January 29, 2011

Sky Shootout Day 2 In-Running

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Just thought I’d update this thread with some thoughts on how things are going.

I found this afternoon a much nicer experience of watching than last night and stayed tuned for the whole 4 hours. Though I do think it’s rather long timewise as a TV slot and can get a little repetitive, overall I thought it was ok.

It’s funny how even when the crowd are encouraged to make noise they still remain quiet for the most part, that is until tonight, when I will probably change the image below as the evening wears on and the undesirables take over having got tanked up during the interval on Stella Artois (free advertising there, I’ll expect a case in the post), actually scrub that, they have probably been drinking the finest Chateauneuf Du Pape that Blackpool has to offer (you can send me a case of that instead).

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