January 29, 2011

Sky Shootout Day 2 In-Running

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Just thought I’d update this thread with some thoughts on how things are going.

I found this afternoon a much nicer experience of watching than last night and stayed tuned for the whole 4 hours. Though I do think it’s rather long timewise as a TV slot and can get a little repetitive, overall I thought it was ok.

It’s funny how even when the crowd are encouraged to make noise they still remain quiet for the most part, that is until tonight, when I will probably change the image below as the evening wears on and the undesirables take over having got tanked up during the interval on Stella Artois (free advertising there, I’ll expect a case in the post), actually scrub that, they have probably been drinking the finest Chateauneuf Du Pape that Blackpool has to offer (you can send me a case of that instead).

Michie v Campbell to be passed to PC Douglas

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Every Loser Wins?

Hello, hello, hello. What have we here then? The Integrity Unit, headed by David Douglas have been alerted to suspicious betting patterns in last night’s match between Marcus Campbell and Joker Jimmy Michie, which Campbell won.

The full statement on the World Snooker website reads:

The WPBSA has been made aware, by bookmakers, of suspicious betting patterns on the match between Jimmy Michie and Marcus Campbell at the Snooker Shoot-Out on Friday evening.

The match in the one-frame knockout tournament in Blackpool was won by Campbell, 32 points to 21. An usually high number of bets had been placed on Campbell to win the match.

The matter has been passed on to David Douglas, head of the WPBSA’s Integrity Unit, for a thorough and immediate investigation.

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: “We take the threat of corrupt activity very seriously and we are treating this matter with the utmost urgency. Having set up the Integrity Unit last year, we have the mechanisms in place to make a full investigation.”

There were a few comments on Twitter when the match finished which questioned the authenticity of the result. Not sure what figures we are talking about at the bookies here, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about this as the weeks go on.

UPDATE: Jimmy Michie has retired 

Sky Shootout Day 2: So what do we think of it so far?

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Well, the images on the previous posts changed last night from one of hope, to one of uncertainty to one of deflation. I enjoyed bits of it but as the evening wore on and crowd grew more vocal, much like Power Snooker, it turned me off a bit.

I’ll watch it again, much to the dismay of Mrs Snookerbacker who I’m sure would rather be watching the latest instalment of ‘Come Dine with Me’ of Gok Wan’s latest programme. But being one that doesn’t like to rock the boat she realises that when the snooker is on, the TV has to do it’s duty. Though we are on the verge of purchasing one of those big flat screen ones that go on the wall. If anyone has any advice in which one we should go for with around a £500 budget please let me know.

Anyway, I really liked the set. The ‘bear pit’ feel is something that they should bring to ranking events. Much like the old ‘Goffs’ set in Ireland, the amphitheatre really creates atmosphere and this should be seriously considered for bigger and better events than this.

I enjoyed most of the snooker, unlike Power Snooker which I was bored with after five minutes, at least this resembled the game and to me was more exciting to watch, though the ball in hand from anywhere rule is unnecessary and will usually result in a match being over at this standard. Ronnie was magnificent, you just wonder why he doesn’t or can’t produce this kind of performance in a major event anymore.

I also like that we get to see players that only fleetingly, if ever, get to see on the television. There are some big personalities out there, but unfortunately two of the biggest, Michael Holt and Jimmy Michie both lost. That voice at the end is obviously ridiculous but didn’t bother me to the extent that the moronic repetitive chants of ‘power zone’ did during the other nonsense.

The negatives? Again, it has to be the crowd. I’m all for a bit of background chatter and the myth that snooker players demand silence is just that. What snooker players don’t like is sudden noise. I firmly believe that in at least one major event they should encourage the crowd to ‘talk amongst themselves’ as play is going on. I don’t know about you but I’ve never been to a snooker club that was hushed in deathly silence, a well-behaved, constant chatter will not put anyone off. Unlike shouting, which does.

The drink was flowing last night and although we didn’t pick a lot of the shouts up, to me it is clear that sometimes the pissed up louts can overstep the mark a bit. Tonight they will potentially have been there for the afternoon too so god knows what it will be like by 10 o’clock.

But overall, I thought it went ok. I wasn’t wowed and I wasn’t bored, just somewhere in between. Let’s see what today brings.

Oh and what happened to the bouncers?

12pm-4pm on Sky Sports 2

Barry Pinches v Neil Robertson
Peter Lines v Barry Hawkins
Shaun Murphy v Rory McLeod
Alfie Burden v Matt Selt
Ricky Walden v Joe Perry
Judd Trump v Dave Harold
Graeme Dott v Matthew Couch
Jamie Cope v Ken Doherty
Adrian Gunnell v David Morris
Gerard Greene v Rod Lawler
Matthew Stevens v Mike Dunn
Stuart Pettman v Bjorn Haneveer
Joe Swail v Mark Davis
Andy Hicks v Mark Selby
Anthony Hamilton v Anthony McGill
Stuart Bingham v Ian McCulloch

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