May 31, 2012

MJW feels the Pinch

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In the Shit: MJW

The WPBSA are busy dishing out the punishments this week and today they have announced that Mark Williams will be fined £3000 plus £1000 costs for calling the Crucible a ‘S**thole’ on Twitter on the eve of the great championship.

Poor old MJW has been silent on the social media website since this outburst, but even this has failed to stop the governing body throwing the book at the MBE and twice world champion, both times of course won at the shithole, I mean, the Crucible.

It serves as a warning to others who feel the need to publicly criticize anything ever. Mark Allen’s recent comments are also currently under the spotlight and we can expect to hear what he’s going to have to do in the coming days. The rumours that his punishment includes a one way ticket to Hainan Island, a Chinese/Northern Irish phrasebook and a bogbrush are mere speculation.

Sssshhh…here’s the serious bit..

WPBSA Statement – Mark Williams

On Tuesday 29th May 2012, the Disciplinary Committee of the WPBSA formally considered the case of Mark Williams. This relates to derogatory comments he made on Twitter regarding the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield on the 20th April 2012, the eve of the World Championship at the Crucible Theatre.

The Disciplinary Committee found that he is in breach of the following members rules:

1.1 Members shall, at all times (i.e. whether at a Tournament or not), behave in a proper and  correct manner consistent with their status as professional sportsmen…….

1.2 A Member shall not make or cause to be made any statement or commit or cause to be committed any act which in the reasonable view of the WPBSA is likely to bring into disrepute the games of snooker and/or billiards.

He was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £1,000 towards the costs of the hearing.

The WPBSA Disciplinary Committee consider that Mark’s Twitter remarks were unacceptable and potentially highly damaging to snooker’s long relationship with Sheffield and the Crucible Theatre.

May 30, 2012

Joe Jogia: Demoted to Silver?

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Gold, always believe in your soul.

It seems that things have gone from bad to worse for poor old Joe ‘My Name is like Gold’ Jogia. To add insult to injury, the nasty old Integrity Unit chiefs have decided to suspend the Leicester hobbler with immediate effect following preliminary investigations into unusual betting patterns on his Sky Shootout match against Matt Selt, a match which in the end never took place. 

At the time Joe posted a sick note to explain that he’d been limping for a week or so prior to the match, this being his explanation as to the unusually high amount of bets placed on his opponent, presumably by all the hard-up inhabitants of Leicester, to win the ten minute shootout.

WPBSA Statement – Joe Jogia

As a result of the reported unusual betting patterns on the match between Matthew Selt and Joe Jogia that was due to take place at the Sky Snooker Shootout at Blackpool on Saturday 28th January 2012, Nigel Mawer, the Chairman of the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee launched an investigation.

The available evidence has been considered and in accordance with the Disciplinary Rules, he has decided that there is a case for Joe Jogia to answer in relation to a breach of the WPBSA Members Rules, Betting Rules.

The case will be heard at a formal hearing of the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee in Bristol on 25th July 2012.

Jason Ferguson, the Chairman of the WPBSA has taken the decision to suspend Joe Jogia from competing on the World Snooker Tour. This suspension will remain in place until the conclusion of the hearing or hearings and the determination of this matter.

To see how this blog reported this news at the time in a totally serious manner click here.

When poor old Joe  pulled out of the Blackpool tournament, two days before his match and after the bets had been widely highlighted across the media, Ferguson said: ‘He has confirmed that he has a leg injury which I’m aware that other people are aware of.’

I just thought I would make everyone aware of that in case they weren’t aware of it before I raised their awareness to it.

The Month Ahead: June

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Some of the players will have to settle for a slightly downgraded holiday this year

Traditionally June is a month which sees the baize boys oiling up, getting their sometimes overly pale billiard-hallesque legs out , donning the garish Bermuda Shorts and jetting off to an all-inclusive sunshine holiday with either a gang of mates or the wife and kids.

But as we all know, Bazza doesn’t want snooker players to enjoy their lives anymore when they could be grafting and for some of them, all June means this year is a period in the cubicles of Sheffield and/or flights being booked, not to Benidorm or Dubai this summer, but to Wuxi or Bendigo, with not so much as a Pina Colada or a souvenir teatowel in sight.

That’s not to say that a few of the big boys of the baize aren’t doing their own thing anyway. Reports of a mass exodus in entries to the first two ranking events, in particular the Australian Open, are abound and it appears that no matter what Bazza has to say, some of the potters want to have their time in the sun before knuckling down to a more traditional looking season this time around which for them will start with the first PTC in the UK in late July. As I mentioned in a blog post last week here, perhaps this is a sign of the changes we are likely to see as snooker evolves.

But what does June have in store for those who are not in a position to put their feet up safe in the knowledge that their ranking won’t be unduly affected and they won’t get fined for no-shows?

Well, first up we have the qualifiers for the Wuxi Classic starting in Sheffield next week on 5th June, as well as the players ranked 17 and upwards (though not all of them depending on how many top 16’ers have not entered, the definites so far being Ronnie and John Higgins) this is also the first outing for the new crop of professionals this year who have come either through Q-School or through national nominations or other routeways. It will be interesting to see how some of these players adapt to life as a full-time snooker professional and we will of course be keeping a close eye on Snookerbacker Classic Champ Martin O’Donnell throughout the season.

The following week, starting on the 12th are more qualifiers for the Australian Open in Bendigo. It is highly likely that we will be seeing quite a few amateurs competing in this as the word is that this is not a popular event with the higher ranked pros and it is likely that those who performed best at Q-School will be asked to bump up the numbers to make up the shortfall. You do have to wonder how committed some of the players will be to qualifying for this, the cost associated with getting over to Australia versus the prize money rewards for all but those going deep in the event must serve as a disincentive to some. But we’ll see.

Inexplicably, the 19th sees the ‘Golf Day’ forming part of the official calendar for snooker as the 18th sees the start of the first Asian Players Tour Championship over in China, presumably not being attended by those who prefer the greens to the green baize at this time of year (i.e. almost everyone).

The APTC1 serves as a prelude to the main event of the month which is the Wuxi Classic itself, now elevated to a full ranking event from it’s status last year as an invitational, the primary purpose of which seemed to be to educate Dennis Taylor as to where the Land of the Rising Sun really was by inviting him over to China to play in it.

In terms of the blog, I’ll have coverage of Wuxi, both the qualifiers and the main event which will be covered by Eurosport. In terms of Australia, I’ll be playing that by ear but will obviously be cheering on the MO’D in the first month of his professional career and I hope you do too.

June on the Baize

June 5-8th Wuxi Classic Qualifiers
12th-15th Australian Open Qualifiers
18th-22nd APTC1
25th-1st July Wuxi Classic

May 29, 2012

Q-School Final Event: Finals Day

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The Assassin is back in Finals Day

In the words of the great Elvis Presley ‘It’s Now or Never…’ and never were truer words sung by a fat bloke who liked burgers and ermm coke, than today as Q-School enters it’s final day for another year.  

It’s great to see Allan Taylor and John Sutton still in there fighting, Scouse exile Taylor comes up against Michael Wasley from Gloucester and that should be a very evenly matched encounter between two players who will both see this is a great opportunity to gain that main tour place.

SB Classic Runner-Up, Ireland’s John Sutton is looking to make it a clean sweep for the big prize winners from the event after Martin O’Donnell’s success, he faces young Joel Walker first up who is a former protege of the Future Stars initiative that Ronnie did for Rileys for a couple of years, he’s progressing well so is no pushover. His fellow Irishman, the former pro Joe Delaney, another SB Classic entrant is also still in the hunt and faces fellow Irishman Josh Bolieau.

There’s still a lot of experienced names in there, Rod Lawler and Adrian Gunnell, professionals of long-standing, former pros Justin Astley, Lee Spick and India’s Lucky Vatnani will all fancy their chances, but this is such a tense day and I don’t think we saw many breaks over 50 in the last Finals Day, so expect a few wobbles here and there as the day progresses.

Here is the final line-up of this year’s Q-School.


100) Rod Lawler 4-1 Jordan Brown
101) Joe Delaney 4-2 Josh Boileau
102) Michael Wasley 4-2 Allan Taylor
103) Fraser Patrick 4-3 Lee Spick
104) Lucky Vatnani 3-4 Justin Astley
105) John Sutton 3-4 Joel Walker
106) Duane Jones 1-4 Mitchell Mann
107) Robbie Williams 4-2 Adrian Gunnell


108) Rod Lawler 4-0 Joe Delaney
109) Michael Wasley 4-3 Fraser Patrick
110) Justin Astley 0-4 Joel Walker
111) Mitchell Mann 3-4 Robbie Williams

May 28, 2012

Q-School on Monday

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On the March? John Sutton had a good win last night.

It’s the penultimate day of Q-School 2012 as Round 3 gets underway ahead of Finals Day tomorrow.

Round two concludes in the first two sessions today and the best of luck goes to Gaz Allen who so narrowly missed out in Q-School 2 and will be looking to go one better here, he faces a stiff test in Justin Astley who some of you may remember had a bit of a run in the World Championship Qualifiers.

Later on as we move into Round 3 we find Allan Taylor and Snookerbacker Classic Runner-Up John Sutton still in there fighting after very good wins yesterday over Reanne Evans and Scott Donaldson respectively. They are each now just three matches away from a main tour place with Allan facing Mitchell Travis at 4pm and John up against Habib Subah in the 7pm session tonight.

In other news, just to tell you that Snookerbacker Classic Champion and new main tour professional Martin O’Donnell narrowly missed out yesterday in adding the prestigious English Amateur Championship to his haul of trophies this year. The M’OD was edged out in a decider by Gary Wilson by ten frames to nine, but I’m sure that won’t spoil the mood in the camp, as this has been a magnificent season for Martin and he can now begin to look ahead to his professional career.

Here’s today’s matches.

70) Gareth Allen 3-4 Justin Astley
74) Adrian Ridley 1-4 Joel Walker
75) Jason Devaney 2-4 Adam Wicheard
76) Lee Page 4-0 Mohamed Al Shaikh
77) Duane Jones 4-0 Declan Brennan
78) David Gray 3-4 Mitchell Mann
79) Rhys Clark 4-1 Peter Antrobus


80) Robbie Williams 4-1 Jay Bullen
81) Darren Bond 2-4 Ashley Wright
82) Itaro Santos 0-4 Adrian Gunnell
83) Jamie Barrett 0-4 Saqib Nasir

Round 3

84) Rod Lawler 4-1 Elliot Slessor
85) Richard Twomey 1-4 Jordan Brown


86) Jeff Cundy 3-4 Joe Delaney
87) Josh Boileau 4-3 Richard King
88) Michael Wasley 4-2 James Cahill
89) Allan Taylor 4-0 Mitchell Travis
90) Marc Robertson 2-4 Fraser Patrick
91) Li Hang 3-4 Lee Spick


92) Lucky Vatnani 4-1 Ryan Causton
93) Justin Astley 4-2 Michael Wild
94) John Sutton 4-2 Habib Subah
95) Joel Walker 4-3 Adam Wicheard
96) Lee Page 2-4 Duane Jones
97) Mitchell Mann 4-1 Rhys Clark
98) Robbie Williams 4-1 Ashley Wright
99) Adrian Gunnell 4-2 Saqib Nasir

May 27, 2012

Q-School Continues

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After all the nonsense from yesterday it’s now back to the serious stuff on the baize again as those left still in the hunt for the four remaining main tour places continue their quest in Sheffield.

Among the highlight matches today are Allan Taylor against Reanne Evans at 4pm, SB Classic runner-up John Sutton also faces a difficult opponent in Scott Donaldson, who made the final round in the previous event. Both these matches are very tough to call.

I’d hazard a guess that those who leave this event without their tour card will probably feel like snapping their cues in half and not bothering with snooker again, but as with everything, time should heal the wounds. It’s nothing that a period away to regroup can’t fix.

Here are the matches for today.

Round Two

50) Adrian Gunnell W/O David Singh
52) Rod Lawler 4-0 James Hill
53) Elliot Slessor 4-3 Alex Taubman
54) Ben Jones 3-4 Richard Twomey


56) Jeff Cundy 4-3 Tom Maxfield
57) James Silverwood 1-4 Joe Delaney
58) Josh Boileau 4-0 Simon Bevz
59) Oliver Brown 1-4 Richard King
60) Michael Wasley 4-2 Vinnie Calabrese
61) James Cahill 4-2 Matthew Day


62) Reanne Evans 2-4 Allan Taylor
63) Phil O’Kane 2-4 Mitchell Travis
64) Husain Mahmood 1-4 Marc Robertson
65) Kacper Filipiak 3-4 Fraser Patrick
66) Callum Downing 0-4 Li Hang
67) Ben Harrison 3-4 Lee Spick


68) Lucky Vatnani 4-3 Andy Marriott
69) James Burrett 0-4 Ryan Causton
71) Alex Davies 3-4 Michael Wild
72) John Sutton 4-1 Scott Donaldson
73) Habib Subah 4-1 Tony Knowles

May 24, 2012

Q-School Event Three: The Last Chance Saloon

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It's now or never, well not never exactly, it's now or not this year.

There are a still a whole host of hopefuls involved in Q-School and they enter Event Three on Friday morning with the added pressure of knowing that this is their last chance for a slot on the main tour.

I’ll be backing the usual suspects again here, SB Classic Runner-Up John Sutton is still in there fighting as are Allan Taylor, Gaz Allen, Ryan Causton, Zak Surety, Ben Harrison and a whole array of others who competed in the SB Classic this year. I’m only sorry that some of them might be making a reappearence in it this time around rather than taking their place on the main tour.

I have put up Friday’s and Saturday’s matches as this is also the time of year that the blog becomes something other than an out and out smörgåsbord of snooker. Yes, the Eurovision Song Contest is once again upon us and rather than doing what I usually do and have a thinly veiled snooker story to get people to talk about it, this year I have assembled a panel of experts to give you a betting preview of the night itself.

So unashamedly, from tomorrow and for one night only, this blog will become The Eurovisionbacker Blog. I make no apologies, I just hope you all understand…..I shall of course be self-harming to ensure I am properly punished for this heinous transgression and utter lack of respect for the baize.

For those that don’t want to forgive and forget, just simply celebrate the fact that snooker’s best ever shagger, Tony Knowles has got a bye into Round 2 of the final event.

To keep you occupied today, I urge you to watch these two You Tube clips. The first is a pisstake of snooker commentators with probably the best impressions of John Virgo and Phil Yates you are ever likely to hear, you can watch that here. The second, by the same guy shows a masterclass from Willie Thorne on how to clear the table, you can watch that here.  

Friday 25th May


1) Rod Lawler 4-0 Kevin O’Leary
2) James Hill 4-1 Mark Vincent
3) Alex Taubman 4-1 Mohammed Raoof
4) Richard Twomey BYE Martin O’Donnell
5) George Marter 4-0 Brent Kolbeck
6) Kyren Wilson 2-4 Jordan Brown


7) Jeff Cundy 4-2 Reza Hassan
8 ) Mohammed Omar 2-4 Tom Maxfield
9) Joe Delaney 4-0 Greg Batten
10) Simon Bevz w/o Kuldesh Johal
11) Oliver Brown 4-0 Jayson Wholey
12) Liam Monk 2-4 Richard King


13) Christopher Keogan 2-4 Michael Wasley
14) Vinnie Calabrese 4-2 Stuart Carrington
15) Yin Lun Cheng 0-4 Matthew Day
16) Jake Nicholson 1-4 Reanne Evans
17) Marc Harman 0-4 Allan Taylor
18) Phil O’Kane BYE Paul Davison


19) Andrew Hudson 0-4 Mitchell Travis
20) Marc Robertson 4-3 Christopher Norbury
21) Kacper Filipiak BYE Daniel Wells
22) John Astley 3-4 Fraser Patrick
23) Li Hang 4-2 Zak Surety
24) Ben Harrison 4-3 Sam Harvey
30) Justin Astley 4-3 Gary Wilson

Saturday May 26 


25) Anthony Harris 0-4 Lee Spick
26) Lucky Vatnani 4-3 Charlie Walters
27) Richard Remelie 3-4 Andy Marriott
28) James Burrett BYE Ian Burns w/d
29) Ryan Causton 4-3 Sydney Wilson
55) George Marter 2-4 Jordan Brown


31) Alex Davies 4-0 Greg Davis
32) Nick Dyson 2-4 Michael Wild
33) John Sutton BYE Sam Baird w/d
34) Dessie Sheehan 0-4 Scott Donaldson
35) Jamie Rhys Clarke 2-4 Habib Subah
37) Adrian Ridley 4-3 Ross Muir


36) Tony Knowles BYE Sean O’Sullivan w/d
38) Joel Walker 4-1 Shaun Wilkes
39) Shahbaaz Khan 3-4 Adam Wicheard
40) Kankan Shamsi 0-4 Lee Page
41) Stephen Groves 2-4 Mohamed Al Shaikh
42) Declan Brennan BYE Chen Zhe w/d
51) Saqib Nasir 4-0 Sachin Plaha


43) Bobby Cruickshanks 0-4 David Gray
44) Mitchell Mann 4-1 Nick Jennings
45) Fabio Luersen 3-4 Rhys Clark
46) Peter Antrobus W/O Stephen Ellis
47) Jay Bullen BYE Jamie O’Neill w/d
48) Li Yinxi 2-4 Ashley Wright

May 23, 2012

Is this the age of Snooker Pick ‘n’ Mix?

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I'll have a yellow, a green, a brown, a blue, a pink and a black one please.

Like loads of kids up and down the land one of the highlights of my week as a nipper was being taken to the sweet shop by a random family member (I think they took turns as I pestered them all equally) to choose a bag of sweets to eat.

We used to go to a shop run by a man called Mr Tickle, at least that’s what he said his name was but his arms weren’t especially long. Anyway, it was one of those shops that the High Street are now trying and failing to recreate where there were huge jars of everything from Fizz Bombs, to Black Jacks, Flying Saucers and Mojos. I would happily browse these delights for what seemed like hours before deciding which ones I wanted and in what quantity, to the frustration of the random member of the Snookerbacker family who would usually be tapping their watch and telling me to hurry up.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I think we might now be moving into something very similar to this in snooker. Not that I believe the players will start visiting sweet shops more and grow sugar addictions, rather that I believe they will now be in a position where they are picking and choosing very carefully which events they want to play in.

Next month sees qualifiers for the Wuxi Classic and the Australian Open as well as the first Asian PTC event in China and already the word on the baize-lined street is that these are three events that might see a number of big name absentees. We are all aware that Ronnie will almost definitely not play in any of these and perhaps a few more besides.

The word is that former World Champion John Higgins will not play in any of these events either and I would hazard a guess that names like Mark Williams, who questioned the financial side of Australia last season and perhaps China’s long lost son Mark Allen might also decide that these particular events are not going into their pick ‘n’ mix bag this season. We then have the question mark hanging over the World Number 1, Mark Selby and we are already potentially welcoming the World Number 21 into the top 16 seeded places.

It’s good news for players like The Captain Ali Carter, who in 17th place at the moment will probably only need a few decent results to get back into the top 16 almost immediately at the next cut off. With Ronnie and Higgins out as a minimum he’s already World Number 15 again anyway for these ranking events so it will be like he’s never been away. From staring qualifiers in the face, it might be that The Captain doesn’t actually end up playing in any, with only Shanghai qualifiers down the line before the next cut-off which again is a possible no-show event for Ronnie. Ali has entered both Wuxi and Australia by the way and is as good as seeded.

It also opens up opportunities for players lower down the list to make up valuable points and perhaps have a run in something to help them with expenses for the season. Expenses which are undoubtedly rising, in some cases to a point where players are having to withdraw from events on financial grounds alone, which is hardly ideal. I expect that we’ll see a few players dropping out of the tour around Christmas time if things aren’t going too well and some of the best performing amateurs from Q-School taking their places in qualifiers.

So, is the new age of snooker under the watchful eye of Chairman Bazza one which will be the equivalent of Mr Tickle watching me choose my bag of sugared delights? How will this affect the sport? Is this the way that Baz wanted things to go? Will it result in a more level playing field in time as the so-called big names limit the events they enter?

Only time will tell, but times as they say, are a-changing.

Q-School Event 2 Finals Day

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Gaz in action at the Glasses Wearers Invitational Cup Event

It’s Finals Day once again in Sheffield as the next four main tour professional places are decided and the good news is that SB Classic entrants will be involved in the mix, with a guarantee of at least two of the Final Round matches tonight featuring one of them.

There is a real mouth-waterer this morning as Pamper Hamper winner Ben Harrison takes on all round good egg and serial joker, Wales’s Gaz Allen.

Gaz has been playing with a new cue these past few weeks and judging by his scoring and the results he is posting it appears to be working wonders for him. He’s a player that (I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this) can sometimes come across as a little under-confident, but I’m sensing that isn’t how he’s viewing things here. A great win over Li Hang yesterday including a lightning fast 80-odd in the decider should give him all the confidence he needs going into a match with the man whose scented floral undertones have ladies and I dare say a few gentlemen of a certain persuasion swooning, it should be a real cracker.

Also battling it out are SB Classic regular Ryan Causton, who reached two qualifying finals only to be scuppered on the final black in Essex by Zak Surety in what was a great match. Ryan faces Jamie Barrett, the Grimsby man who quietly made his way to Finals Day in the Classic and is a bit of a dark horse. Again this is a tough one to call.

The other SB Classic man in action is Michael Wasley, who narrowly missed out on Finals Day losing in the final round of qualifying to David Gray in a decider. Michael comes up against Jordan Brown and a win for him would make it a real Classic dominated field tonight. There are formidable players still in there though who will be looking to scupper a win for the mustard men. Scott Donaldson, who would have competed in Scotland had it gone ahead is going about his business in an assured manner and I fancy he’ll be difficult to stop, a possible match up later with Gary Wilson could be a real gem of a match.

Also in there are Welshman Daniel Wells, who has obvious pedigree along with former pro Jamie O’Neill, also there are experienced journeymen Adrain Gunnell and Paul Davison who play each other for the right to meet the winner of Ben and Gaz’s match. Also a mention for the promising Sean O’Sullivan who is a fine player from what I have seen and heard, this is a day where Q, most definitely, stands for Quality.

Here’s the line-ups in full.      


100) Daniel Wells 4-1 Ben Jones
101) Michael Wasley 4-2 Jordan Brown
102) Scott Donaldson 4-3 Greg Batten
103) Jamie O’Neill 4-0 Gary Wilson
104) Michael Wild 3-4 Sean O’Sullivan
105) Ryan Causton 4-3 Jamie Barrett
106) Ben Harrison 2-4 Gareth Allen
107) Paul Davison 4-1 Adrian Gunnell



Daniel Wells 4-3 Michael Wasley
Scott Donaldson 2-4 Jamie O’Neill 
Sean O’Sullivan 4-1 Ryan Causton
Gareth Allen 2-4 Paul Davison

May 22, 2012

Q-Be Tuesday

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Well, you try and think of a better headline then.

Yes..sorry about the headline. Anyway, it’s the penultimate day of Event 2 at Q-School today with a packed day of snooker which will eventually decide the last 16 going into the high pressure cauldron tomorrow.

I was having a think about this format yesterday and it really is cut-throat stuff isn’t it? There are just so many variables on who does and doesn’t get through, the draw is one, OK you could argue that the best will always prevail but in this format is that necessarily true? Who is to say that the best two or three players are not drawn to knock each other out in every event? Leaving the path clear for a lesser player to grab a main tour spot?

Another factor is form of course, both in the way I use the phrase, in that if a player is in good form coming into this or not and in the other sense of the word favoured by Essex boys, in run of the balls. Without going all JV it is sometimes down to fractions and a bit of run either way can shatter someone’s dreams for another year, or perhaps for a lifetime depending on how a player views a defeat.

But that is the way it’s been decided to be done, gone are the days that a player on the amateur scene could plough away winning events up and down the land all season and be rewarded with a main tour place, no, now it all boils down to a few matches in May, it’s real dog eat dog out there and I for one don’t envy those still in there fighting.

Here’s today’s matches. Good Luck to SB Classic boys, Marc Harman, Jamie Barrett, Ben Harrison, Zak Surety, Gaz Allen, John Astley and James Burrett who are all in action this morning. Later on and already into Round 3 SB Classic entrants in action are Michael Wasley, Joe Delaney, Jamie Clarke and Ryan Causton. So the stage is set for more totally biased support from yours truly tomorrow.


74) Marc Harman 0-4 Jamie Barrett
75) Habib Subah 2-4 Joel Walker
76) Kevin O’Leary 0-4 Ben Harrison
77) Justin Astley 0-4 Zak Surety
78) Gareth Allen 4-3 Li Hang
79) John Astley 1-4 James Burrett


80) Adam Wicheard 1-4 Paul Davison
81) Alex Davies BYE Chen Zhe w/d
82) Mitchell Travis 1-4 Adrian Gunnell
83) James Hill 4-3 Vinnie Calabrese

Round 3

84) Lucky Vatnani 1-4 Daniel Wells
85) Ben Jones 4-2 Lee Spick


86) Ashley Wright 2-4 Michael Wasley
87) Joe Delaney 2-4 Jordan Brown
88) Jamie Rhys Clarke 0-4 Scott Donaldson
89) Stephen Ellis 0-4 Greg Batten
90) Duane Jones 2-4 Jamie O’Neill
91) Gary Wilson 4-2 Reanne Evans


92) Robbie Williams 3-4 Michael Wild
93) Sean O’Sullivan 4-1 Mohamed Al Shaikh
94) Nick Jennings 2-4 Ryan Causton
95) Jamie Barrett 4-3 Joel Walker
96) Ben Harrison 4-0 Zak Surety
97) Gareth Allen 4-1 James Burrett
98) Paul Davison 4-1 Alex Davies
99) Adrian Gunnell 4-2 James Hill

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