November 28, 2011

PTC 10 Day One

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I struggle with certain things

A belated good morning to you all. I’ve had a few technical issues this morning which basically to summarise was just me being a bit thick. That side of things has always been a bit of a foggy area to me and this morning a got myself in the usual state of utter confusion over something that to any person with even a passing grasp of these issues would have been as simple as boiling an egg. But then again I often get that wrong too.

Well, PTC 10 gets under way today with the professional stages and this is a gentle curtain raiser for the UK Championship which of course starts on Saturday. A former UK runner up David Gray started the amateur rounds off with a bang in hitting a maximum break yesterday, as he’s entered the Snookerbacker Classic this has further hastened the baking of Mrs SB, whose ‘147 Break Cake’ will be presented to anyone achieving this feat in the qualifying rounds along with a nice £300 prize. And for those asking, yes there is only one 147 prize, if there is more than one maximum the cake will be shared, as will the less important cash prize.

Because of my technical problems I’m a bit too late in the day to start looking at the 9am starts so turning to the later ones I’m looking at four outsiders who all have live chances in their matches I reckon.

Adam Wicheard will fancy his chances against the struggling Jamie Cope at 11/8, improving Indian player Aditya Mehta is 13/8 to beat Michael Holt, Sam Craigie is 5/4 to beat Jack Lisowski, which he did here in the German qualifiers a few days ago quite easily and Liu Song is 11/8 to beat the Nugget who was the latest victim of the Answers on a Postcard slot yesterday and a thoroughly enjoyable interview it was too, you can read it here. I’ll recommend 6 x o.25 point doubles on these four I think.

As ever Apollobet have an array of prices on the PTC’s so keep an eye on their site as the day goes on. You can view their snooker prices here and you can open an account with them by clicking the banner below.

I will endeavour to keep up with the action and update scores on here as the day goes on.

Adrian Gunnell w/o Jamie Burnett
John Higgins 4-2 David Hogan
Nigel Bond 4-1 Ben Harrison
Stephen Maguire 4-2 Zhang Anda
Martin Gould 4-3 Joe Meara
Stephen Hendry 4-2 Daniel Wells
Andrew Higginson 4-3 Ian Burns
Ryan Day 4-1 Lucky Vatnani
Joe Perry 4-0 Paul Metcalf
Marco Fu 4-1 Reanne Evans
Stuart Bingham 4-2 Stuart Carrington
Matthew Couch 4-1 Luca Brecel
Andrew Norman 4-2 Dechawat Pooemjaeng
Jamie Cope 4-3 Adam Wicheard
Ben Woollaston 4-2 Kyren Wilson
Matthew Stevens 4-2 James McGouran
Mike Dunn 4-0 Michael White

Find full updated scores from PTC 10 here.

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