November 1, 2010

Top of the Pots Updated after Event 8

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Stevie was less Sausage Rolls and more Rolls Royce yesterday

As well as a trophy resembling the FA Cup and a cheque for £10k Stephen Lee got presented with a crate of Peter’s Pies last night as reward for winning the EPTC 4 event in Gloucester, I kid you not.

Many will argue that this extra incentive brought about this dramatic return to form for the Rolls Royce of Snooker, who it has to be said cued like a dream in the later stages yesterday to eventually beat Stephen Maguire in a fairly one-sided final, Lee being unlucky to lose the first of the two frames that he dropped.

Something else that I seemed to detect he’d dropped was a few pounds, he had a long day yesterday and still looked fresh at the end. Perhaps he’ll give the pies to some homeless people like Ding did when he won his truckload of Pukka’s last season.

I can’t promise pies, or indeed baked goods of any description to the winner of the Prediction Contest this week, but a £50 free bet from kind sponsors Betfred will be coming his way.

Liggandestolen or as he is known around these parts ‘The Chair Man of Gothenburg’, can use his considerable mathematical skills to good effect and build the £50 into a million in a year and treat us all to a trip to Sweden.

If anyone can, the chair man can.

The final standings this week are below and I have updated the ‘Top of the Pots’ Order of Merit List here. GER147 proudly heads the main tour list, ahead of last week’s winner Chris and the consistent Epure.  

Event 8 Result:

Liggandestolen 197
GER147 181
deco800 177
Ian White 176
Big Clive 171
The Roberdy 170
Duke of Snook 168
Anna 162
Chris 157
Isak 155
Teo 152
Tina 151
Hermund 149
Jaykay 148
Onestep 142
Drew 141
urindragon 141
Bezmondo 141
Totee 140
Sonia 138
Nick 137
Godspeed 131
Epure 130
Pot Luck 128
Dani Martinez 123
Volcano 120
Steve K 120
Ray 119
Darren 119
Edo 118
Kim Hawkins 114
Jan Eric 111
Elena 109
pchell 104
Joe Gibney 102
Black Whippet 94
Bradstores 84

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