August 31, 2012

UK PTC 3 Prediction Contest

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It’s Prediction Contest time again for the next UK PTC which starts with the Amateur Rounds on Wednesday 5th September at the South West Snooker Academy.

This time we will be playing for a £50 free bet prize which has again been kindly donated by Apollobet


Choose 2 players from each of the 5 groups below.

Your players from Groups 1-4 will start scoring if they reach the last 16, at which point they will score 1 point per frame won.

In the SB Classic Group are six players that have entered the Snookerbacker Classic who are starting from the opening round on Wednesday. They will receive 2 points for every frame they win.

If you pick the winner of the event you will receive a further 10 bonus points.

 The usual rules apply regarding anonymous and multiple entries.


Group One Group Two Group Three Group Four SB Classic Group
(Choose 2) (Choose 2)  (Choose 2)  (Choose 2)  (Choose 2) 
Stephen Maguire Barry Hawkins Martin Gould Mark Allen Ben Harrison
Michael White Shaun Murphy John Higgins Ken Doherty Oliver Lines
Mark Williams Robert Milkins Ronnie O’Sullivan Ding Junhui Sydney Wilson
Ricky Walden Dark Mavis Peter Ebdon Michael Holt Kyren Wilson
Ali Carter Jamie Jones Neil Robertson Dominic Dale Jack Bradford
Graeme Dott Judd Trump Stuart Bingham Mark Selby Gareth Allen



I will do a template to start entries off. As I won the last competition I have asked Apollobet to double the prize fund for the next Tipster Contest for the Shanghai Masters, so that one will be for a £100 free bet.

The Best of Luck.

August 30, 2012

Nandos – Living the Dream

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I have finally admitted to myself that I will never be the snooker player that the young Snookerbacker once promised to be. This however hasn’t stopped me from blogging about my beloved sport and today I have gone one step further and lived like a snooker player for half an hour. Yes, I have finally been to Nandos for the first time.

For those that are not aware, this shrine for snooker players lists Mark Williams and Judd Trump amongst it’s most loyal customers, with seemingly no baizer in their right mind having at least not once passed through it’s doors.

Well, I figured that, if I was to truly get into the mind of the players for research purposes I must also see what all the fuss is about. As ever, I dragged my faithful wife with me to share this culinary assault on our taste buds and for moral support.

Now, I have preconceived ideas and opinions on absolutely everything. I will sometimes convince myself I have been somewhere in order to express my opinion on it and often this has led to me backtracking when I actually end up there. However, Nandos is something of an exception, although I do associate it with a certain type of diner (young, male, never had a decent meal in their lives), I had never been there and was happy to admit to this when I proudly strolled through the door of the premises to the rather perplexed waitress, who looked at me as if I had three heads.

It was then time for Mrs SB and I to take our seats and choose our food. I had been given strict instruction by MJW on what to order but when push came to shove I ignored his advice and went with what I thought I might like, which was some boneless ‘peri-peri’ (whatever that is) chicken with a medium sauce on it and Mrs SB had a burger. I did however follow some advice given to me on Twitter to replace MJW’s recommendation of ‘three pints of coke’ with spicy rice. We both settled for one coke, blissfully unaware that we could top it up from the machine whenever we wanted to.

Now it’s verdict time.

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as it was. There wasn’t much of it and I thought it was too expensive but not enough to moan about it so all in all I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10. The music however could easily drag this down to a 6 as it appeared to have been borrowed from La Tasca over the road to add that fake ‘being on your holidays’ feel.

As ever, Mrs SB has decided to do a more thorough job on her Nandos experience and she has got a little carried away. But if you are really interested or just a bit bored you can read her thoughts below:

First impressions; were overall good in decor – looked typically like a restaurant you get on an all-inclusive holiday somewhere like Mexico or the Dominican Republic when you choose to have a Portuguese night instead of the buffet on-site. I was not too pleased about the seat that I was sitting on as it was ripped and thought that the attention to detail was poor as who would like to sit on a ripped chair to eat? Music was typical and not too loud but at times a bit annoying but that was a matter of personal taste and did not deflect away from the food.

Staff; were pleasant and attentive – however the shock of the waitress that we had not been there before was quite amusing but her expert training paid off as she pointed to “read that side” of the menu as a guide of what we had to do.

My order; was not extravagant a simple chicken burger opting for the medium heat with a side of chips. When it arrived I was not overwhelmed – it was exactly what I ordered – a burger with chips/fries though I also felt a little disappointed that it looked really dull.  Chips tasted like chips, the type you get in a cafe however they tasted cleaner as they probably clean the chip fat every day. The chicken burger came in a nice teardrop shaped bun – there was a piece of lettuce – which tasted of lettuce and a slice of wet tomato which added nothing to the burger apart from being wet. The chicken itself was tasty and nicely cooked and not dry and gave enough heat on the palate that made it different from a plain piece of chicken. Overall a nice – but normal chicken burger. I don’t think it was anything special nor too was my choice of menu I suppose.

Mrs SB was underwhelmed

Sauces; well the chips needed a sauce – so I opted to try the Garlic one and the Lemon one and as a last attempt to try and get something different from the very similar distinct flavour that ran all through both sauces I picked up the Wild Herb one too. The Garlic and Lemon both tasted the same apart from a very faux artificial lemon taste. Again this may be me but when something is flavoured/hinted lemon I expect a subtle hint of lemon to lift a sauce – for me too much and too faux. The Garlic – again does not taste like real garlic more than powdered garlic that is added to take away dishes that linger longer than you want it to and the Wild Herb – nothing wild about that, but it did take the taste of Garlic and Lemon away from me.

In reflection; now I am back in work  I thought that the lunch was ok – nothing bad about it and nothing great about it either, I thought the food was ok, tasty and quick and I suppose that’s what you go there for. I said to Mr SB well it beats a sandwich for lunch though that’s a pretty expensive replacement. So now I am sitting in work wishing I had a bar of chocolate as I need something sweet for afters and thinking that I suppose if there was nothing else around I would probably go back if that was my only option. Would I revisit? – in all honesty no – would I buy the sauce at a supermarket? – no and would I recommend it to a friend? – no. But it made a dull working day that little bit more interesting.

August 29, 2012

Money Money Money – Ranking List to Change

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It’s all about the size of your wad from now on.

World Snooker have today confirmed sweeping new changes to the way the ranking list will work from 2014. It will now be solely based on how much money a player wins over a rolling season of two year’s events.  

This is what they have said:

The world rankings are due to be replaced by a rolling prize money list from the 2014/15 season.

The rolling list is based on the same events as the world rankings, so it shows how much prize money each player has earned in all ranking and PTC events over the past two years. This rolling prize money list will be updated after each event until the 2014 World Championship. It will then replace the world rankings from the 2014/15 season.

They have also issued how the ranking list would look now if the system were in place and it shows, perhaps tellingly that the World Champion from 2011 John Higgins would be in top spot with the current champion Ronnie O’Sullivan in second place.

So will it work? Can it work? Well opinion is already being voiced over on Twitter with even the players wading in. Matt Selt has welcomed the move saying it is the best news he’s heard in ages, Shaun Murphy agrees and calls it ‘great news’ but Michael Holt is of a different view and has tweeted ‘After a productive players meeting in Germany where we unanimously agreed that a money list can’t work, World Snooker do the opposite’.

As ever in snooker, nothing is straightforward. Any change will benefit some more than others. For me however, this is a little out of kilter with Bazza’s aim to get rid of a ranking system that protects players for sustained periods, the two names at the top seem to illustrate this.

It gives players more freedom of choice, but will it mean that a world champion can start being VERY selective to the detriment of the sport? Effectively enjoying the luxury of a season very much in chillout mode, safe in the knowledge that his top 16 slot is in the bank? Sounds geared towards a certain player doesn’t it?

For me, this can only work if it is supported by a flat structure in the sport, where all players start in Round 1 off a level playing field. It can also only work fairly if players are rewarded financially for every match they play and win, which is not currently the case.

Moves are afoot this season in the Welsh Open and German Masters to flatten the structure more, you can only assume that this is set to be expanded to other events. But realistically, will television companies or sponsors want to get involved in an event where there is the potential for a field of 32 largely unknown players in the latter stages? The short answer to that is, no.

I’m all for trying new things out and I hope that this is the first phase of a co-ordinated change and will not simply replace the current list while everything else remains unchanged.

I’d be very interested in your views on these proposed changes, which are not wholly unexpected. Are you in the ‘cream will rise to the top’ or ‘shit floats’ camp?

Another Fine Mess?

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On a quiet snooker week there is always one name that gets people talking, I can vouch for the fact that whenever I put any news about Ronnie O’Sullivan on here the hits go through the roof. Yesterday, despite the fact that he hasn’t hit a competitive snooker ball since winning at the Crucible, he again stole the headlines.

This time the subject was his recent appearance on the WPBSA Board Meeting Agenda and the subsequent punishment that has been handed out to the Rocket for repeated no-shows in tournaments.

These date back over 2 and a bit seasons and there were 11 of them in all, the board concluded that of these 11 only 3 of them were sufficiently warranted and carried a reasonable excuse from the Rocket’s camp. The 8 that he has been ‘punished’ for all occurred in 2010, a season which saw Ronnie only turn up to the odd tournament here and there.

Ronnie was fined £1000 but this fine has been suspended until the end of the season, which means that if he enters something and pulls out between now and then, it will be invoked. He was also ordered to pay £1000 towards the Board’s lunch and subsequent night out, sorry that bit was confidential, I mean towards the cost of the hearing of course.

There are two interesting points raised from this. Firstly, the level of the fine. £1000 for 8 no-shows? What’s that all about then? He was apparently also fined a small sum for each individual one at the time so that would hike it up a bit, but in effect he has been fined nothing for doing this repeatedly.

Contrast this with Mark Williams, who was fined a total of £5000 including costs for his tongue-in-cheek tweet about the Crucible earlier this season. Mark Allen has also been handed harsher financial penalties, perhaps more understandably for the ‘cheat’ comment, but are these level of fines really consistent across the board?

Ding Junhui of course was recently fined just £250 for saying ‘fuck’ in a press conference, something that was only mentioned in public on here and might well have even escaped any punishment had that not been the case.

MJW – May feel aggrieved

So is it one rule for some and another for others?

The second interesting point is that one of the events that Ronnie has been excused from is the PTC Grand Finals last year in Galway, when he stepped off a Ryanair plane at the last minute because he couldn’t sit next to his mate. I reported that at the time here.

At that time, Ron and his camp claimed he was suffering the effects of Glandular Fever, which is indeed a crippling disease at its worst. It’s not something that goes away easily but thankfully Ronnie fully recovered just a month later to win the marathon in Sheffield looking as fresh as a daisy. A minor medical miracle perhaps?

At the time, the fans in Galway waiting to see The Rocket were fuming and the announcement last night further fuelled the flames of the frustrated Irish fans on Twitter as they remembered instead being treated to an exhibition featuring Kendo, the Ferginator and some bloke dressed as a scarecrow called Hector.

My own view on all this is that relatively Ronnie’s fine is a little on the low side. I think the problem is that the way these fines are arrived at is still something that isn’t fully transparent and from the outside is still a little ‘Think of a Number’ in its approach. We have no idea how they are arrived at, is there a template that is worked to? If so, why isn’t this made public? While this remains the case there will always be murmurs from players who feel harshly treated as well as allegations of favouritism.

The fine level itself is nothing to a player who once was fined £500 on the spot for not fulfilling obligations to sign autographs after a match and turned up immediately to pay the fine with £1000 cash in an envelope, explaining that he wasn’t going to do it the following night either.

In terms of the withdrawal from Galway, I will say now that I like everyone else had heard whispers prior to this episode that Ronnie had no intention of playing. But the fact that he boarded the plane clearly demonstrates that this was not the case. I can only assume that the evidence provided by his doctor established that he was indeed not fit enough at the time to play, he did however make the trip to Beijing for the China Open a fortnight later and went on to lift the Crucible crown not long after that.

As ever, it’s got people talking. Perhaps he is bigger than the sport after all.

August 28, 2012

The Month Ahead: September

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The Shanghai Masters is the highlight of September

September is nearly upon us and the snooker bandwagon continues to roll along with the highlight of the next month being the final stages of the Shanghai Masters.

It’s odd to think that just two seasons ago when Ali Carter lifted the trophy this event was seen as the curtain raiser to the season. If you contrast that to now, it feels like we are already midway through it having been over to Australia, China, Germany and the various UK PTC events already.

The first event of the month is the third PTC in Gloucester. This follows the news last month that the excellent South West Snooker Academy is closing it’s doors on the PTC’s following some issues with various parties. This is the second to last event to be held there and I’m sure it will be as well supported as the others, any future UK PTC’s will then return to Sheffield for one man and his dog to watch, although the dog will not be permitted to enter unless it is a guide dog, in which case the man watching will struggle to see the action anyway.

The Premier League sandwiches the PTC with visits to the cosmopolitan mecca’s of Stoke and Carlisle before the final 32 head off to Shanghai, the draw for which can be viewed on the traditionally awful World Snooker PDF here. I’ll be running a tipster contest for this event with a winners prize of a £100 free bet with Apollobet so stay tuned for that.

It’s then off to another Asian PTC to Yixing in China, it will be interesting how many of the non-Chinese players enter this event following some kerfuffle about the first one, which was won by Stuart Bingham in what can be described as a fairly depleted field. Some players it appears did not realise that these events carried the weight of ranking points that they do, the daft lot.

The Premier League then heads to Banbury in Oxfordshire, the home of Banbury Cross and a lady on a white horse with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes. I’m guessing Morris Dancing Monthly is a big seller there.

The final event of the month sees the beginning of this year’s Snookerbacker Classic on the 29th. The Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds stages the first qualifying heat with the likes of Gareth Allen, Ben Harrison and Oliver Lines competing, as well as the Shaun Murphy Scholar, Sean Hopkin. It should be a great start to the tournament and will see one player progress to the Finals Day next February.

And that’s Sepember’s Snooker in a fairly large nutshell.


Premier League
September 6

Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre, Stoke 

September 5-9

South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester 

Premier League
September 13

The Sands, Carlisle 

Bank of Communication Shanghai Masters
September 17-23

Shanghai, China 

Asian PTC2
September 23-27

Yixing, China 

Premier League
September 27

Spiceball Leisure Centre, Banbury

Snookerbacker Classic Event 1
September 29

Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds

Snookerbacker Classic Gloucester Match Times

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The match times for the two 32 player qualifying heats of the Snookerbacker Classic in Gloucester on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of October are now available.

You can view the Friday start times here

You can view the Saturday start times here

A reminder that you can view all updates on this page or by joining the Snookerbacker Classic Facebook Group here.

August 27, 2012

Snookerbacker Classic Leeds Match Schedule

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With just over a month to go until the start of the Snookerbacker Classic I have now posted up the match times for the first event at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds on 29th September.

You can view the match schedule here.  

August 26, 2012

Paul Hunter Classic Finals Day

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This kind of filth should not be allowed on a serious snooker blog.

It’s Finals Day over in Germany as the field has been narrowed down to the last 16 with the eight qualifiers from yesterday joining the eight that were already there from Friday’s matches.

Yesterday saw Shaun Murphy, Ricky Walden, Barry Hawkins, Dominic Dale, Andrew Norman, Michael White and Thepchaiya Un-Nooh qualifying. It also saw the return of Joe Swail to the winners enclosure. The popular Northern Irishman fell off the tour last season of course but managed to post three wins yesterday over our own Allan Taylor who he beat in a decider as well as the Whirlwind and finally The Dentist Rory McLeod.

Germany is once again proving a real hotbed for snooker and very much like the UK was in the 1980’s. The crowds are fantastic, enthusiastic and seem to be in awe of having all the big names (bar a couple of the miserable sods) competing in their country.

Regulars will know what I am going to say next. Contrast this with China, where we seldom see more than ten in the crowd unless Ding is playing and where we are continually told they are all sitting ‘at the top’. Well, here’s a suggestion, in a country that isn’t exactly known for it’s proud human rights record maybe, just perhaps MAKE them sit at the bottom? Let the rest of the world see how popular it is over there, oh yes and also tell them to turn their bloody phones off too.

Anyway, for me despite the fact we are also continually told that all the money is in China it’s surely only a matter of time before a league of savvy European businesses latch onto snooker’s popularity in Germany and further afield in Eastern Europe. Now I wouldn’t claim to be a fan of Pat Mooney, but the one thing he did do was try and expand things in this market, Kiev didn’t go too well but you know what I mean. Bazza has talked of doing the same and I hope he is true to his word, the world is bigger than China after all.

In my view Germany needs an event with some magnitude, the German Masters is great but it’s too short, this event is great and a lovely gesture to Paul but the prize money is rubbish and at the end of the day it is just another PTC as regards ranking points.

What they need is a UK Championship type event with LONGER MATCHES and a decent purse at the end. The crowd would love it, the players would love it and the viewers would love it, therefore sponsors would grow to love it too. We don’t need tournaments every week, we need quality not quantity.

Anyway, I’ll stop now.

I’m just narky of course because I seem to be continually hitting the bar with bets this week. I’ve now counted 8 trebles/accas recommended that have ducked on one match in a week, 4 of which were down to a single frame. So I reckon that’s 21 from 28 selections (75%) correct and not a bloody penny back. Mrs SB will be hiding my piggy bank if this run continues much longer.

It’s just not funny now and I’m going to get seriously angry if it carries on, so the players on this morning’s bet had better get their act together if they don’t want to get photoshopped in the future….either way, I’m determined to give the bookies a bloody good hiding when the next big event comes along.

In terms of the outrights the sole carrier of the team colours for me is Ryan Day (50/1), an unlikely ally in my hour of need. I can’t think of any reason why Ryan would not want to win me a stack of cash, it’s not as if the two of us don’t see eye to eye. So I’ll wish him all the best for today as he starts out against fellow Welshman, Jamie Jones.

So to the morning two out of three bet:

Recommended Bet: 2 point treble on Advani (+1.5), White (+1.5) and Selby (-1.5) pays just on 10/3 at Apollobet

9am UK Time

197) Ryan Day 4-2 Jamie Jones
198) Pankaj Advani 4-3 Mark King
199) Michael Wild 3-4 Ken Doherty
200) Robbie Williams 3-4 Mark Selby
201) Andrew Norman 4-3 Ricky Walden
202) Shaun Murphy 2-4 Joe Swail
203) Michael White 4-2 Dominic Dale
204) Barry Hawkins 4-1 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

12 noon

Quarter Finals

205) Ryan Day 1-4 Pankaj Advani
206) Ken Doherty 0-4 Mark Selby
207) Andrew Norman 3-4 Joe Swail
208) Michael White 1-4 Barry Hawkins


Semi Finals

209) Pankaj Advani 2-4 Mark Selby
210) Joe Swail 4-3 Barry Hawkins



211) Selby beat Swail 4-1 to retain the Paul Hunter Classic title. Well done to him.

August 25, 2012

Paul Hunter Classic Day 2

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I tossed a coin, it was either her or Ken.

It’s Day Two over at the Stadthalle in Furth after a landmark day for Ken Doherty which saw him make his first maximum in a professional tournament since turning professional in 1990.

Many congratulations to him for potting the final black this time.

Anyway, he also managed to qualify for Finals Day so all in all it was a great day for the ever-popular giggling Dubliner, the other qualifiers from Day 1 were India’s Pankaj Advani who continued his fine run with a win over John Higgins. Mark Selby who looked back to something like his best. Welshmen Jamie Jones and Ryan Day, Robbie Williams who is another that seems to be finding his feet quickly in the pro-ranks. Mark King also made it and amateur Michael Wild makes up the last 8 in the top half of the draw.

It’s time for the bottom half now with the likes of MJW, Shaun Murphy, Neil Robertson and Judd Trump all in action. One thing has struck me as I write, why didn’t Stephen Maguire enter this one?

I’ll start with a morning accumulator, bets yesterday both missed out by a single match and that seems to be the norm this week.

Recommended Bet: 2 points acca on Mark Williams, Luca Brecel, Ben Woollaston and Neil Robertson pays 5/2 at Apollobet.

Round 3

117) Mark Williams v Liam Highfield
118) Phil Barnes W/O Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon
119) Andrew Norman v Ben Harrison
120) Anthony McGill v Nigel Bond
121) Ricky Walden v Tony Drago
122) David Grace v Mark Vincent
123) Joel Walker v Barry Pinches
124) Mark Allen v Patrick Einsle
125) Shaun Murphy v Andres Ploner
126) Rod Lawler v Ian Glover

Not before 11am

127) Alan McManus v Sam Harvey
128) Michael Holt v Adam Duffy
129) Rory McLeod v Aditya Mehta
130) Luca Brecel v Zhang Anda
131) Jimmy White v Duane Jones
132) Allan Taylor v Joe Swail

Not before 11.30am

133) David Gilbert w/o Dechawat Poomjaeng
134) Michael White w/o Mohamed Khairy
135) Joe Perry v Chen Zhe
136) Ben Woollaston v Ben Judge

Not before 12.30pm

137) Marc Davis w/o Xiao Guodong
138) Dominic Dale w/o Mike Dunn
139) Graeme Dott v Kishan Hirani
141) Neil Robertson v Daniel Wells

Not before 1pm

140) Stuart Bingham v Marco Fu
142) Barry Hawkins v Kyren Wilson
144) Liang Wenbo v Alex Davies
145) Mark Joyce v WINNER OF MATCH 82

Not before 2pm

143) Judd Trump w/o Hossein Vafaei Ayouri
146) Anthony Hamilton v Chris Keogan
147) Peter Lines v Liam Monk
148) Andrew Higginson v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

August 24, 2012

Paul Hunter Classic Day 1

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Not a bit scary….

It’s Day One in Germany for the Paul Hunter Classic after the pre-qualifying amateur rounds yesterday. All the matches are listed below.

It’s covered extensively on Eurosport. This is great news for those with the HD channel which doesn’t unfortunately include me. But this is something that I may rectify when I have finished this post as it appears to be on all day.

Here is the Eurosport schedule for both the UK and Europe.

Apollobet will be updating match prices throughout the day and they can be accessed here

I’m going to start with a small accumulator on largely handicaps.

Recommended Bet: 2 points on Jimmy Robertson (+2.5), Alfie Burden (+2.5), Simon Bedford (+2.5) and Robert Milkins pays almost dead on 2/1 at Apollobet.

(UK Times)


85) Jack Lisowski 4-0 Oliver Lines
86) Ryan Day w/o Passakorn Suwannawat
87) Ryan Causton 3-4 John Astley
88) Gary Wilson 4-2 Kurt Maflin
89) Li Yan 4-3 Justin Astley
90) Matthew Stevens 4-1 Adam Wicheard
91) Jak Jones 4-2 Oliver Brown
92) Jimmy Robertson 0-4 Jamie Jones
94) Craig Steadman 4-0 Alexander Ursenbache
95) Ian Burns 4-0 Carl Rosenberger

Not before 11am

93) John Higgins 4-2 Michael Leslie
96) Pankaj Advani 4-0 Martin O’Donnell
97) Dave Harold 3-4 Alfie Burden
98) Gareth Allen 0-4 Martin Gould
99) Sanjin Kusan w/o Liu Chuang
100) Mark King w/o Cao Yupeng

Not before 11.30am

101) Fergal O’Brien 3-4 Chris Norbury
102) Scott Donaldson 4-1 Ricky Norris
103) Marcus Campbell 4-2 Mitchell Mann
104) Jordan Brown 0-4 Michael Wild

Not before 12.30pm

105) Yu DeLu w/o Tian Pengfei
106) Paul Davison 4-2 Matthew Selt
107) Ken Doherty 4-0 Julian Treiber (DOHERTY hits career first 147)
108) Stephen Lee 4-0 Aaron Busuttil

Not before 1pm

109) Robert Milkins 4-3 Michael Wasley
110) Robbie Williams 4-2 Tom Ford
111) Steve Davis 2-4 Simon Bedford
112) Jamie Cope 4-0 Jeff Cundy

Not before 2pm

113) Gerard Greene w/o James Wattana
114) Mark Selby 4-0 Sean O’Sullivan
115) Allister Carter 4-0 Johnny Kells
116) Sam Baird 3-4 Dark Mavis

Recommended Bet: 2 points double on Carter and Selby to win their next matches is over 13/8 at Apollobet

Not before 3.30pm

Round 4

149) Jack Lisowski 2-4 Ryan Day
150) John Astley 4-1 Gary Wilson
151) Li Yan 4-1 Matthew Stevens
152) Jak Jones 1-4 Jamie Jones
153) John Higgins 4-1 Craig Steadman
154) Ian Burns 1-4 Pankaj Advani
155) Alfie Burden 4-3 Martin Gould
156) Sanjin Kusan 0-4 Mark King
157) Chris Norbury 2-4 Scott Donaldson
158) Marcus Campbell 0-4 Michael Wild

Not before 5pm

159) Yu Delu v Paul Davison
160) Ken Doherty 4-3 Stephen Lee
161) Robert Milkins 3-4 Robbie Williams
162) Simon Bedford 1-4 Jamie Cope
163) Gerard Greene 0-4 Mark Selby
164) Ali Carter v Dark Mavis

Final Qualifying Round

Ryan Day 4-2 John J. Astley
Li Yan 3-4 Jamie Jones
John Higgins 1-4 Pankaj Advani
Alfie Burden 1-4 Mark King
Scott Donaldson 3-4 Michael Wild
Yu DeLu 1-4 Ken Doherty
Robbie Williams 4-2 Jamie Cope
Mark Selby 4-3 Mark Davis

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