November 3, 2010

It’s Nice To Know You’re Not Alone

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It's the lowest form of wit.

I’ve always loved a bit of satire. I try now and again, mostly without success to inject a bit of fun into what some see as a sport which can sometimes seem to be disappearing up its own backside with politics, behind the scenes sniping, allegations of match fixing and just a general sense of self importance.

On a slow news day like today, surprisingly rare lately, when there are still some of us wanting any old snippit of snooker news we can lay our hands on I have a few choices at my disposal to satisfy this insatiable lust for all things baizey. 

I can either trawl through various sources of news archives to find a lost gem, I’ve done that in the past in unearthing anything from obscure interviews with Willie Thorne to his extra curricula scarecrow judging antics.

Alternatively, I can post up a competition a day or two early to generate some banter between the main contenders. I might also be able to rely on one of the regulars to come up with something they have personally witnessed (see recent story about a well known top player ‘accepting kitchen utensil discounts’ as inducement to buy kitchen utensils).

A fourth option is to dig deep into my nostalgic side and try my best to remember something that I think some of you might find interesting, such as encounters with Alex Higgins or my childhood obsession with Jimmy White.

Failing that, a fifth option is just to make something up, but I can’t really afford a decent lawyer so I try not to do that too often. Or, if all else fails of course, I can just do a quick search to find out what Shaun Murphy has got an opinion on today. Thankfully, I only very rarely have to resort to such desperate measures.

Anyway, today I have unearthed some snooker based satire. For it is here in The Spoof that we can read about ‘Snooker: The World’s Dullest Sport’, ‘Hurricane Higgins Cleared of Match Fixing Due to His Being Dead’ and Ronnie amongst other things ‘not picking up the rest for less than £2k’.

The full stories, not that any of them are true, can be read here. If you don’t fancy this blog regular Ian White posted up a clip earlier of Kirk Stevens playing Jimmy at the Crucible in what turned out to be an unforgettable match, this can be viewed here.

Incidentally, if anyone does have any stories or items of news that you might like to get coverage on the blog, whilst I can’t promise I can always do so, please feel free to email me on [email protected]

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