewildcards

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