November 19, 2011

Power Snooker In-Running

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For anyone that is watching and wants to give their opinion on the event in more than 140 characters please feel free to do so below.

I will admit to having had a bet on it so I might as well recommend it. 2 points on ‘Name The Finalists’ Ronnie O’Sullivan to face Judd Trump at 7/1 with Skybet.

Now let the circus begin.

Judd Calls for Shot Clock At The Masters

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Trump's got the Hump with the Snails

Everyone’s favourite playboi Judd Trump has been throwing his dodgy bow tie into the ring of the ongoing debate about shot clocks ahead of the Power Snooker event in Manchester today. Purists and people who get easily riled should now click away from this post before reading on. You have been warned.

Juddly reckons that introducing a shot clock to the Masters and the UK Championship would be fine. But he stops short of advocating a similar move in the World Championship. Myself and two other prominent bloggers online have actually agreed a combined blog suicide and switch-off if that ever happens. Just a gentle warning Bazza…

Anyway, Judd says that even he finds snooker ‘boring’ sometimes and gets sick of people walking around the table for two minutes before taking a shot and that he can see why people switch off the television when they see this.

But Judd doesn’t mean rush the players, instead he reckons they should get 30/40 seconds to play their shots, although to Rory this would feel like he’s being asked to increase his pace to the speed of sound of course.

So is Judd right? Do we need to introduce this into some of the big events? Would it bring in a younger audience? Is this ‘need for speed’ as widespread amongst the ‘yoof’ as we are always told?

My opinion is that on this occasion Judd is wrong. I think there are places that you shouldn’t go. However, I’m not saying that the shot clock is always a bad thing and I am not against it being used at ranking events. In fact, I am quite surprised that it wasn’t introduced in the PTC’s as this would appear to me the logical place for it to slot into the ranking calendar given the volume of matches and the time constraints at some of the venues. It may go some way to shortening the days which sometimes go on until the very early hours.

But the Masters is already unique and pits the skills of the best 16 players in the world against each other and to me has always been a fantastic spectacle, rarely if ever ruined by slow play. If anything a slow drawn-out match at the Masters is something I look forward to every year and has provided some of it’s best moments. The UK can hopefully regain it’s identity at York this year and retake it’s place as one of the blue riband events. The World Championship of course, should not be even mentioned in the same. Sentence as the shot-clock.

What do you think? Do you agree with Juddly? Is this the way to go in the main events?

You can read the full interview with the playboi here 

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