October 25, 2012

Snooker is ‘Institutionally Racist’ says BBC caller

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Pure Coincidence

It’s good having eagle-eyed or in this case bat-eared followers on Twitter as sometimes they alert you to things that you would otherwise have missed.

Every morning in the UK a man called Nicky Campbell who used to host Wheel of Fortune on the telly has a radio phone-in about the issues of the day. Today part of this discussion turned to racism in sport and that is when a caller, I’m sure coincidentally called ‘Joe’ decided to turn his attention to what he called a ‘massive problem’ of racism in the world of snooker.

He claims that as a black man, attempts he made to make it big in the game were ‘frowned upon’ and that a big company set to sponsor poor old Joe pulled out of the deal on discovering he was black.

He points to the lack of black players in the game, though he fails to mention the Asian players on the tour but it’s clear Joe, who claims to have a friend in the top 60 of the sport isn’t impressed with the way snooker is run.

You can hear Joe’s comments in full here and by moving the cursor to 46.30. Many thanks to the USA Snooker Association who came across this, at least somebody was listening.

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