January 27, 2011

The Sky Shootout: Are you Feeling Lucky?

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Your name's not down, you're not coming in.

It’s nearly here. Tomorrow night in Blackpool we will be able to witness either the greatest entertainment spectacle of the new baize era under Chairman Bazza or a scene resembling a multi-vehicle pile-up with a number of casualties. Yes readers, fasten your featbelts as it’s time for the Sky Shootout.

64 victims will be led in by glamorous dolly birds who one assumes will be waiting with dollar signs in their eyes for the lucky winners, while burly, butch and generally over-aggressive bouncers with an unhealthy obsession with male bonding will be waiting to dwarf and lead the pathetic losers through a baying rabble of pissed-up halfwits, waving placards filled with misspelt expletives to chants of ‘loooooooozzzzzaaaaaaa‘ and ‘uuurrrr shit haaaaaaa‘ and probably that old classic ‘get yer tits out for the laaads’.

You can see my expectations are high.

But where snooker is involved I’m not one to urinate on an idea before giving it a chance and there is the remote possibility that this might be quite enjoyable. If you just generally busy yourself with other things while the ceremonials are taking place and concentrate on the ten minute, shot clock snooker you never know, it could all turn out ok. But I think they said words to that effect when the Titanic hit that iceberg.

There is only one way to add a bit of spice to this and that’s a good old fashioned Prediction Contest. Once again those generous souls at Betfred have stumped up a free £50 bet for the winner.

The Rules

1. You start with a balance of 50 points.

2. You are allowed to place a minimum of 1 single bet and a maximum of 5 single bets.

3. Each bet you place should be a whole number and a minimum of 5 points. Only single bets are allowed, no doubles/multiples etc.

4. You can place a bet on any of the Friday night match outcomes below or on the outright markets.

5. You must gamble your whole 50 points.

6. The prices used to settle winning bets will be the prices at Betfred at the time you enter the competition. They can be viewed here.

7. The winner is the person that has the most points at the end of the event.

8. Usual rules apply, no multiple or anonymous entries, emails must be provided in the box provided for an entry to count and nobody under the legal gambling age can win the prize, last time I looked I think that was 13.

9. The competition closes when the first ball of the first match on Friday evening is struck.

So will you gamble the whole 50 points on one match or one tournament winner? Will you stick to individual match bets? Will you play it safe or go for broke? It’s up to you, are you feeling lucky?

Good Luck!!

Friday Evening Matches:

Tony Drago v Liang Wenbo
Mark Allen v Ryan Day
Stephen Lee v Michael Holt
Nigel Bond v Joe Jogia
Stephen Hendry v Fergal O’Brien
Robert Milkins v Martin Gould
Andrew Higginson v Jamie Burnett
Tom Ford v Stephen Maguire
Ding Junhui v Dominic Dale
Jimmy White v Ali Carter
Michael Judge v Alan McManus
Mark Williams v John Higgins
Ronnie O’Sullivan v Marco Fu
Peter Ebdon v Steve Davis
Jimmy Michie v Marcus Campbell
Mark King v Jimmy Robertson

Betfred Prices can be found by clicking here

Anyone wishing to join Betfred and take advantage of the introductory offer of a £50 free matched bet should click the banner below (it’s even got my name on it, fame at last) .

Championship League Group 4 Day 2

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Matt: Nearly clear at the top of the table.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. The ‘action’ continues today from Crondon Park after the first day of Group 4 saw good results for Marco Fu and Matthew Stevens who sit in joint first at the top of the table. But it also saw another day of woe for winless Stephen Hendry.

I’ll admit I didn’t catch a lot of the snooker yesterday for one reason and another but it looks like Matthew is in decent form, always a great flowing player when he gets going and one that I’m going to side with in my team for the Sky Shootout at decent odds.

The Captain had another good day but a late night tonight won’t be ideal preparation for a run up the motorway to Blackpool where he faces Jimmy White in his first match tomorrow night. Mark Allen is also amongst the early starters in Blackpool and may be another in for a long day today.

But the same can’t be said for poor old Stephen. He’ll also be making the trip up to the cosmopolitan capital of the north to play tomorrow night against Fergal ‘Lightning’ O’Brien, but you fear the way things are going for him it might not be worth even taking an overnight bag as he might only be there for ten minutes.

Whilst, I am all for the need to mix it up a bit with events like this it does seem a little harsh to expect the players to make a long trip for the potential chance to break off and then go home. But this will be far from the minds of the Blackpool crowd, who will no doubt arrive, pissed up and ready to throw rotten eggs at the ‘ten minuters’ as they are led away by a bouncer down the Walk of Shame. Joe Davis RIP.

The schedule for today’s matches at Crondon is below and this afternoon I will get round to putting up the prediction competition for tomorrow night. This one will have a bit of a twist and will call for judgement as well as a little bit of luck. Betfred are once again sponsoring the prizes and if you want to have a look at their match odds for this click here without giving too much away, a good study of these in advance might pay dividends for your chances in the competition.

TABLE 1 (all times are approximate)
10.30am – Mark King 3-2 Mark Allen
11.45am – Marco Fu 1-3 Matthew Stevens
Not before 1.30pm – Ali Carter 2-3 Matthew Stevens
2.45pm – Peter Ebdon 3-2 Stephen Hendry
5.30pm – Play-off – Matthew Stevens 0-3 Mark Allen
6.45pm – Final: Mark Allen v

TABLE 2 (all times are approximate)
10.30am – Ali Carter 3-2 Stephen Hendry
11.45am – Peter Ebdon 1-3 Mark Allen
Not before 1.30pm – Mark King 1-3 Stephen Hendry
2.45pm – Ali Carter 3-0 Mark Allen
4pm – Mark King 3-2 Marco Fu
Not before 5.30pm – Play-off – Ali Carter v Marco Fu

For the updated table after each set of matches click here.

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