November 6, 2011

Snookerbacker Classic Leeds Draw: Live on Twitter!

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Can Twitter cope with the volume?

It now feels like it is really happening. The tournament I thought of in bed a few months ago and subsequently drew up a plan for on a piece of paper, followed by more detailed plans on a gastropub menu while myself and Mrs Snookerbacker drank wine is now at a momentous stage. The first live draw for one of the events.

The Leeds event at the Northern Snooker Centre on Friday 2nd December is now just weeks away and the competitor list is full so it’s time to decide who plays who.

As regulars will know, I am a prolific tweeter at times (I took care with the spelling there as I’m aware that not everyone likes me) so I thought it would be an idea to make use of this social medium to bring you the draw as it happens live from Snookerbacker Mansions on Wednesday evening (9th November). It will begin at 6.45pm and will be administered by the first lady of the baize, Mrs Snookerbacker herself under the watchful eye of the whippet and the cocker spaniel to ensure there is no skullduggery.

Obviously I will post the finished draw on here but if you want to get involved with the banter live online you can follow me on Twitter here. I realise that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so I will not take any offence whatsoever if you follow me for the short time the draw is taking place and unfollow me immediately afterwards when all the silliness resumes. Such things like how many followers I have and who has stopped following me are not of any concern to me at all, I’m far too busy to worry about such trivial things.

Just one final teaser. The players that were shrewd and keen enough to enter the first event of this new initiative/experiment will have a nice surprise just prior to the draw. Please don’t ask me what it is as I won’t be telling anyone.

Remember the time 6.45pm on Wednesday on Twitter (with pictures) 

If anyone would like their snooker nickname displayed as the draw is done then please let me know. There are already three participants that have no choice in the matter.

Bumper Sunday Snooker: UK Qualifiers and Seniors In-Running

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Apparently there is something called a Legends Tour

It’s a seriously busy day on the snooker front today as the Seniors finish off their tournament in Peterborough whilst the first sixteen matches in Round One of the UK qualifiers get under way in Gloucester.

The Seniors yesterday was a great watch and despite Sky’s attempts to ruin it with an ill-thought out tune to introduce the totally needless and disrespectful shot-clock it provided some moments of drama, culminating in Cliff Thorburn’s customary late night finish to see off Doug Mountjoy and qualify for the quarter finals today.

From what I can see every man and his dog are tipping Darren Morgan to win it, but for me it still has to be between the Nugget and Jimmy.

An incredible result earlier in the day saw Dennis (who managed to beat the world record for ‘Quickest Legends mention on Live TV’ with a time of 0.3333452217 seconds) overturn the favourite for the event Nigel Bond in a match that if it was on the main tour might have had Barry reaching for the bloodhounds. But at least it keeps alive Den’s hopes of a dream final against his chumcrush Cliff, where he could entertain the capacity crowd with all his fond memories of the great Canadian before Sky introduce a 3 second shot clock to shut him up.

All in all it was a good natured day and I for one enjoyed the mid-match interviews with the players even if Tony Drago didn’t. It even prompted none other than Juddly himself to call for players to be ‘miked up’ at all tournaments, something that I know John Higgins was advocating a while ago. But please Bazza, don’t be getting any silly ideas in April, I beg you. Anyway it continues today and judging by the match prices widely available this morning the rumoured random draw after every round was a case of Chinese whispers, or is it Japanese? I’ll have to ask Dennis.

As for the UK Qualifiers, you can read my thoughts on all today’s matches here. We started with a bang last night as Daniel Wells won 6-0 and kicked off the Enhanced Snookerbacker Acca at Boyles in style, untroubled by Kacper Filipiak who continues to learn his trade in the harsh waters of the professional game. Finland’s Robin Hull came through in a tight one against Lucky Vatnani who at last appears to have got his visa issues sorted out. Lucky is clearly a decent player as once again he found time to knock in a century in the match, but Hull’s experience carried him over the line in the end.

So, a great day in prospect and hopefully we can land an early accumulator with wins today for Kurt Maflin, Li Yan and Passakorn Suwannawat. Apparently Bjorn Haneveer is turning up today to play Tian Pengfei so anyone that missed Wells last night might consider bashing Tian in there for a fourfold. Fingers crossed.

Please feel free to discuss the day’s action below.

Oh yes and by the way, if you haven’t entered snooker’s biggest tipster contest by 11.59 GMT today you will be missing out on five months of banter between the competitors. Even Senior participant Neal Foulds entered yesterday as did I. I stress, it is free, you don’t need a Boylesports account to enter and you might win £300 worth of bets on the World Championship with your team.

I know a lot more people read this drivel than have entered so get your team in pronto here.  

UK Qualifiers Round 1

Sunday 12 noon

Adam Duffy 6-3 Dechawat Poomjaeng

Kurt Maflin 6-4 David Hogan

Ian McCulloch 6-5 Luca Brecel

Bjorn Haneveer 4-6 Tian Pengfei

Michael White 6-4 Daniel Wells

Andrew Pagett 5-6 Sam Craigie

Matthew Couch 2-6 Cao Yupeng

Paul S Davison 2-6 Adam Wicheard

Sunday 7pm

Liam Highfield 3-6 Sam Baird

Passakorn Suwannawat 6-0 Joe Meara

Yu Delu 1-6 Robin Hull

Li Yan 6-4 Stuart Carrington

David Gilbert 6-5 Aditya Mehta

David Morris 3-6 David Grace

Rod Lawler 6-2 Simon Bedford

Andrew Norman 6-5 Scott Mackenzie

World Seniors

Quarter Finals

Steve Davis 2-0 Dene O’Kane

Jimmy White 2-0 Dennis Taylor

John Parrott 2-1 Karl Townsend

Darren Morgan 2-0 Cliff Thorburn

Semi Finals (7pm)

Davis 2-0 Parrott

White 0-2 Morgan


Steve Davis 1-2 Darren Morgan

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