January 28, 2011

Sky Shootout In Running

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Ok here goes. I’m going to watch it. If anyone else is too please feel free to chat below. I ended up backing 8 players to a stake of £50.

I don’t know what to expect and have spent the afternoon boring Mrs SB at this place about it. If you ever come to Liverpool and someone tells you where the best place to eat is, they either haven’t been here or are devoid of taste and/or taste buds.

The image below may change as the evening goes on to reflect my mood.

The Captain’s Log: An Update from the Flightdeck

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After a couple of years chilling out at Crondon, the odd round of golf, he's finally off Ali's back.

After his Championship League win last night and the long road to Blackpool, the Captain has found some time spare to log this morning. Below you can hear his thoughts on back-residing monkeys, his adventure in Blackpool where he faces Jimmy tonight and why he has been having some domestic problems…..over to the Captain.

Hello again everyone

Well after a bit of a barren spell and some not particularly impressive results recently from me I’m delighted to be writing this as now having that ‘monkey off my back’ that is winning one of the groups in the Championship League.  So congratulations to me! he he.  As I’ve said before, I do love this event for many different reasons but the fact that I’d had never managed to get to the final play off group before was kind of getting on my nerves a bit.  But this time round it couldn’t really have worked out much better as I’ve had some great match practice over the last few weeks, earned a few ‘bags’ and its great to know I’m coming back for the winners group in March as we head up north on Friday for the Shoot Out Extravaganza in Blackpool.  On a personal note as well, I certainly feel so much better in my game after feeling a bit rusty and not quite there with my game for a little while now and overall I feel I’m getting back to playing some decent stuff again, and churning it out fairly consistently.  But I’m not sitting back – still plenty of room for improvement too.

I’m certainly looking forward to this weekend in Blackpool and having spoken to a few of the other boys I think everyone pretty much feels the same too.  I think we are all going to treat it as a bit of fun but I for one will certainly not take my eye off the fact that there’s a title and a whole bunch of cash of for grabs!  Yeah, so its a bit different and not really snooker as we are used to it but I think there is room in our game for something like this every now and then and in my opinion, anything that gets Snooker out there and raises the profile of the Sport and us players can’t be a bad thing.  Accepted, it won’t be to everyone’s taste but I say lets give it a chance and enjoy it for what it is.  The core major tournaments still remain and we love those too of course and would not want to see them changed too drastically, if at all.  Anyway, I’ll be up for it and can’t wait to get out there amongst it and I’m lucky that my game will be a high profile affair being against the legend that is the Whirlwind – hopefully it will be buzzing out there!

Ali let Max choose the colour scheme, not sure Mrs Carter will approve.

So the really busy schedule continues but I’m not complaining.  Off to Berlin on Wednesday, then the Welsh Open. I have an exhibition in the beginning of March up north, followed by a weekend break in Madrid with the boys the week after, before the Championship League play offs, then off to China…and so it goes on – busy busy.  Away from the table I’ve found a bit of time to attend to some painting and decorating a few rooms in my house with a friend of mine helping me out.  Max has been keen to lend a hand too in his own way.  When I’ve splashed a few sample colours on the walls he’s tended to point to one and laugh and smile – so I’m guessing that’s his way of telling me which one he likes.  However, I’m happy with that being the extent of his involvement – I would not want to think of what would happen if he got hold of a paint brush and paint!  Oh, and after having my new kitchen fitted a year ago, the replacement cupboard door finally turned up. When the kitchen was fitted last year, one door arrived in the wrong colour.  So when the replacement turned up finally in the right colour after a year or so I thought ‘at last!’ – only to discover that the handle had been attached in the wrong place! GRRRRRR!!! It will have to wait now……

Okay, preparing for take off so until the next time….

All the best

The Captain’s Table

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Friend of the Blog Captain Ali Carter finally managed to win through to the Winners Group at the Championship League last night with a 3-1 final win over Mark Allen.  It was seventh time lucky for the Captain after losing in six previous finals and on the evidence of his performance you have to say that he seems to be coming back into some form after a couple of dodgy months.

I am currently situated in the Air Traffic Control Tower and am expecting a log from the Captain before 1200 hours ahead of his match with Jimmy tonight live on Sky. Once I hear from him you will be the first to know. Roger. Over and Out.

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