June 28, 2011

Snookerbacker Classic: A Thumbs-Up from the Flightdeck and the Latest Add-on Prize

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The SB Classic is cleared for take-off

Just a brief update for those of you that are interested in the progress I am making on my latest crazy adventure, the Snookerbacker Classic.

Today has been notable for two reasons. First of all regular contributor to the blog and World Number 6, The Captain, Ali Carter has been in touch to add his voice of support to the event. The final qualifying event is being held at Ali’s club in Chelmsford and I’m hoping it will be a real tense affair as the last two places in finals day are up for grabs and I try and stop my eyes wandering in the direction of Essex girls. Ali says:

The Snookerbacker Classic series of tournaments is a great initiative from Snookerbacker and I’m delighted to be able to host one of the events at Chelmsford Snooker Club. Snookerbacker has a passion and enthusiasm for the game at all levels, not just the top flight and I have no doubt that the tournaments will be well run and successful. Snookerbacker has also secured the use of some of the best snooker venues in the country and I would encourage all you keen players out there to sign up and come along and get involved. The tournaments provide a great opportunity for a springboard into the Q school and then maybe even the professional ranks. I look forward to hopefully meeting some of the entrants at my club and who knows, maybe even across the green baize in years to come!. Good luck to all.

The Captain

I think that qualifies as an official endorsement from the cockpit of snooker. Nice one Captain.

I have also secured some further sponsorship today from those kind people over at John Parrott Cue Sports. Regulars will know that they can get discounts there on all their snookering needs, if you haven’t had a look around start here to get your discount code and get your links straight to the merchandise.

Anyway, the involvement of these guys means that I can now announce that the losing quarter-finalists on Finals Day will now also get a further £50 each on top of the £50 entrance fee they will be refunded. This means that nobody will leave Finals Day out of pocket, with some big prize opportunities in the offing.

This takes the total prize fund for the event to over £3600 and that is even before Mrs Snookerbacker starts work on local sponsors to secure prizes for the regions. So stay tuned.

Anyone that would like to sponsor further prizes should contact me at [email protected]

All the information you need to enter the event is here and remember that after Friday I am promoting it outside of the internet and across the UK so the limited places are likely to fill up fast. To avoid missing out on the most exciting amateur event of the season outside of the Q-School then I’d make sure you enter before Saturday morning as I can only hold places until they are all filled.

Over and Out. SB.

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