November 18, 2011

Attention All Players! Snookerbacker Classic Leeds 2nd December – The Lowdown

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All players should report to the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds at 10.15am on Friday 2nd December 2011. 

Dress code for qualifying events should be trousers, shoes and long or short sleeved collared shirt or T-shirt. No Jeans or Trainers. 

Please refer to the full terms and conditions of the event here

 At every qualifying event there will be a ‘Beauty’ High Break Prize of £1 per point kindly sponsored by

Schedule of Play

First Round – All Matches Best of 7 Frames (10.30am start) – Roaming Referees 

Table 4: Elliot Slessor v John Astley

Table 5: Roland ‘The Shuttle’ Cox v Sean Hopkin

Table 6: Allan ‘The Albino Assassin’ Taylor v Sydney Wilson

Table 21: Michael Rhodes v Craig Steadman

Table 22: Gareth Allen v James ‘Shoot to’ Kilmartin

Table 7: Ryan Causton v Antony Parsons

Table 24: Jamie Barrett v Matthew Samples

Table 25: Alex Taubman v Jack ‘The Brad’ Bradford

Second Round – All Matches Best of 7 Frames (not before 12.30pm) – Roaming Referees 

9. Slessor/Astley v Cox/Hopkin 

10. Taylor/Wilson v Rhodes/Steadman

11. Allen/Kilmartin v Causton/Parsons

12. Barrett/Samples v Taubman/Bradford 

Final Qualifying Round – All Matches Best of 7 Frames (not before 3.30pm) 

13. Winner Match 9 v Winner Match 10 (Refereed)

14. Winner Match 11 v Winner Match 12 (Refereed) 

Winners of Matches 13 & 14 will qualify to Finals Day at the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester on Friday 24th February 2012  

There are still 2 places left at the qualifying event in Gloucester and places available in Dublin and in Essex. Please contact me at [email protected] to get involved in THE amateur event of the season.

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