November 2, 2010

November: Nostalgia, Higgins Hamms it up and Down to Business

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Heeeeeeere's JOHNNY!

I thought I’d use today to flag up some events that will be going on over the next few weeks to keep baize fanatics happy.

Whilst this weekend sees a rare break from the PTC events, it’s time for a few of the old fellas to dust off their cues, remove the mothballed waistcoats from their wardrobes and get their collective arses down to Bradford for the World Seniors Championship.

While a few of them are probably just there for a nice lunch and to talk about the old days there are a couple of ringers who are still competing with the youngsters today. Steve Davis, Jimmy White, current World Number 11 Peter Ebdon, recent PTC semi-finalist Ken Doherty and Nigel Bond are all there to take on Joe ‘where’s the white going’ Johnson, Cliff ‘the Rhet Butler of the Baize’ Thorburn and Dennis ‘I’ll try not to mention Cliff too much’ Taylor. A lot of the firms are pricing it up if anyone wants a bet. More info about the old geezers is here.

The following weekend sees us hamming it up in Germany (yes chaps, we’re counting the days to the Oktoberfest girls reappearance on the blog), as the penultimate European Players Tour Championship event gets under way in Hamm.

This fifth EPTC is significant for more than just the chance for regulars to drool at pictures of sexy German girls, as it also sees the return to competitive action of Mr John Higgins. Let’s hope John’s sense of direction has improved since his ban began, we don’t want him taking a wrong turn and ending up in Russia.

The following weekend sees the last EPTC event and a clambour to reach the main event in March. This time they are off to Prague in the Czech Republic to ply their trade. Might also be a chance to pick up a few nice little Christmas presents for the folks back home at the various craft stalls that line the streets. I recommend a nice walk across Charles Bridge, marvellous.

The action really kicks in at the end of the month as on the 24th a week of qualifiers begin for the UK Championship. Save up your pennies guys, after all these smaller events we’re going to be going in deep on this and trying to win the Christmas money. I’ll be covering every match in previews and hopefully flagging up some winners. The event proper takes place just a couple of days after the quailfiers finish.

In terms of the blog, we’ll be running competitions as ever and there might be a few other developments that I will reveal as the weeks pass by, hopefully all good news for regulars and newcomers alike.

Another bumper month of snooker beckons. Bring it on.

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