December 23, 2010

Introducing Allan Taylor: ‘The Assassin Files’

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From the new year I thought it would be a good idea for the blog to go back to grass roots and back a player trying to make it to the big time.

With John Parrott retiring and Rod Lawler rarely seen on our screens I feel it’s high time my home city of Liverpool had a baize boy to be proud of on the box again. Some of you may remember Allan Taylor from the PTC events, he first came on the radar of the blog with a win over Graeme Dott in a very early event, when I referred to him as a bit of a nuisance.

Since then Allan has taken numerous professional scalps and finished second highest amateur on the overall Order of Merit in joint 62nd place. He has also been an avid viewer of the blog and in my book that makes him an all round good egg.

Next year is a big one for the man they call ‘The Albino Assassin’ and the man I call ‘Pretzels’. As he is going to try and make professional at the Q School and I thought that we’d officially back him to do just that. He’s even promised to wear the blog logo until a better offer comes along.

Obviously, with the weight of the blog behind him he cannot fail in the vocal support department and I’d encourage anyone to go along and support him in his quest in true blog fashion.

But Allan also could do with a sponsor to help him along the way. So if any of our friends in the bookmaking or any other industry fancy taking a chance on an outsider and coming along for the ride, just get in touch with me. Maybe you’d like to purchase a bridge hand, a cueing arm, his fine head of trademark milky bar hair to help him with his expenses?

Every little helps and your company can be assured of plenty of publicity on here for a start.

But enough of me, let’s hand over to the man himself as he introduces the first installment of ‘The Assassin Files’….

Allan, can you explain how you came by the nickname ‘The Albino Assassin’, do you assassinate albinos? Are they safe from you?

Well apart from the blonde, milky bar kid-esque hair, my work colleague Mo Jones started to call me Silas from the film The Da Vinci Code, aka the Albino Assassin and it stuck ever since really! The lads and girls on the tour all call me ‘The Albino’ but I can reassure all readers, that every single albino out there is safe and sound when it comes to any sort of assassination attempt!! I’d like to think I am more of an albino who assassinates opponents. So in a way I’m on their side.

Taking care of business

OK, so you are basically a friend of the albino’s, that’s that cleared up. Anyway to the baize, you did pretty well in the PTC events even making a finals day in one, I assume your aim is to get your pro-card at the Q-School?

Yeah thanks, the PTC’s were a good set of events for me. Good experience playing with all the big boys. Watching and learning mostly but I took my fair share of scalps at the same time. It’s full of seasoned professionals who will steal all your hopes and dreams of winning a single frame if you slip up just once. So it keeps you on your toes. I’m just going to use that as a stepping stone into the Q School in May 2011 and I think what Big Bazza has done with the game so far is looking really promising for all. So hopefully with more hard practice I can become one of the big boys and by that I don’t mean when I eat too much turkey at Xmas.

You work full-time too, how do you juggle that with playing snooker to a high standard?

The fact I finished joint 62nd and with only one amateur above me & working full-time, I feel it was a reasonable result. Beating some big names has given me the confidence to progress in the game and it is my goal to turn professional.

I always talk about ‘Goals & Dreams’. These change as results are met. For example, it was my dream to become a professional snooker player – now it’s a goal. It is now a dream to be a professional trophy winner – but once I turn pro it’ll become a goal – ya get me SB?? 😀

It would be ideal for me to obtain a sponsor so I can further progress my game and give the sport the 100% it deserves. I am not far off the mark and if there are any snooker loopy punters out there that are willing to back an outsider who is running on good-to-soft ground then get ya wallet out! And for the record I prefer a traditional Parker style pen to sign the dotted line, none of this modern rubbish.

Hard at Work

Right, enough of all that serious stuff, it’s time to dish some dirt. Who are the ‘good guys’ on the pro-tour, the ones that you’d go out for a beer with?

Behind the scenes, the stern looks and funny faces on the tv screens the players are, funnily enough, human! At the end of the day they are just a bunch of lads playing snooker. Albeit at a higher level but even the top guys like to relax over a shandy or seven!

If you want to go out for a beer and come home with sore cheeks you need to be drinking with the likes of McCulloch, Big Dave Harold, my local pals Lawler & Higginson and of course the Jester Selby! My close mate from the amateur circuit Martin O’Donnell aka The M.O’D is always fighting fit at the bar and it’s a well kept secret until now that Alfie Burden does a decent drunken rap! We also play snooker every now and again by the way.

Are you looking forward to your new diary slot ‘The Assassin Files’ on the blog? What can the readers expect?

Well first of all, I would like to thank you SB for the opportunity and I am indeed looking forward to the new diary slot. I suppose the readers can expect a running commentary on my progress, tournaments etc and general humorous happenings. Working close with my scouse partner that is ‘Snookerbacker laaaa’ (as he is known on the streets) the Liverpudlian wit will be flying.

If anyone feels any questions need to be asked (within reason) I shall answer gladly! 

A Master of Disguise

OK finally Allan, as I feel we now know each other well, I have to ask the question that everyone wants me to put to you. Just how many pretzels a day do you eat?

Don’t push it SB, some things are ‘Top Secret’ and in a special filing cabinet marked as such with several padlocks.

There is another reason I am called the assassin I’ll have you know. I can’t tell you what happened to the last person who discovered the extent of my ermm ‘habit’. Let’s just say he’s ‘swimming with the fishes in some handmade concrete boots’ and leave it at that. Shall we? Let’s not get off on the wrong concrete foot.

OK Allan, I can take a hint. I won’t go there again I promise. Your secret is safe with us.

So let’s hope the blog can help you along the way and maybe even find you a sponsor and who knows, one day at the Crucible there might be a whole front row of blog followers dressed in silly T-Shirts, eating pretzels and cheering you on to glory.

Beer and baked knot-shaped goods are on me if that happens SB! That’s a Potter’s Pint-Sized Pretzel Promise!

Can I finally just wish you and all the readers of the blog a very Merry Christmas and hopefully a winning new year for us all, please feel free to ask me questions in the comments section. See you all in 2011!!

There will be lots more from the Assassin in the New Year, till then…..

Chill Bro.

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