August 23, 2011

Baize, German Girls, Bookies, Clauses and..Oh no, that’s Top Secret

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Who is it? We will soon be joined by a new baize diarist.

Good Evening/Morning everyone or as Joe Johnson might say ‘Good Day’. I haven’t had time to think recently, so much so that myself and Mrs SB even forgot to submit our songs of the week here last week, but that’s all sorted out now. Anyway, as I write there is at least light at the end of the tunnel and as soon as the bookies get their outright prices up for the Players Tour Championship 4 AKA The Paul Hunter Classic from Germany which starts on Friday and is covered by Eurosport,  I can get the preview up.

You should be aware that because of broadcasting rights this event will not be covered by the new live streaming channel or by the bookies on live stream. But it will be covered in full for subscribers to Eurosport Player.

Regulars will undoubtedly be waiting in eager anticipation for the return to the blog of the German girls, who traditionally kit themselves out, or sometimes don’t, for my painstakingly thorough audition session to be crowned German Girl of the Day during events hosted by our European neighbours. I’m sure that the huge rise in repeat visits during these periods is due only to the incisive and up to the minute reporting from yours truly and is in no way connected to the lustful thoughts of baizefolk who’s curiosity to just have another little peek at the Euro Goddess that accompanies the posts, gets the better of them. Anyway, I see Chandlers are first up with the match betting but I’ll wait until the usual stalwarts price up the outrights until putting pen to paper or type to screen.

I thought it was also an opportune time to keep you informed of the other things happening in the background as you all know that I’m always tirelessly working behind the scenes to twiddle with knobs and pull strings to get a good deal for us all with the bookies. I have put the feelers out to a couple of firms for a partnership to accompany the PTC events which would basically involve them stumping up some free bets for competitions. Anyone that is reading this that I haven’t contacted and wants to be involved for these smaller events please email me at [email protected]

The free competition bets and more for the major events this season are already secured and we will have a new partner firm who will no doubt offer some exciting enticements to us all in an attempt to grab our baize based betting cash. But of course, the combined knowledge, solidarity and sheer stubborn might of the blog will have them running to the hills by the time the Crucible comes around, but let’s be nice to them when they arrive at least. More on that in the run up to the UK Championship. Oh, how I yearn for those dark baizey nights…..

In terms of the blog itself, we should be hearing from Ali again soon as he jets off to defend his Shanghai Masters title next week. I have also managed to bribe/secure the services of another familiar face to give us the inside story on the circuit and his new slot will be appearing shortly. His identity is in a file marked ‘Top Secret’ on the kitchen table of Snookerbacker Mansions under the watchful eye of our trusted butler, Reardon.

What else is there? Ah, yes, The Snookerbacker Classic is in full flow and it’s now getting to the point where the people that want to enter that haven’t need to start thinking about contacting me. The more astute among you may have noticed that the terms and conditions have altered slightly and that there is no longer any commitment on the winner and runner-up to be tied to the blog in any way, shape or form.

Feedback suggests that it may have been putting a few people off, though I have no idea why as this is a happy, established and trusting place to be and I’m sure any arrangement whether it be financial or linked to publicity would have worked out well for all involved as a leap of faith. But in the words of Robbie Nevil if you are a teenager of the Eighties or these if you are aurally challenged, that’s just the way it goes.

The secret of getting something right of course is listening to the people you are trying to attract and that’s what I have done in removing ‘the 20% clause’. We might just have to find another name to back from the blog through Q-School this year.


Quiz Question:

Do you think you know who our new regular snooker diarist might be? One guess each, the first one right will get a prize through the post when his identity is revealed.

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