January 30, 2012

Snookerbacker Classic Gloucester LIVE

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A hectic day awaits at Gloucester and I’ll try and keep the scores updated on this post. Also follow me on Twitter here if you want updates from the venue.

Remember, the match table is live streamed and you can watch that by clicking here.

Round One – All matches Best of 7 frames

Kashif Khan v Andy Neck
Sydney Wilson v Antony Parsons
James Burrett v Martin O’Donnell
Marianne Williams v Gareth Allen
Sean Hopkin v Tom Doggett
Ryan Causton v Jack Morgan
Craig Scotford v Gary Weeks
Ben Fortey v Ben Harrison
Nick Pearce v Ricky Norris
Kyren Wilson v Gavin Lewis
David Gray v Neal Jones
Marc Harman v Paul Mount
Jamie Clarke v Thomas Goldstein
Callum Lloyd v Brandon Winstone
Steve Winstone v Michael Wasley
Matthew Day v Phil O’Kane

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