January 21, 2011

Championship League Prediction Contest: Win a Cue signed by The Rocket!

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Appearing on Antiques Roadshow to gasps of 'How Much?' in 80 years time.

Any snooker fan would want this. So much so that Mrs Snookerbacker is going to be entering so that she won’t have to buy me a birthday present this year. Yes readers, to brighten up an otherwise dreary start to another dark winter week you have the chance to win a cue that has been hand-signed by none other than Ronnie O’Sullivan, courtesy of those generous people over at Rileys.

Monday and Tuesday sees the return of the Championship League over at Crondon Park, which is streamed live on several betting sites. Please note that Ronnie and Mark Allen have both withdrawn from the group and have been replaced by local boys Stuart Bingham and Mark King.

To win the prize, simply predict a score in all the matches on the first day and then answer the three questions relating to Day 2 and the conclusion of the group.

The winner and recipient of the cue will be the person with the most points at the end of Group 3. To soften the blow, Rileys have also provided some vouchers as a second prize so that the unlucky soul can at least go to one of their clubs and get drunk, crying and swearing into a glass at what might have been.     

Day 1 Matches: Predict the Scores (Best of 5 frames)

1 point for match winner, a further 2 points for the correct score

Stuart Bingham v John Higgins
Shaun Murphy v Ali Carter
Mark King v Peter Ebdon
Marco Fu v Stuart Bingham

John Higgins v Shaun Murphy
Ali Carter v Mark King
Peter Ebdon v Marco Fu
Stuart Bingham v Shaun Murphy

John Higgins v Ali Carter
Mark King v Marco Fu
Shaun Murphy v Marco Fu
Peter Ebdon v Ali Carter

Day 2:

Who will top the Group after the matches? (5 points)

Name the four semi-finalists (2 points for each correct)

Who will be the overall winner of Group 3? (10 points)


Strictly 1 entry per person

No anonymous entries, all entries must be accompanied by an email address in the box provided (not visible to others)

No age restriction on entering to win the cue, but to win the vouchers you must at least be able to grow a moustache (proof may be required).

In the event of a tie, I’ll snap the cue in half, keep it myself or think of something – tell you what, if there is a tie the player with the most correct scores from Day 1 wins, if it is still a tie we’ll have a play off on Group 4 and if it’s still a tie after that you will both be entered into the Guinness Book of Records under the section ‘Most Inseperable Competition Entrants’.

If I suspect multiple entries I have the right to arbitrarily throw someone out for cheating without further explanation.

Deadline for entries: 9am (UK Time) Monday morning.

Think that about covers it. Good Luck everyone.

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