January 23, 2011

Championship League Group 3 Day 1

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Essex Girls: Well Classy.

It’s back to the oversized armchairs and general weirdness of Crondon Park on Monday. This starts off what is a jam-packed few months of snooker with back to back tournaments more or less until the World Championship. A veritable feast for baize lovers everywhere.

As we now know, Ronnie has predictably jibbed this event. He was generous enough to appear in one group as he did last year, aren’t we the lucky ones. But as he again failed to win an event despite giving it a really good go (unlike last year) he decided enough was enough and that’s good news for local boy and Crondon member Stuart Bingham, who takes his place.

Mark Allen has apparently got problems with his tip and is replaced by another local boy Mark King. Blimey with Ali playing too one might be forgiven in mistaking this for an episode of ‘The only way is Essex’.

No prices as yet from the bookies which is a bit disappointing. Hopefully they will find the time to cater for us in the morning.

Your last chance to enter the competition to win a cue signed by the absent Rocket is here, I’ll take entries up to 10.30am UK time.


TABLE 1 (all times are approximate)
10.30am – Stuart Bingham 0-3 John Higgins (106)
11.45am – Mark King (112) 1-3 Peter Ebdon
Not before 1.30pm – John Higgins 0-3 Shaun Murphy
2.45pm – Peter Ebdon 1-3 Marco Fu
Not before 5.30pm – John Higgins 2-3 Ali Carter
6.45pm – Shaun Murphy 3-1 Marco Fu

TABLE 2 (all times are approximate)
10.30am – Shaun Murphy 1-3 Ali Carter
11.45am – Marco Fu 1-3 Stuart Bingham
Not before 1.30pm – Ali Carter 3-0 Mark King
2.45pm – Stuart Bingham 2-3 Shaun Murphy (100)
Not before 5.30pm – Mark King 3-2 Marco Fu
6.45pm – Peter Ebdon 3-1 Ali Carter


TABLE 1 (all times are approximate)
10.30am – Stuart Bingham v Peter Ebdon
11.45am – Ali Carter v Marco Fu
Not before 1.30pm – John Higgins v Marco Fu
2.45pm – Shaun Murphy v Mark King
5.30pm – Play-off – first v fourth
6.45pm – Final

TABLE 2 (all times are approximate)
10.30am – John Higgins v Mark King
11.45am – Shaun Murphy v Peter Ebdon
Not before 1.30pm – Stuart Bingham v Mark King
2.45pm – John Higgins v Peter Ebdon
4pm – Stuart Bingham v Ali Carter
Not before 5.30pm – Play-off – second v third

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