August 6, 2011

The Assassin Files: Past, Present and Future

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Razor Sharp and Ready for Action

Just like a boomerang, our man Allan ‘The Albino Assassin’ Taylor just keeps on coming back and below he gives you the lowdown on how he’s been getting on since his narrow miss at the Q-School. He tells us why sometimes you should go for the black stuff over the green stuff and gives us his quite strong views on the PTC’s ahead of his qualifying matches this weekend. I’ll hand you over to the Assassin.

Good Day all. I thought is was about time I let my thumbs loose on the bloggers reading glasses and give all you guys and gals an update on the Albino Assassin.

I feel the season is just about to burst open and with 11 PTC events left it’s sure to be a busy old schedule, what with flights, hotels, practice & the odd meal and sleep thrown in! I would like to first and foremost thank all my supporters throughout the end of season Q School. I feel a little guilty I didn’t say thanks earlier than this but a lot of ‘stuff’ as they say in the media has been happening so I would like to take this opportunity now, on this very blog, to say THANK YOU! Not only to the bloggers who financially backed me but to the readers and general snooker lovers who supported me throughout the whole 3 weeks in Sheffield.

After the first PTC in Sheffield I took about a 3 weeks break from the baize. This included a trip to Ireland to visit my wonderful girlfriends parents and see the sights of Donegal, along with the odd pint of Guinness (I know SB will be jealous). It was all down to a few people as to why I put my cue down. I regularly practice with Andy Higginson, Rod Lawler and also Ricky Walden on occasions and all of those players in my mind have achieved a career out of forward planning and regimented practice, mixed with relaxation and ‘a normal life’. The advise they passed onto me was that as a full time snooker player, professional or amateur you do need a break away. Whether that be the weekend or a month at the end of the season. Just enough time to recharge your batteries and to keep yourself keen to get back on the green stuff.

This time away, as hard as it was did give me time to reflect on the previous season. I felt last years PTC events were a great stepping stone for me, they helped me build my game into what I knew it could be and also gave me targets on what to work on when in both practice and matches. I also got informed by a fellow player that if the rules for this years PTC’s would have applied last year I would have been on the tour already……which to say the least was a bit of a bummer!!! Well it felt like it anyway 😛

As for the Q School I felt I was totally prepared to qualify in the first event. This showed as I lost in the penultimate round. I had taken a relaxed but determined approach to these events, something which came surprisingly easy to cope with. The second event I lost first match to Mitchell Mann, who at 2-2 did not give me a shot. This is the standard we all play to nowadays and it’s all about how you look at the result no matter whether you win or lose. It’s a kind of give & take, home & away (not the Australian programme on the beach) kind of game now. There are so many good and great players that anybody can beat anybody. This shows in the so called shock results last year. When looking at the scoreboards you could hardly pick a winner due to the fact the standard is that high.

I knew I had one more chance of hitting the jackpot so it was onto the third and final event. It was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, in the sense that I won matches feeling all sorts of things, sharp, ready, nervous, mentally drained etc…..but this also only concreted my potential when I got a chance to win I took it. As you all know I lost in the final round of QS3 to a very solid David (Brown) Gilbert. I felt I missed 2 balls and I was 3-0 down. So I took my next chance with a one visit and started the next frame with the same attitude, only to get a kick in the balls and lose the match. Although I was naturally gutted being only 3 frames away from all those millions of pounds Mr Hearn was going to wire into my account **closes eyes briefly dreaming of his & SB’s snooker hut in the Maldives** I was still fairly positive in what I had achieved in the short space of playing full time since I left my day job in March.

Nobody is immune to money troubles.

So, the PTCs…..while I’m here I might aswell give you my opinion on the format. I’ve never known it to be so tough to turn pro just by looking at the layout of the tournament. You play minimum 2 pre-lims against amateurs before you get a shot at a pro, who your playing to earn the money you’ve already spent on entry fee, accommodation etc, and earn enough ranking points to join those same pro’s on the professional circuit……I understand where Big Bazza is coming from trying to encourage a lot more talent into the game but I do feel sometimes that the game is tough enough without trying to battle money troubles at the same time. If you are good enough you will make it and I totally agree with that. If you get up there the money is to be had, I also agree with that, however when your paying the same amount of entry fee as the world no.1 and your match isn’t getting refereed then where is the equality in that?! Yes they are professionals and us mere non-professionals but come on ‘H’ lad give us a break!!

Rant over……. ………deep breath, wow, where did that come from??

Anyways….let’s get stuck into what we can play for, which is a pro status & lot of dough. I’m going to request a ‘same again’ policy, whereas both your support and my results match and supersede last season. So it leads me to say again, I would like to thank SB himself for his continued support and wish him good luck with the ever so wonderful, clever, outstanding concept of the SnookerBacker Classic of which I shall be entering one or two. And last but not least the readers, punters, bloggers, supporters, whatever you want to call yourselves, thanks again and here’s to the exciting times ahead.

Signing off…………….Albino Assassin aka Pretzels, also known to some as just Allan.

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