November 21, 2010

Finals Day from Prague

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John's sister Josephine. Remarkable family resemblance.

Champ: Holty


John Higgins 3-4 Michael  Holt

Semi Finals:

Michael Holt 4-3 Shaun Murphy

John Higgins 4-2 Joe Jogia

Prediction Latest:

Chris is once again a winner in the Tipster Contest. Congratulations are due to you sir, well done. But despite this triumph and the fact he is already at Number One in the Order of Merit he will not be King of the Fairies 2010…..step forward…oh you’ll have to wait to find out.

Last 8

Mark Selby 2-4 Michael Holt
Peter Ebdon 2-4 Shaun Murphy
Joe Jogia 4-2 Matthew Stevens
Stuart Bingham 1-4 John Higgins (anyone else having deja vu?)

Prediction Standings after Last 16:

Chris 137 frames, Nick 133 frames, Darren 127 frames, Deco800, Jan-Eric, Maryusg 124 frames.

Last 16

Mark Selby 4-3 Ricky Walden
Jamie Cope 2-4 Michael Holt
Issara Kachaiwong 3-4 Peter Ebdon
Shaun Murphy 4-2 Ken Doherty
Michael White 3-4 Joe Jogia
Matthew Stevens 4-0 Barry Hawkins
Stuart Bingham 4-1 Ryan Day
Mark Allen 1-4 John Higgins (morning selections down the pan!)

Prediction Contest Latest

Another quality performance from Order of Merit leader Chris who is in front after Day 2 with 121 frames. He is clearly intent on holding on to top spot and being crowned King of the Fairies 2010. But as you can see, this is by no means guaranteed:

1. Chris 121

2. Nick 120

3. Maryusg 114

4. Deco800 113

5. Darren 111

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