September 8, 2011

Si-Ting Chi-Lee reports from Shanghai…….

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I've finally tracked him down

Regular readers of the blog will be more than familiar with my roving, rather unpredictable reporter over in China, none other than Si-Ting Chi-Lee. Well, I have been waiting to hear from him all week and today a fax popped through to Snookerbacker Mansions from him, the contents of which are contained below.

I should warn readers in advance that Si-Ting has a unique style when it comes to reporting, but he’s my only option over there. He is also a recovering alcoholic, drug, peanut and sex addict and is doing his best to walk the straight and narrow line. But as we all are, he is human and occasionally relapses, sometimes taking the players with him. But I have been assured that the person seen staggering out of a brothel last Saturday evening on the outskirts of the city was simply a lookalike.

His first report centres on Ronnie ‘Big Balls’ O’Sullivan, who he has obviously been following around, here are his observations…

September 6 night, Ward Bank 2011 World Snooker Shanghai Masters first round continued with rocket O’Sullivan played against Thailand more conscientious than Watanna, rocket didn’t waste too many time 5-1 just finished the race, winning state of Ronnie relaxed, feeling very well he expressed himself to enjoy competition.

  Won today of competition rocket mood obvious good, words also more has up, this rocket again concern competition Hou of first field World contest, Ronnie first show performance does good, site from time to time attracted audience were of bursts applause, Ronnie said today own play good, but also courtesy to certainly has own of opponent is excellent, “performance out own of best level, tried to do best”. Ronnie summing up their today’s match. Although won the game he still was not satisfied with places, Ronnie big balls, “some very simple also does not address the ball well today, but next time will avoid to win more games.”

 Obviously into Ronnie gain desired results big gain fools, field-watching fans to feast. For today the audience’s enthusiasm, Ronnie look cheerful, so many fans support made him feel very excited, very happy, “today is a great game, many fans watching the games, I am very happy, feel very lucky. “But obviously for its massive fan base in mind to wonder what Luo Niting clear, just got his 11th career pole out of 147 Ronnie knew many people hope that he can hit 147, but Ronnie bluntly 147 opportunities would not have been there, can he or will continue to play. Although not making 147, but two shots over the hundred was still lacking-let fans fill the palate, a 111-110 min, Ronnie today firepower, much gain and the game because Ronnie hot feel soon ended, watana 1-5 lost to soon. Watana feel waste and not to ronnie carpet moment. The feast was his own.

The feast was his own.

Ronnie had been stressing the enjoyment of the game after the game, now more when it is for him to contest a relaxed enjoyment. Ronnie also said the hotel stadium near to Shanghai to live, let yourself relax a lot has to a certain extent. Today of competition Ronnie 5-1 beat has Watana, and in this year March of China open Shang Ronnie is to 5-2 eliminated watana of, reporter asked Ronnie is think in Shanghai playing competition than Beijing more easy, Ronnie said actually playing China open difficulty will more large some, “China open and World Championship apart is near, time Shang is not is good, but future own in competition arrangements Shang will do adjustment. ”

  Although PTC Ronnie performs strongly in recent station, great momentum of reunification and poles, Ronnie is absent at the beginning of the game of the season, no less, the credits are out a lot, now return to the game so good back Ronnie destruction remains very strong. For future events, large and small, Ronnie said is still in fact is a tough choice, “ranked races and points races will take part in more, but some small game may have cannot be discharged into the schedule. “Ronnie can hardly cover up excitement came to Shanghai,” Shanghai game is important, there are many great players to compete, the win will be difficult, but I will fight for the win. “Back to join the competition’s Ronnie attitude determined. And Ronnie said it will continue to make more of the events in the future, but also greater efforts, continue to enjoy the game.

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