November 5, 2010

World Seniors Championship: The Deep Heat is On.

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Pot Black: right to left, John Pullman, Eddie Charlton, Ted Lowe, some cameramen and a 70's porn star eating an apple.

The draw for the World Seniors Championship will be held this afternoon followed by the first qualifying match between Peter Ebdon and Nigel Bond.

It takes place in Bradford, the hometown of it’s promoter and former World Champion, Joe Johnson.

At least Joe has ensured that this thing finishes at sensible hours. The final is in the afternoon on Sunday and this ensures that all the old geezers are safely tucked up back in their hotel beds before it gets too late.

Ahh, afternoon finals, I’m feeling all nostalgic again. Who can forget the final of the Mercantile Credit Classic between Jimmy White and Cliff Thorburn all those years ago, I’m sure that was in the afternoon. Jimmy played a mercurial required snooker on the final pink which Cliff missed and Jimbo duly potted pink and black to win a decider, a real clash of styles that one but it remains one of my favourite finals of the eighties.

They both compete here, along with Dennis, Uncle Joe himself, the Nugget, Kendo and JP. The format of the event is detailed below and when we know the draw I’ll bash it up. Most bookies are pricing this up with Ebdon leading the market but to me a safer proposition might be Ken Doherty (11/4 Stan James) who seems to be hitting a run of form lately, a £20,000 first prize probably ensures they’ll all be trying their best.

Memories of the good old flagship Pot Black will come flooding back as the event will be televised in highlight form at Christmas on Sky. Everyone knew that Pot Black was played over two days around the Christmas break but the BBC used to pan it out over a couple of months to build the suspense up, even though those ‘in the know’ knew who had won it.

In the modern day world of immediate communication the chances of them keeping the result of this a secret are about as likely as a player deciding to lose by a certain score against a mate in a televised match and having a load of bets on it.

So I’ll give the warning to all in advance, if you don’t want to know the scores LOOK AWAY NOW. Our mole at the venue is pchell, who may be providing us with any updates and snippits as they occur.

Friday November 5

4.15pm: The draw

7.30pm: Peter Ebdon 0-2 Nigel Bond

Saturday November 6

11am: Live Scoring here.

Nigel Bond 2-0 Ken Doherty

Steve Davis 2-0 Joe Johnson


John Parrott 2-0 Dennis Taylor

Jimmy White 2-0 Cliff Thorburn

7.15pm: Semi-final 1

Steve Davis 3-1 Nigel Bond

Sunday November 7

John Parrott v Jimmy White

3pm: Final

Steve Davis v

The quarter-finals are best of three frames, semi-finals best of five and the final best of seven.

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