September 1, 2011

NEW! Player Profiles

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It's all about the players

One thing that any quality snooker website should do is give as much information about the sport and the players that play it as possible. Something that I’m sure you will agree is and has always been of paramount importance on here.

Obviously any website which claims to add to the overall knowledge pool with the author’s painstakingly detailed research shining through in every post, is to be applauded. Again, I like to think that this is what makes people keep coming back on here.

That is why today I am proud to announce to the waiting world that I have decided to add player profiles to the blog. I aim to tell you facts and snippits about the players that you cannot read anywhere else.

Very much like a match involving Rory McLeod and Rod Lawler, it is an exercise which will take a while to complete, what with all the new faces on our screens these days and a limit to the amount of time I will be able to give these important updates each week. But as ever I am prepared to take on this mammoth task for you, dear readers, as I am your servant.

But where to start? Why this is the Snookerbacker Blog so at the top of course!

Today sees this exciting new initiative kick off with three big hitters, namely John Higgins, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Shaun Murphy. Whose names you can click to view their profile.

The names will be added slowly but surely to the menu on the right hand side of the blog and when I add one I will be sure to let you all know.

Shanghai Masters preview will be up later today.

Mark Selby added! 

Mark Willams added!

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