August 9, 2011

Table Tweeting and In-Play Betting

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An issue arose yesterday over at the South West Snooker Academy which raised another interesting question related, I suppose, to the point of yesterday’s piece I did about Ronnie. This time it was whether it is appropriate for members of the press, approved bloggers or indeed mere mortals to tweet about snooker matches that they are watching live, in particular about how the frame itself is panning out for those that cannot see the action for themselves. 

I noticed on Matt’s blog this morning he wrote of his largely enjoyable day in Gloucester yesterday but included the line: ‘Unfortunately though something of a dampener has been put on the day as World Snooker have told me that I can no longer ‘tweet’ during the matches, something that I don’t intend to comment on further’. Matt had previously been keeping people updated on the state of play in some of the matches he had been watching. None, I must stress, were tables being live streamed and this was simply done from the point of view of a watching fan. I don’t think I have ever met anyone that can be more described as such without being labelled clinically insane, than Matt. 

I’m pretty sure that the reason Matt was told to stop doing this was in line with the existing policies of World Snooker, though I’m not sure if these are actually written down anywhere. But I suspect that the issue lies with the advent of live streaming and how this opens up further opportunities for ‘in-play’ betting on matches being streamed.

We are all aware and indeed the bookmakers always point out in the small print that the stream on their websites is delayed, from anything between 10-30 seconds usually. I have it on fairly good authority that the bookmakers themselves have a faster ‘closer to live’ stream than they put out on their site, allowing them to make adjustments to prices in the vital seconds before a frame or a match changes on one shot. But to the best of my knowledge, in events such as the PTC’s these pictures are not in real time, so therefore anyone with any form of instant communication (which in my experience Twitter isn’t always) to someone at a PC with a superfast, ultra reliable connection who likes a bet, there may be potential to beat the bookies, albeit in a window of 4 or 5 seconds.

I know this sounds very unlikely, but just imagine if you were the person at the laptop betting in-play, for argument’s sake on the outcome of a single frame and you had someone at the venue watching a match that is live-streamed in the way described above. You would simply need to agree a one letter or digit code to represent a player, send this when a ball is on it’s way into the pocket and maybe, just maybe, you might beat the bookies or the faster betting exchanges with an instant text message to your accomplice. Though all bets placed in-play are always subject to a further time delay before they are confirmed, even on the exchanges.  

Dial M for Murphy

In-play betting is big business, indeed one bookmaker I contacted about this very matter last season said that he would usually take more money on an in-play streamed match on a damp Monday morning than on the World Championship Final. The advances made in snooker streaming will heighten interest amongst gamblers and traders that prefer to bet in this way and play the books and doubtless, if you know your stuff and are prepared to watch every match you trade meticulously, there is money to be made. Trust me, I did it for a year, usually on matches involving Ronnie as the over reaction from people on the exchanges to him potting a long red has to be seen to be believed, but it’s hard work.

So are World Snooker right to stop tweeting from tables that are live streamed from people that they have welcomed to cover the event online? Well, I’m not sure they are. Twitter is after all a public forum and is very unlikely to be responsible for any supposed in-play betting coups that might materialise.

But instant-messaging is possibly a little bit more contentious and while these delays in transmissions are there, I suspect it always will be. That said, who is to say this isn’t happening anyway with spectators at these events?

Anyway, if you are there remember it’s M for Murphy and S for Selby, or is it S for Shaun and M for Mark? I might have to think of another code for that match….

PTC2 Day 2 In-Running

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Good Morning Everyone. A list of all the matches in the first round appears below and I will endeavour to keep this updated as the day goes on.

The best of luck to the Assassin who takes on the formidable Stuart Bingham at 1pm. A whole galaxy of baize stars are in action today and the question on everybody’s lips is, will Ronnie go tackle out?

Feel free to have a natter in the comments section below. I’m off to find a morning treble, I’ll post it in the comments when I’ve found one.


33. Mark Selby 4-0 Chris Norbury (LIVE)
34. Shaun Murphy 4-1 Paul Davison (LIVE)
35. Marco Fu 2-4 Gary Wilson
36. Mark Joyce 3-4 Adam Duffy
37. Liang Wenbo 4-1 Cao Yupeng
38. Jimmy Robertson 3-4 Patrick Wallace
39. Joe Jogia 4-3 Stuart Carrington
40. Matthew Selt 3-4 Yu Delu


41. Anthony McGill 4-0 Adam Wicheard
42. Andrew Higginson 4-1 Jamie O’Neill
43. Neil Robertson 4-0 Chen Zhe (LIVE)
44. Dominic Dale 2-4 John Whitty
45. Mark Davis 4-1 Robbie Williams
46. Peter Lines W/O Robin Hull
47. Judd Trump 4-2 Justin Astley (LIVE)
48. Mark Allen 4-2 Joe Delaney


49. Jamie Jones 1-4 Liam Highfield
50. Adrian Gunnell 4-1 Andrew Pagett
51. Liu Song 3-4 Sam Baird
52. Stuart Bingham 4-0 Allan Taylor
53. Jack Lisowski 1-4 David Morris
54. Matthew Stevens 4-3 Jamie Barrett
55. Ronnie O’Sullivan 4-1 Nick Jennings (LIVE)
56. Stephen Hendry 4-0 Ashley White (LIVE)


57. Joe Perry W/O Bjorn Haneveer
58. Tony Drago 4-3 Dechawat Pommjaeng (LIVE)
59. Ian McCulloch 3-4 Passakorn Suwannawat
60. Fergal O`Brien 4-0 Billy Joe Castle
61. Alfie Burden 4-1 Michael Wasley
62. Allister Carter 4-2 David Grace
63. Stephen Maguire 4-1 Alex Taubman
64. John Higgins 4-2 Matthew Couch (LIVE)

Second Round

81 Mark Selby 4 – 0 Shaun Murphy
82 Gary Wilson 2 – 4 Adam Duffy
83 Liang Wenbo 1 – 4 Patrick Wallace
84 Joe Jogia 2 – 4 Yu De Lu
85 Anthony Mcgill 4 – 1 Andrew Higginson
86 Neil Robertson 4 – 1 John Whitty
87 Mark Davis 4 – 2 Peter Lines
88 Judd Trump 4 – 2 Mark Allen
89 Liam Highfield 4 – 1 Adrian Gunnell
90 Sam Baird 4 – 1 Stuart Bingham
91 David Morris 3 – 4 Matthew Stevens
92 Ronnie O’Sullivan 4 – 1 Stephen Hendry
93 Joe Perry 2 – 4 Tony Drago
94 Passakorn Suwannawat 1 – 4 Fergal O’Brien
95 Alfie Burden 2 – 4 Allister Carter
96 Stephen Maguire 2 – 4 John Higgins

Round 3

105 Mark Selby 0 – 4 Adam Duffy
106 Patrick Wallace 3 – 4 Yu De Lu
107 Anthony Mcgill 0 – 4 Neil Robertson
108 Mark Davis 2 – 4 Judd Trump
109 Liam Highfield 4 – 2 Sam Baird
110 Matthew Stevens 3 – 4 Ronnie O’Sullivan
111 Tony Drago 3 – 4 Fergal O’Brien
112 Ali Carter 4 – 1 John Higgins

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