August 8, 2011

Is it wrong to say B*****ks on Twitter?

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A certain Mr O’Sullivan returned to Twitter yesterday with a vengeance. As ever, when Ronnie tweets people listen and answer him, he replies only to a select few of course, he even replied to me once saying that he ‘liked my style boss’. I took this as a glowing endorsement of my work, though in truth he was simply talking about my comment.

Ronnie is due at the fully air conditioned PTC in Gloucester tomorrow and judging by his tweets he definitely intends to play, but he might not look himself as he has hinted at his disatisfaction with the dress code in these events which is basically as it is in any ranking tournament.

Ronnie has promised that he will wear his dress suit but before playing he will ‘roll around in shit’ as his own silent, if rather pongy protest. But the Rocket is not intending to stop there, oh no, he has even hinted that he might get his very own pocket rocket out on show for everyone to see, sparking much speculation with the tweet ‘I might even play with me nob out, hows that’ to one of the event organisers, who he later told to ‘f**k the air con’. You’ve got to hand it to him though, he knows how to ensure a decent crowd.

Now I like to think that Ronnie and I share some things in common, though I have never played snooker ‘tackle out’ of course, I do share his healthy disrespect for authority, perhaps not quite to the same audacious level as the Rocket but my home city is known for it’s slightly militant views and I dare say that does rub off on some of the people here. There’s nothing wrong with challenging conventions of course and this leads me to the point of this post.

Recently, the governing body of the sport has issued some guidance to players on the do’s and don’t’s of social media. I’m not sure if Ronnie’s postman forgot to deliver it to his boat or whether the disgruntled Rocket simply tossed it in the Thames but he appears, at least from yesterday’s tweets intent on flouting this advice. Maybe our Ron might be just testing how far he can push it before he gets that ban he’s after for Shanghai.

Other ‘transgressors’ of the sacred, ancient and noble art of tweeting in the past have famously been the post-watershed joker Mike Dunn, my personal favourite of his tweets being when he informed us that 1 in 4 people live next door to a paedophile, but that he was not one of them as he lived next door to ‘two sexy 12 year olds.’ Mark King took us through his agonising and eye-watering decision recently to have the snip and informed his fanbase that his ‘dick was in a wheelchair’ after the process. Ouch. Mark Allen is another who this time used Facebook to comment on Stuart Bingham’s handsome features after losing to him in that ill-tempered match in Australia. Coz he’s dead handsome like.

Sometimes people can go a bit far.

So are the governing body right to curtail the players in this way? Ronnie I’m sure would argue that he is just being himself and winding people up, after all, we have come to expect erratic outbursts from him and at least on Twitter he appears happy, yesterday tellingly describing his Twitter experience thus: ‘I have missed tweeting, my life improves 200 per cent when I tweet..well sad hey’…

I know some would argue that a sport seeking sponsors should not be seen to be populated by uncouth, brawling deadheads. But neither should we discourage players from saying what they really think, as long as it is not offensive to large swathes of people then I really don’t see the problem. If the potential sponsors do, then perhaps they are in the wrong market and shouldn’t be getting involved in a sport that is run by the King of the Showmen himself, who even said at the World Championship press launch that he’d like to see Judd Trump fall out of a nightclub with a dolly bird on each arm and punch a photographer.

One thing that events outside of snooker and sport in general have taught us recently is that any attempt to stop people interacting in the internet world however they see fit will meet with resistance. Attempts to stop players bringing their personalities to the fore will either meet with rebellion or just stop them interacting altogether, both not the desired intent. I think snooker has a chance to step away from the stuffy bureaucracy and red tape of some other sports and encourage players to say what they think and not simply act like robotic, programmed morons. Some boundaries must exist of course, but these should be realistic ones, not ones likely to restrict on the basis that it might upset Maureen in Hampshire or Tarquin in Torbay.

Personally, I’d rather read one of Mike’s filthy jokes or Ronnie’s take on the game, whether this be nob in or nob out, than some of the other dross people post on there.

PTC2 Day 1 in-running

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Good Morning all, I’ll keep this updated as the day goes along. These are the matches taking you up to 4pm today, they then play down to 8 qualifiers. Feel free to have a chat in the comments section.

Live streaming is available via the subscription service of World Snooker Live or by having a funded account at Bet 365.


1. Mark Williams 4-0 Callum Downing (LIVE)
2. Ken Doherty 4-0 Joe Meara
3. Andy Hicks 4-1 Michael White
4. Jamie Burnett 4-3 Michael Wild
5. Jimmy White 2-4 Craig Steadman (LIVE)
7. Xiao Guodong 4-1 Reanne Evans
8. Rod Lawler 4-1 Kacper Filipiak
10. Joe Swail 1-4 Andrew Norman


6. Ricky Walden 4-1 Tian Pengfei (LIVE)
9. Jamie Cope 1-4 Luca Brecel (LIVE)
11. Martin Gould 3-4 Ben Woollaston
12. Rory McLeod 4-0 Matthew Day
13. Barry Hawkins 0-4 Sam Craigie
14. Barry Pinches (140 – missed black for a maximum) 1-4 David Hogan
15. Alan McManus 1-4 James Wattana (140)
16. Anthony Hamilton 3-4 Jak Jones


17. Dave Harold 4-0 Ben Harrison
18. Nigel Bond 4-1 Saqib Nasir
19. Gerard Greene 4-0 David Birley
20. Steve Davis 4-1 Scott Mackenzie (LIVE)
21. Ryan Day 4-0 Oliver Brown
22. Mike Dunn 4-3 David Gilbert
23. Simon Bedford w/o Mark King
24. Michael Holt 1-4 Li Yan (LIVE)


25. Liu Chuang 2-4 Duane Jones
26. Graeme Dott 4-2 Kurt Maflin (LIVE)
27. Robert Milkins 4-1 James McGouran
28. Tom Ford 4-1 Douglas Hogan
29. Marcus Campbell 4-1 Stephen Craigie
30. Stephen Lee 4-1 Joel Walker
31. Ding Junhui 4-1 Daniel Wells (LIVE)
32. Peter Ebdon 2-4 Kyren Wilson

Second Round

65 Mark Williams 3 – 4 Ken Doherty
66 Andy Hicks 3 – 4 Jamie Burnett
67 Craig Steadman 4 – 3 Ricky Walden
68 Xiao Guodong 4 – 0 Rod Lawler
69 Luca Brecel 4 – 0 Andrew Norman
70 Ben Woollaston 1 – 4 Rory Mcleod
71 Sam Craigie 4 – 2 David Hogan
72 James Wattana 2 – 4 Jak Jones
73 Dave Harold 4 – 2 Nigel Bond
74 Gerard Greene 1 – 4 Steve Davis
75 Ryan Day 4 – 1 Mike Dunn
76 Simon Bedford 4 – 0 Li Yan
77 Duane Jones 0 – 4 Graeme Dott
78 Robert Milkins 2 – 4 Tom Ford
79 Marcus Campbell 4 – 2 Stephen Lee
80 Ding Junhui 4 – 2 Kyren Wilson

Third Round

97 Ken Doherty 2 – 4 Jamie Burnett
98 Craig Steadman 2 – 4 Xiao Guodong
99 Luca Brecel 3 – 4 Rory Mcleod
100 Sam Craigie 1 – 4 Jak Jones
101 Dave Harold 4 – 0 Steve Davis
102 Ryan Day 4 – 1 Simon Bedford
103 Graeme Dott 4 – 3 Tom Ford
104 Marcus Campbell 2 – 4 Ding Junhui 

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