September 15, 2011

Brazil Masters Day 1

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I think I have a new favourite country

For anyone that missed my preview of the Brazilian Masters which begins at 6pm UK time tonight with Mark Selby against Stuart Bingham just click here.

This is simply a very brief post to list the matches that we will see later. It seems that when it isn’t on Eurosport the betting sites will be streaming it. I’ll stop short of recommending signing up to the World Snooker streaming channel as I don’t want a barrage of complaints from people that end up being in the wrong territory. But suffice to say that if you are reading this from the Wattutu Plains of Papua New Guinea with little more than bamboo to chew on and no water for at least 50 kilometres then you should be ok to input your credit card details and sign up.

If anyone has any idea how these territories work then please let me know.

Anyway here’s the matches, all best of 7. I will be very impressed with anyone that manages to catch the last one from any European country and posts in the comments to confirm this. You will be immediately upgraded to ‘superfan’ by me as it’s way past my bedtime. 

Thursday September 15 (UK Times) 
Mark Selby 4-3 Stuart Bingham 
Peter Ebdon 4-1 Stephen Lee 
Jamie Cope 2-4 Igor Figueiredo
Graeme Dott 4-1 Mark Davis

In the meantime feel free to post your bets/thoughts on the event in the comments section. One possible topic of interest might be the ticket prices, which apparently start at £45 for the first round and go as high as £350 for the final.


Anybody there?

SB Classic Snapshot Special: Snooker Bingo’s Tom Doggett

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A Player

It takes all sorts doesn’t it? In the words of Forrest Gump ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ (I can’t remember the next bit but you know what I mean). So far in these snapshots we have heard from two Q-School hopefuls, a young lad taking his shot at glory and one of our lady competitors. Today we hear from someone that just likes a bit of free publicity that hasn’t yet coughed up the £50.

Yes, today it is the turn of Tom Doggett, a giant from Cornwall, who also happens to be the (I use the term loosely) ‘brains’ behind Snooker Bingo, the website that, very much like the Rubik’s Cube, gripped the nation for a few weeks before disappearing. But you never know, these things have a habit of coming around in cycles and who knows? Like Tai-Dai T-Shirts or wearing your jeans inside out, there may be life in the old Doggett yet.

Below, a delusional snooker hopeful tells us all why he has taken the decision to enter the tournament…….more money than sense this one.   

Hello Tom, mind your head on the ceiling. First of all, what made you enter the Snookerbacker Classic? 

I received several threatening phone calls from someone with a Scouse accent warning me that if I didn’t enter I would wake up one morning to find find a curly black wig in my bed. I also want to say “I’ve tried” – although I have no real chance of winning, it will be nice to be able to say that I gave it a crack. I can picture myself as an old man in a pub, mumbling that “I almost became a professional snooker player y’know” – although probably without mentioning that I was about 15 rounds short.

What attracted you to the event? 

Well, all of my family, friends, colleagues and enemies died, and I lost my house and my job and all my pets in one week. Wait, does this work like X Factor or not?

Which event or events are you playing in?

Gloucester, the SWSA. I’ve been there to watch a PTC and was really impressed so it will be great to go back and actually play there.

Tell us a bit about your snooker career to date.

I have always enjoyed playing and watching, taking it more seriously at certain times than others. I’m not a top player by any stretch – not even in the local leagues that I play in, although I could probably claim to be above average. I did have the honour of being one of the better players in my local club… until Andy bloody Hicks joined and knocked us all down a level. I never quite play as well as I can in the league – I’m normally at my best after a couple of pints so that may have to be a strategy in Gloucester.

Is the chance to experience real matchplay conditions in top class venues more important to you or are you in it to win it?

I just want to be able to say that I tried. We’re lucky to have a really good table at my local club because the aforementioned Mr Hicks uses it for practice, so I’ve got a bit of experience with good cloths and championship pockets. I want to see if I crack under pressure or not. 

He's just not her type at all....

Mrs SB will be at venues giving prizes for things like ‘best dressed player’ and ‘nicest haircut’ – think you have a chance in any of those?

I’m pretty sure I will win both of those – I have attached a photo to whet your appetite.

What are your ambitions in snooker?

My main ambition is not to bash my head on the lights. 

Finally, are you looking forward to the SB Classic?

Yes. Mainly because I can meet Mrs SB for a second time. I think she fancies me.

Thanks Tom and the very best of luck in the tournament, now can I have my £50 please?

I would just like to quash the rumour that Mrs SB has a secret crush on this overly tall, slightly geeky, a bit posh, four-eyed nerdy type bloke who ok, I’ll admit is a bit witty. That is quite simply not her type at all, she likes people like Stephen Merchant, Louis Theroux and that bloke Richard from the quiz show ‘Pointless’…..hang on a minute…………   

Anyway, if you still haven’t entered the Snookerbacker Classic then click here for details, there are now only 5 places left for Gloucester so anyone wanting a shot at that will need to contact me immediately to reserve a place. There is an advert being placed in Snooker Scene next month so it’s your chance to get in before the non-internet brigade start entering. The first event kicks off in Leeds on December 2nd.   

Anyone interested in entering the Dublin event at the Crossguns can read an interview with Fin Ruane here where he talks about his club which is steeped in history. He also looks forward to holding the Dublin leg of the tournament there. 

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