September 30, 2011

PTC 6 Day One

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Yes, this weekend's theme is famous Polish people. The fact that this happens to be girl is purely coincidental, she's a famous singer apparently.

Good Morning all. The PTC 6 kicks off early this morning with matches involving some familiar faces, blog favourite Allan Taylor and three players that it’s fair to say would probably win you the World Scrabble Championships, if you were ever competing in it.

It remains to be seen how this event will go, will we see a rip-roaring success like Germany or will it be one man and his dog watching like much of Brazil? We can only wait and see.

I only know one proper Polish person and when I say know, I mean that loosely as I must admit I try to keep her at arms length. She works where I do and to be honest I find her a little bit odd. She has a very serious face and tends to say quite inappropriate things now and again both in meetings and to colleagues, she tends to be forgiven as she’s from Poland much like Manuel in Fawlty Towers ‘He’s from Barcelona’. She once described to a male colleague in far too much detail a blind date she had been on where she ended up back in a strange house having what can only be described as deviance with her fellow blind dater. The poor lad didn’t know where to put himself but she thought nothing of it.

Anyway, not all the firms are pricing up the matches and some are being more selective than others in the ones they are pricing up, making it all a bit confusing. Apollobet tend to keep up with the day’s events better than the others and I’d expect that they will be pricing matches up after the first round as the day goes on. Remember that if you don’t have an account with them you can take advantage of their introductory matched £20 bet offer by clicking through straight from the blog and signing up here. You can view all their snooker prices here.

I’m going to start the day with a treble of Marco Fu, Barry Hawkins and Liang Wenbo 1 point recommended at just over 2/1 over at Paddies.  

I also quite strongly fancy Sam Craigie to beat Matthew Couch in the first set of matches so I’ll recommend 2 points on that too at 10/11 with Apollobet. 

For anyone that missed my preview last night click here. The Best of Luck with your bets.

Round 1

8.30 am (UK Time)

2. Mark Joyce 3-4 Tian Pengfei
3. Ryan Day 1-4 Alfie Burden
4. Andrew Pagett 4-1 Vladyslav Vyshnevskyy
5. Matthew Selt 4-2 Allan Taylor
6. Marcus Campbell 4-3 Krzysztof Wrobel
7. Tom Ford 4-0 Ryan Causton
8. Kurt Maflin 3-4 Marco Fu
13. Tony Drago 4-0 Grzegorz Biernadski
14. Sam Craigie 2-4 Matthew Couch
15. Simon Bedford 4-0 Piotr Murat

10 am

16. Martin Gould 3-4 Liu Chuang (with Gould losing Mark Davis needs to win 3 matches for the last top 16 slot)
17. Barry Hawkins 4-0 Sean O’Sullivan
19. Andy Hicks 2-4 Mitchell Travis
20. Alan McManus 4-2 Rod Lawler
21. David Grace 4-0 Krzysztof Kubicki
22. Rory McLeod 3-4 Chen Ze


18. Steve Davis 4-2 Jaroslaw Kowalski
23. Dave Harold 4-2 Ashley Wright
24. Mark King 4-3 Barry Pinches
25. Jack Lisowski 4-2 Kyren Wilson


41. Stephen Lee 4-0 Phan Quoc Binh
42. Andrew Higginson 4-0 Karol Szuba-Jablonski
43. Sam Baird 3-4 Ian Burns
44. Dominic Dale 2-4 Stephen Craigie

12 noon

1. Judd Trump 4-0 Rafal Gorecki
27. Yu Delu 3-4 David Singh
28. Gary Wilson w/o Robin Hull
29. Liang Wenbo w/o David Morris


26. Stuart Bingham 4-0 Tomasz Skalski
30. Michael White 4-0 Alex Taubman
31. Mark Davis 4-3 Gareth Allen (From 3-1 down. Two more wins and Mavis is in the top 16)
32. Nigel Bond 4-1 Maciej Relich

I think the bet I’ll look at next is in the Steve Davis v Barry Hawkins match. Hawkins is in fine fettle and the Nugget played the last round with a borrowed cue. 1 point on Hawkins -2.5 frames at Apollobet is 7/4.

I will also recommend a further 1 point treble on Hawkins -1.5 frames, Liu Chuang and Alfie Burden that pays over 7/2 at Apollobet.

Round 2 


65. Judd Trump 4-3 Tian Pengfei
66. Alfie Burden 4-3 Andrew Pagget
67. Matthew Selt 4-3 Marcus Campbell
68. Tom Ford 2-4 Marco Fu
71. Tony Drago 4-1 Matthew Couch
72. Simon Bedford 3-4 Liu Chuang
73. Barry Hawkins 3-4 Steve Davis
74. Mitchell Travis 3-4 Alan McManus
75. David Grace 1-4 Chen Zhe
76. Dave Harold 1-4 Mark King


77. Jack Lisowski 3-4 Stuart Bingham
78. David Singh 4-3 Gary Wilson
79. Liang Wenbo 4-3 Micheal White
80. Mark Davis 3-4 Nigel Bond (Davis stays in 17th and Martin Gould gets into the top 16 for the first time) 
85. Stephen Lee 4-1 Andrew Higginson
86. Ian Burns 2-4 Stephen Craigie

Round 3


97. Judd Trump 4-1 Alfie Burden
98. Matthew Selt 4-2 Marco Fu
100. Tony Drago 1-4 Liu Chuang
101. Steve Davis 4-2 Alan McManus
102. Chen Zhe 3-4 Mark King
103. Jack Lisowski 4-0 David Singh
104. Liang Wenbo 4-1 Nigel Bond
107. Stephen Lee 4-1 Stephen Craigie

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