December 10, 2010

Festive Sack Prediction Contest: It’s a Snokout!!!

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Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day!!

There is actually some bloke in Brighton that pretends it is, I think he may have mental health issues.

Anyway, enough of all that as I’m sure you all feel that it is just that, Christmas every day that is not the mental health thing, as the Festive Sack opens up again to reveal it’s next prize, let me just feel inside and pull out…..

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Today Readers, it’s time to play ‘It’s a Snok-out’

The usual rules apply regarding multiple/anonymous/late entries and everything else, basically anything dodgy I won’t let through.

But today we have a new type of competition which may leave you quite breathless with excitement.

How far can you climb in ‘It’s a Snokout?’


Below is a set of questions numbered 1-10

You must complete an answer to each question and only if you get that question right will you move onto the next question and so on. If you get any question wrong you will be ‘Snoked Out’ of the Contest for today. If at the end of this afternoon’s session between Higgins and Allen there is still more than one of you left standing the competition will resume for the evening session between the remaining competitors.

In the event of a tie, answers to the next questions on the list will be counted until there is one clear winner…..



1. Who will break off in Frame 1? Answer:

2. Will there be a break of 50 or more in Frame 1? Answer:

3. Who will win Frame 2? Answer:

4. Will there be a break of 50 or more in Frame 3? Answer:

5. Who will win Frame 4? Answer:

6. Who will win Frame 5? Answer:

7. Who will have the highest break of Frame 6? Answer:

8. Who will win Frame 7? Answer:

9. Will there be a break of 50 or more in Frame 8?Answer:

10. Who will win Frame 8? Answer:

Entries MUST be in at 12.30 sharp

Good Luck!

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