September 16, 2011

Brazilian Masters Day 2

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I know, I should be locked up.

Well, are we witnessing a rare phenomenon? Has Bazza’s ‘midas touch’ deserted him on this occasion? Is the Brazilian Masters destined to be filed alongside the Sinclair C5 and Betamax video recorders in the ‘Bad Ideas’ cabinet?

Now let’s get one thing clear. I want this tournament to work. I am not one of those people that sees the negatives in everything and if there is a market that can be exploited on the baize then we should do everything in our power to do it.

Having said that, there have clearly been huge mistakes made here. Holding the tournament in a beach resort rather than a city is one and the ticket prices is another. The ironic acknowledgement that Mark Selby gave to the non-crowd last night said it all. It was all a bit of a shambles and hugely embarrassing.

OK, the big names aren’t all there, but given the mistakes made above, would it really matter if they were? My view is that the absolute priority in getting an event off the ground is getting people to attend the venue in person. There will be those that will argue that getting people to watch on TV will generate the crowds, but to me that is, if I may use a Scouseism an ‘arse about face’ way of looking at it. It is seeing people at the venues enjoying themselves in the first place that will get more people to the venues. If people are watching and see that there is nobody there they are unlikely to go along themselves, particularly at the prices they are expecting people to pay here.

I hope the crowds improve and apparently there were a few more there to watch Igor win last night, but a lot of the people who were eventually dragged in to watch the earlier matches were not actually paying customers and were probably told to get in there instead of indulging in the free bar and buffet laid on by the hapless organisers. If this is our idea of getting something off the ground, then I am happy to offer my help and advice for a small fee.

Here are today’s matches with the UK times, the two wildcards take to the stage and judging by this I think you should perhaps have a good look around at the prices on one of the matches.

Shaun Murphy 4-0 Sobradinho de Dues
Martin Gould 1-4 Ricky Walden
Stephen Hendry 4-1 Noel Rodrigues
Ali Carter 4-2 Steve Davis

Feel free to give your own thoughts on the event below.

Brazilian Masters: Lost in Translation?

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As you all know, in the relatively short lifetime of this blog I have built up a half-decent contact book. The numbers on my electric portable telephone device are a veritable who’s who of the snooker world and I thought it was about time I used my contacts to get to the truth behind the Brazilian Masters, which started yesterday.

As I always want the biggest and best exclusives to keep you dear readers entertained, I thought I’d start at the top, so I gave Bazza a call and he has very kindly allowed me access to the notes from the planning meeting for the tournament which was held via video link and behind closed doors with only Baz, Jason Ferguson and the planning team over in Rio in attendance. The meeting was conducted via an interpreter, whose name has mysteriously been erased from the meeting minutes.

Anyway, here goes:

Bazza: Good Morning Gentlemen, I trust you are well and I am looking forward to working with you on what should be a great event.

Interpreter: You are all good gentlemen this morning and I trust you all to do the work for this event.

Bazza: I want to create a sense of occasion, a real carnival atmosphere. Think, Circus.

Interpreter: I want to hold the tournament in a tent.

Bazza: I want it all top quality, superfine cloths on the tables and thick luxurious carpets.

Interpreter: I want quality carpets and thick cloth on the tables.

Bazza: I want the tournament to be staged at a venue with a captive audience. I don’t want to have to resort to desperation to get a full crowd. I want to have a real holiday feel.

Interpreter: I am desperate for an audience, please hold the tournament in a holiday resort.

Bazza: One more thing, I don’t want the locals priced out of attending. We want an inclusive event, one that can be attended by everyone, obviously not your local criminals, but we need a real mix of the rich and the poor.

Interpreter: I want no criminals attending, only the rich will be included. Please price the local poor out of attendance. The event must be exclusive.

Bazza: I think that’s it. If you follow my instructions to the letter this will be a great spectacle and very well attended!

Interpreter: I think that’s it. If you follow my instructions to the letter this will be a great spectacle and very well attended!

End of Meeting.

I have been personally assured by Barry this morning that news reports of a bilingual office administator being brutally murdered by a hired hitman on the streets of Rio last night have absolutely no connection with this meeting.

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