November 27, 2010

Ronnie in ‘I haven’t been offered bribes’ Shocker

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Ronnie: His Own Harshest Critic but Clean as a Whistle

A sensationalist ‘story’ appears today in that fantastic bastion for truth, justice and integrity the Daily Mail here in the UK. They are well known for their factual analysis on these shores.

This time the shocking revelation is that Ronnie O’Sullivan himself, snooker’s big draw, snooker’s top showman, snooker’s bad boy, snooker’s pin up behind Tony Knowles and his own harshest critic, has NEVER been offered a bribe to throw a frame or a match.

But being the Daily Mail they don’t stop at this shocking revelation and base the entire story on five words uttered by our Ronald, namely: ‘but it does go on’.

In fact they even state in the headline that the Rocket says ‘Bribes in Snooker are Common’ when he didn’t actually even say that. What he said was this:

‘I haven’t been offered one (a bribe) but it does go on. It’s not just in snooker, it goes on in all forms of life. MPs are all taking backhanders left, right and centre.’

I had no idea Ronnie had such an insight into politics. I think he should name and shame these scoundrels, has Bazza set up an anti-corruption squad for the government yet?

Ron continues: ‘That’s the way the world is sometimes. A lot of people try to influence their way with money. It is not just snooker, it is life in general. They’re just trying to exploit whatever they can.’ I think he’s having another one of his dark days readers.

He concludes that ‘I wouldn’t do it. It’s too dangerous. It is the kind of thing I wouldn’t even entertain because I enjoy playing the game. I love competing.’

I’m sure you’ll agree a ground breaking piece of journalism there from all involved. The best place for the Daily Mail is in the bin.

Anyway, I’m dipping in and out of the preview for tomorrow at the moment and am patiently waiting for the firms to get some prices up. It will be up before this evening assuming some more prices start appearing. My hangover is over the worst.

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