October 19, 2012

Belgian PTC Day 1

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The investigation is focusing on a series of nicknames

After two days of qualifiers it’s now time for the professionals to take to the baize in Antwerp, a city that yesterday saw a fatal shooting right outside the hotel where the players are playing, World Snooker have confirmed that Stephen Lee is not a suspect for a change. 

Apollobet have a range of prices on the matches which can be found by clicking here, including handicap and correct score betting. Eurosport have coverage throughout the day and the first match up will be Mark Selby against the mighty Jurian Huesdens, that should be a close one…

Later in the day, John Higgins hits our screens and arguably the best match covered from the early ones follows as Steve Davis takes on my great pal Michael Holt, the Hitman another who has been released by police pending further enquiries as they thought his nickname was the key to the shooting investigation, their attention is now focusing on the Shotgun Jamie Cope, Mark ‘The Pistol’ Allen and Allan ‘The Albino Assassin’ Taylor, it’s little wonder they are confused with all these boys in town, and that’s even before they have the bottle to arrest Dark Mavis.

Because of all the qualifiers still in the mix it’s difficult to find a bet this morning, but as the day goes on this will change I am sure. SB Classic Finalist Andrew Norman is in great form and can be backed at odds against to beat Anthony McGill but that one is too close to call for me. One amateur that could spring a surprise is Gary Wilson who takes on Gerard Greene so I may have an interest on him.

Recommended Bet: 1 point on Gary Wilson at 13/8 with Apollobet. 2 point treble on Holt, Perry and Norman (+2.5 frames) pays just under 7/4 with Apollobet

All times are UK Time


Mark Selby 4-0 Jurian Huesdens
Dark Mavis 4-0 Jurgen van den Bossche
Ryan Day 4-3 Hans Blanckaert
Dave Harold 4-0 Tony Drago
Paul Davison 4-2 Ricky Norris
Michael Wild 2-4 Joel Walker
Chris Norbury w/0 Cao Yupeng
Marcus Campbell 3-4 Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
Peter Lines 0-4 Marco Fu
Craig Steadman 2-4 Elliot Slessor
David Gilbert 3-4 Sean O’Sullivan

Approx 10am

Rory McLeod 3-4 Jimmy Robertson
John Astley w/o Raphael Profeta
Nigel Bond 3-4 Justin Astley
Gary Wilson 4-3 Gerard Greene
Michael White 4-0 Erwin Goethals
John Higgins 4-0 Lee Page

Approx 10.30am

Barry Hawkins 4-1 Reanne Evans
Andrew Norman 0-4 Anthony McGill
Ali Carter 4-0 Ryan Causton
Jamie Cope 4-0 Jurgen van Roy

Approx 11.30am

Rod Lawler 4-2 Sydney Wilson
Ricky Walden w/o Andy Hicks
Michael Holt 4-3 Steve Davis
Anthony Hamilton 4-0 Michael Leslie

Approx 12pm

Jamie Burnett 4-2 Michael Wasley
Liam Highfield 4-2 Ian Glover
Joe Perry 4-2 Mike Dunn
Alfie Burden 4-2 Gareth Allen

Approx 1pm

Joe Swail 4-3 Jordan Brown
Ian Burns 4-2 Ben Harrison
Mark King 4-0 Thomas Broeckx

Recommended Bets: 1 point on Harold to beat Day at 11/8 and 1 point on Walker to beat Davison at 6/4 both at Apollobet here.

Last 64

Mark Selby 4-1 Mark Davis
Ryan Day 4-1 Dave Harold
Paul Davison 4-3 Joel Walker
Chris Norbury 4-3 Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
Marco Fu 4-0 Elliot Slessor
Sean O’Sullivan 2-4 Jimmy Robertson
John J Astley 4-3 Justin Astley
Gary Wilson 3-4 Michael White
Barry Hawkins 4-2 Anthony McGill
Ali Carter 4-1 Jamie Cope
Rod Lawler 1-4 Ricky Walden
Michael Holt 1-4 John Higgins
Anthony Hamilton 4-2 Jamie Burnett
Liam Highfield 1-4 Joe Perry
Joe Swail 3-4 Alfie Burden
Ian Burns 3-4 Mark King

Last 32

Mark Selby 4-0 Ryan Day
Paul Davison 4-3 Chris Norbury
Marco Fu 4-2 Jimmy Robertson
John J Astley 1-4 Michael White
Barry Hawkins 2-4 Ali Carter
Ricky Walden 1-4 John Higgins
Anthony Hamilton 3-4 Joe Perry
Alfie Burden 4-1 Mark King

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