September 3, 2011

Snookerbacker Classic: Glasgow Cancellation

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I'm feeling a little deflated.

Regretfully this morning I have to announce that the Glasgow leg of the Snookerbacker Classic is cancelled due to lack of interest from north of the border.

I have contacted all the players that have entered so far this morning and they will be refunded in full or transferred to an alternative venue should they still wish to take part in the tournament.

I am not entirely sure why the event has failed to spark the same level of interest in Scotland as it has everywhere else but it was getting to the point where the lack of interest was going to risk me losing money on the event as a whole with just 6 entrants generated compared to events like Leeds and Gloucester which are now filling fast.

For me personally this is a disappointment and I am particularly disappointed for John Rea, the proprietor of the Lucky Break Club that the event was scheduled to be played at who has been entirely positive in my dealings with him. I am also sad that I won’t be meeting Smidger or whatever his name is, the crazy loon who sometimes answers the phone at the club. But most of all I am sorry to the players that had their name down to play in the event, it’s a shame for them that I have had to cancel it.

I am new to this side of things and though I like most am aware that there have been problems in the past in Scottish snooker, now more aware than I was I have to say. I thought naively, that a new independent event might be a breath of fresh air and just what the sport up there needed.

Independent sources and contacts who have far more experience in the sport than I do have described the administration of snooker in Scotland as ‘a nightmare’, I had been warned not to touch Scotland with ‘a bargepole’ (this is a more polite way of saying what was actually said) and have been told of meetings to discuss the future of the sport descending into farce.

From my personal perspective the dealings I have had have been amiable enough, though have not been quite as proactive recently as they were at the beginning. But I would like to thank those that gave me encouragement to plough on regardless and persevere, but like I say, it was risking jeopardising the whole event from a financial perspective and Mrs SB was beginning to give me one of her stares.

The initial plan is to extend the Dublin event to two qualifiers with the same model as the others and widen the field to 32.

In terms of the other events I can reserve a place for Leeds or Essex for anyone still wishing to enter until the end of September and for Gloucester until the 16th September subject to there still being places available. Please note that an advertisement will be appearing in Snooker Scene next month so at this point the events are likely to fill. So to beat the rush you should reserve your place now by emailing me at [email protected]

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