January 13, 2011

King v Cope: In Running

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Just thought I’d set up a thread for anyone that is around tonight, I’m hoping that the form book stays true tonight and that King carries on from his fine first round performance to win through to the semi-finals.

Mark King v Jamie Cope

Masters Prediction Contest After Round 1

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I think it’s fair to say that the Masters Prediction Contest for the ¬£50 free bet from Betfred has resulted in a few of you posting very low scores. In fact there are two players, who I won’t name that haven’t even managed a single point.

The leading five are:

1. Liggandestolen aka The Chairman of Gothenburg: 42 points
2. Deco800 aka King of the Fairies: 40 points
3. Phil: 32 points
4. urindragon; 28 points
5. Dani Martinez aka La Machine: 26 points

By my reckoning if Mark Allen beats Neil Robertson, Deco wins, if not Liggandestolen wins unless Allen hits the highest tournament break in defeat.

Actually ignore that, Phil has Ding to win it and could still scoop the prize. In fact after this afternoon he now leads with 44 points.

The Masters Quarter Final Preview

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Who Loves Ya Baby? Lack of hair is one theory doing the rounds

‘The Curse of Crondon Park’ was again in evidence yesterday as another player who played well there was dumped out last night.

Shaun Murphy becoming the 7th top 8 player to be beaten in the first round by, as the newly suited Rob Walker put it ‘The Shotgun from Cope’ Jamie Cope, in a very scrappy match which by the end I think poor old Smurf will have been pleased to see the back of.

That means that just Neil Robertson who earlier became the only top 8 seed to make it through against Hendry, who to me looked a little better than he has recently, along with Cope and Dotty remain from those that competed last week, all of them being eliminated from the Championship League in their first group. A mysterious pattern and a theory to add to the ‘too much hair’ (comments section on here) and ‘unlucky chair’ (John Parrott) theories that have been voiced as to why the results have gone as they have. But a theory all the same. We may need to employ the services of the Estate of the late Arthur C. Clarke if things carry on like this.

But it’s now time to wipe the slate clean, dust ourselves down and try and find a way to decipher the code to actually winning a bit of cash on this. The bookies must be laughing at us, let’s bite back.

Quarter Finals

1pm today: Graeme Dott v Ding Junhui (Head to Heads: 1-3 with one draw)

Big Clive’s Stat of the Day:

Graeme Dott has won the opening frame in all his last 12 matches this season.

The head to head record doesn’t really tell us too much as they have either been in minor events or over a shorter distance. In any case I would argue that you should discount Graeme’s results over the period from 2006- early 2009 as, a China Open win aside, he was not at his best or in a good place. He is clearly a big tournament player is Dotty and continues to be underrated by as many as overrate other players. He is attacking and I reckon would frighten the life out of you as an opponent when he’s in form as he is fearless and goes for everything. He is no slouch in the tactical department either but his main weapon is definitely his potting combined with his courage. Ding, as we know starts matches well, too many times now we have seen him rattle off the first couple of frames without missing a ball, effectively winning the match in the first session. I don’t think Dott is as comfortable playing a player like Ding as he is against a Higgins or a Selby. Ding gives him a taste of his own medicine and is another fearless potter and who you think wins this match will basically come down to who you think is the best potter out of the two. At their best I would marginally favour Ding, but it is too close to call for me this one so I’m sitting on the fence. What I will say is that I think the winner of this match will take some stopping and I think this could decide the winner of the tournament.

Recommended Bet: 3 points win over 9 Frames (Evens Bet365) 1 point win exactly 9 frames (3/1 Ladbrokes)

7pm today: Jamie Cope v Mark King (Head to Heads 1-1 with one draw)

Big Clive’s Stat of the Night: Jamie Cope has not lost a single match over the last 3 seasons when he has been leading after four frames. That is a run of 21 matches.

Jamie ‘Crab Hands’ Cope appears on our screens for the second successive night to give all the young kiddies nightmares about his freakish thumb. The BBC seemed obsessed with his bridge hand last night, though to be fair with the standard of play on the table they had to focus on something and were told that mentioning Smurf’s habit of asking for discounts in kitchen utensil shops was ‘out of bounds’ so instead picked on Jamie and his extra large digits. Poor old Kingy must have thought he had 15 bags of sand guaranteed with his 139 against Selby, only to see nasty old Mags beat it the other night, he could have bought a new train set with that. On form there is only one winner of this match and I cannot believe he is not favourite.

Recommended Bet: 5 points win Mark King (6/5 Blue Square)

Dick and a Virgin

Friday 1pm: Mark Allen v Neil Robertson (Head to Heads 1-1)

When Robbo walked off after his win yesterday Rob Walker asked him about this match. He was quick to heap praise on young Marky and pretended to have a good think about their past meetings, recalling that ‘I think I played him in Bahrain’, yes Neil you know you did and you know you beat him. But what the¬†Aussie Amnesiac neglected to mention was that just a few months earlier Allen had given him a good beating in China. Robbo is becoming a bit of a mind games man and you’ve gotta love that. Allen has the dying hopes of the ‘Great Blog Bet Pot’ resting on his shoulders at 5/1 for the quarter and him winning will also make yours truly a little more content with the way the week has gone, but Robbo is tough as teeth, they both are and this is another I cannot call. You will probably have to scrape the loser from the table and I would not be a bit surprised if this went the distance. I think it will be a cracker and I hope Virgin Trains get their act together tomorrow and arrive in London on time because if they do I will be there to see it. If you hear a shout of ‘GO GREAT BLOG BET POT’ from the rafters you’ll know I have arrived.

Recommended Bet: 6 Points win over 9 frames (evens Bet365) 2 Points win exactly 9 frames (3/1 Ladbrokes)

Friday 7pm: Marco Fu v Peter Ebdon (Head to Heads 3-3 with one draw)

I will be there for this one barring a Virgin Trains or London Tube meltdown and maybe afterwards I might have seen enough to be getting the first train back on Saturday. This one could be a real midnight and beyond job between two players that will be trying to out-think each other from the minute they are introduced. Ebdon will probably hold out his left hand for Marco to shake before they begin in an attempt to gain the early psychological advantage in what should be the total opposite of the Ding/Dott match. A real one for the purists this promises to be. I just hope JV isn’t on commentary duty, because all the dump shots, containing safeties and pot refusals you’d expect here are likely to be enough for him to disappear from the booth and go and ‘clean up the streets’ of old London town in anger. Ebdon, as we know beat Ali despite not being able to see the end of his cue and as he started feeling better started to play worse. Marco played his usual steady paced game to frustrate Mags and looked quite sharp when he was left a chance. The two met in the Last 16 stage here last year with Ebdon riding out a comfortable winner, as he had in their previous two meetings, the most notable being the Crucible semi-final that the Force won 17-16. I fancy him to ride out a winner again but it could be very close.

Recommended Bet: 2 points win Peter Ebdon (6/5 Victor Chandler) 2 points win No Centuries (5/4 Sportingbet)

SB Double: 3 points win Over 9 frames (Robertson v Allen) and Mark King to beat Jamie Cope (pays 4.2 at Paddy Power)

Note: I am going to ask Betfred if they will give blog readers 7/2 so best waiting until I have heard back from them, if you haven’t got an account and fancy this it might be best to open one (click link below) in case they put the price up and it gets a lot of money and disappears.

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