January 14, 2011

Ebdon v Fu – In Crawling

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Something to do while Ebdon plays Fu

Evening all, good to see that the Great Blog Bet Pot is doing a fine impression of a phoenix rising from the flames as Mark Allen lands one of the smaller wagers by taking the quarter at 5/1. I’ll look forward to a heated debate on whether to keep the faith with him or throw it all on Ding, clear choice I reckon now.

I’ll tell you all a bit about my day here at Wembley so far. It started as smooth as Stephen Lee’s cue action as Richard Branson ensured that the 8.48am from Lime Street ran on time, clearly realising that he’d have got a pasting on here if I arrived late. I’ve always said it, old Dickie knows what side his bread is buttered and I will now accept his kind invitation to spend summer on that island he bought a few years back.

Anyway, as ever, I digress. I arrived at my less than luxurious but not completely awful digs just in time to freshen up and change my upper garment. It was then off to Wembley and on arrival I was pointed towards a small window to get my press pass.

I was shocked to find what appeared to be a seamstress working on the counter, a lady sewing what looked like a magician’s coat. However, on closer inspection I noticed that it was actually a waistcoat, a red-backed waistcoat at that. Now as this was now just half an hour before this afternoon’s match I naturally assumed that it must be an old throwaway of Terry Griffiths’ or Mark Williams, but no, on further interrogation the seamstress divulged that it actually belonged to Mark Allen and her last minute cross stitching ensured that he looked dapper for this afternoon’s big match. I was however, a little upset that she refused to sew on the logo that I accidentally dropped just above the left hand breast side of the coat in perfect alignment, it would only have taken her a minute.

But I recovered from the disappointment and made my way to the ‘special area’ where the likes of Sir Clive of Everton hang out during the event, to say I was, and still am in awe is a bit of an understatement. As the match got underway, the magic of technology and distinctive and accurate clothing descriptions ensured that I also caught up with an old mucker from Betfair who knows a lot more about stats and things than I do, but we had a good old chat and I don’t think we put anyone off.

It’s been a bit of a surreal experience, as I write this I am sitting behind Clive Everton and Marky and Neil are just hanging around waiting to be interviewed. A real eye-opener.

Another bonus is that I haven’t even been punched yet for past articles, even though the man sitting next to me had a bit of a reason, but it turns out he took my little bit of fun in good humour. All in all, this is going well, we even got a couple of bets up…oh hang on….is that Jamie Burnett??? Catch you later…..


Peter Ebdon v Marco Fu

Friday In-Running

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After another day to forget on the punting front yesterday and it’s time for me to get on a train to Wembley early doors so I’ll leave a post up for discussion on Friday’s matches. I have no idea when I’ll be able to look in but feel free to chat amongst yourselves.


Mark Allen v Neil Robertson


Marco Fu v Peter Ebdon

(only people with previously approved posts will be able to comment while I’m not around)

Blog Wars

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Good Morning All. Myself and Matt over at Prosnookerblog have come up with an idea that some of you might find interesting, to find out what it is and how you could get involved click here.

All your comments and observations would be gratefully received.

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