August 26, 2011

Ronnie’s Maximum German Treat

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Ronnie O’Sullivan hit a 147 tonight to the delight of the German fans at the Paul Hunter Classic. The final red to get on to the black was magic, he played the pink left-handed……Wonderful.

You can watch it by clicking here

All in a day's work....

Mrs Snookerbacker Yaps Away…

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I have been helping Mr SB out.

Mrs SB has again insisted on having her say on the blog, so here is her latest ramblings….

Hello Bloggers. Well it’s been a very busy few weeks in the snooker calendar lately, there seems to be loads of events and none on the TV for me to relax and fall asleep to. These tournaments are keeping Mr SB very busy and with organising the Snookerbacker Classic it seems our home is on snooker overdrive. But hooray, soon the nights will be drawing in, I can wear one of Mr SB’s old jumpers and pull on my big slippers and snuggle under a blanket, chill out and cuddle my whippet and watch the balls pot and listen to the gentle commentary, bliss.

Though saying that, this autumn is going to be a busy one for us both with the new Snookerbacker Classic. I can’t really remember how the Snookerbacker Classic came about, I think one day over dinner Mr SB said he had an idea to hold a snooker tournament and he was saying if you’re going to do it, do it big and do it national. I think I said at the time “oh that’s a good idea sweetie” served him a big pile of mashed potato and thought nothing much of it. Later on, after some thought and a good brain storming at our local over a crisp white we jotted down some notes on a napkin with a borrowed biro and we both left with a plan of action and feeling excited about the challenge that lay ahead and also slightly nervous too.

Part of the “meeting” was to establish roles, with my event organising experience and love of spreadsheets – yes you did read that right  I LOVE SPREADSHEETS.. my role was firmly decided. I was to organise Mr SB in every way and be his project manager which to him means nag him till it gets things done and look cross when he does not update figures and budgets straight away.. tut..tut!

Last night I asked him for an update. I have recently given him some time off as he has been so busy with the day job and I must say I was slightly peturbed when he just said “arr.. don’t worry ..I am taking care of it..”  Shock … you can’t say that to me!! I said I wanted an exact update tomorrow and gave him a stern look.

I also said to Mr SB last night that he should have a go and enter and try and fulfil a childhood dream, his little eyes lit up and he said he was actually thinking about it but was not sure, after some convincing he has agreed to do it, but he is taking this very seriously and is now scheduling practice time and purchasing a new pair of snooker specs. I said wouldn’t it be fun if I could enter one – but I would need some professional coaching (offers for some professional free coaching sessions will be great) as last time I played snooker was when I was little in a snooker hall with the strippers – a past story. Maybe I am best handing out snacks and prizes  and taking the register and leaving it to the players who can actually play. I don’t think Mr SB is that keen.

So that’s the update from me, It’s all going well and I am really looking forward to it. I have booked the time off work and will soon need to start thinking about more important things, as well as my love for organising events and spreadsheets I also have a love of buying new outfits and somehow I have convinced Mr SB that I would need a new outfit for each one (it’s a kind of payback for me helping him and taking the time off work to come along and help with the day). From now there are only 10 weeks to go till it all starts with the first event in Glasgow .. well.. I had better get shopping and decide on what to wear!

P.S. If anyone knows where to get a t-shirt with I love spreadsheets please send me the link as I want one to wear with pride.


PTC4: Paul Hunter Classic Day 1

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Now try concentrating on the snooker.

Good Morning everyone. A very early start over in Fürth this morning with the likes of Mark Selby, Judd Trump and Peter Ebdon all having to set the alarm clocks early to play in the first set of matches.

There have been a few withdrawals filtering through, both official and unconfirmed. Stuart Bingham is understandably staying at home just in case his new arrival decides to make an early curtain call, Ali is struggling with his Crohns and is trying to get himself in shape for his defence in Shanghai, Liang Wenbo isn’t playing but I’m not sure why, presumably he’s over in China preparing for his first match over there, Robin Hull and Joe Meara pulled out yesterday, Meara scuppering what a lot of us thought might be an early heist on the bookies that priced up Liu Chuang at a huge 8/11 to beat him, they got out of jail there. Rumours that Joe received a brown envelope at a service station just down the road from the venue from a bloke called Victor with a satchel and sunglasses are I’m sure untrue. I notice that even now the match is still priced up and Liu is as short as 1/3 in places.

Finland’s Robin Hull also pulled out, the ever absent Un-Lucky Vatnani remains about as easy to find as the Invisible Man and we already knew that Bjorn Haneveer was not fit to make the trip. Unconfirmed rumours are also circulating that tournament favourite and German Master Mark Williams will join the growing list of absentees, which is obviously disappointing for those who are attending hoping to see King Floater in action.

As for the format today, don’t ask me to explain it. Not content with changing the draw in the last PTC this time we find matches all over the shop. Usually we see one half of the draw completed followed by the other half the next day, but not this time, as eight of the top half matches kick off between 11.30 and 1pm including the eagerly awaited clash between Jimmy and Kurt Maflin, the 11/10 on Maffers being well and truly taken. I’ll also be looking for James Watanna to land an 11/10 punt this morning against Peter Ebdon.

I can’t really find much else early on to get excited about from a betting point of view so I’ll probably wait until later to see if anything else materialises in the match betting before recommending any bets.

Before I go I should also mention a qualifying match taking place this evening which is already being billed as a Battle of the Twits, our own Allan ‘The Assassin’ Taylor takes on Ben Harrison in a match that is being eagerly awaited amongst the Twitter stalwarts. I am reliably informed that Allan is currently staying away from the plethora of pretzels on offer over there and has his mind well and truly fixed on the job in hand. Both players have got to this stage without dropping a frame.

Eurosport are covering the event and a schedule of their coverage can be found here. I’m now off to find out how I can get Eurosport Player to work on my laptop. I’ll try and keep things updated throughout the day and keep an eye out for any recommended bets that spring up as the day goes on.

I know the blog has a big German following so anyone that is attending the venue please feel free to post snippits. Also feel free to have a natter below, even if it’s just to score the German girl in the post out of ten, or indeed out of two, I’d give her one.

Friday August 26 (all times are UK+1 hour)


33 Mark Selby 4-0 Sam Harvey
34 Rory McLeod 4-2 Phil O’Kane (in just under 4 hours)
35 Barry Hawkins 4-0 Brian Cox
36 Ian McCulloch 3-4 Craig Steadman
37 Peter Ebdon 3-4 James Wattana
38 Judd Trump 4-0 Ashley Wright
39 Liu Chuang w/o Joe Meara
40 Andrew Higginson 4-1 Adam Wicheard
41 Mark Allen 4-0 Christoph Biniarsh
42 Joe Jogia 4-2 Daniel Wells


43 Ryan Day 1-4 Aditya Mehta
44 Simon Bedford w/o Stuart Bingham
45 Stephen Lee 4-0 Ian Burns
46 Alan McManus 2-4 Jamie Walker
47 Ricky Walden 4-2 Stuart Carrington
48 Alfie Burden 3-4 Stephen Craigie


17 Jimmy White 4-0 Kurt Maflin
18 Mark Davis w/o Bjorn Haneveer
19 Marco Fu 3-4 Sam Baird
20 Jamie Cope 4-2 Phil Barnes


21 Adrian Gunnell 4-0 Hans Blanckeart
22 Matthew Selt 4-3 David Grace
23 Joe Perry 4-0 Stefan Joachim
24 Dominic Dale 4-1 David Morris


57 Anthony Hamilton 2-4 Adam Duffy
58 Joe Swail 4-3 Zhang Anda
59 Ronnie O’Sullivan 4-0 Ali Kirim
60 Anthony McGill 4-2 Kyren Wilson


61 Xiao Guodong 4-1 Bash Maqsood
62 Michael Holt 3-4 Li Yan
63 Stephen Hendry w/o Robin Hull
64 John Higgins 4-1 Sam Craigie

3.30pm (Times appear to be irrelevant as Selby v McLeod started at 2.45pm)

73 Jimmy White 2-4 Mark Davis
74 Sam Baird 2-4 Jamie Cope
81 Mark Selby 4-0 Rory McLeod
82 Barry Hawkins 1-4 Craig Steadman
83 James Wattana 1-4 Judd Trump
84 Liu Chuang 2-4 Andrew Higginson
85 Mark Allen 2-4 Joe Jogia
86 Aditya Mehta 4-0 Simon Bedford
87 Stephen Lee 4-1 Jamie Walker
88 Ricky Walden 4-2 Stephen Craigie


75 Adrian Gunnell 0-4 Matthew Selt
76 Joe Perry 3-4 Dominic Dale
93 Adam Duffy 4-0 Joe Swail
94 Ronnie O’Sullivan 4-1 Anthony McGill
95 Xiao Guodong 0-4 Li Yan
96 Stephen Hendry 0-4 John Higgins


101 Mark Davis 4-2 Jamie Cope
102 Matthew Selt 4-2 Dominic Dale
105 Mark Selby 4-0 Craig Steadman
106 Judd Trump 3-4 Andrew Higginson
107 Joe Jogia 4-3 Aditya Mehta
108 Stephen Lee 4-0 Ricky Walden
111 Adam Duffy 0-4 Ronnie O’Sullivan (147)
112 Li Yan 4-3 John Higgins

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