November 1, 2010

Bazza Gets It Sorted: UK Sponsor in the Bag

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Bazza: Geezer.

One of the events I look forward to every year is only a month and a bit away, the UK Championship, best of 17’s and top quality snooker all day and night, plenty of betting opportunities, dark days and nights outside, the smell of fir trees, you can see your breath it’s so cold, comfy slippers, glass of wine, warm fires. That’s what snooker is all about.

Last year, the unlikely sponsor was Pukka Pies, this year it will be, yes, the same sponsors that came in with the big cash for the World Open are back for more.

I think this is brilliant news for the sport and proof once more, if it were needed, that Bazza can pull strings and fiddle with knobs and get firms to dig deep into their pockets to offer genuinely attractive rewards to the big boys for their efforts even in these harsh economic times. This time the prize fund is £625,000.

Our man Baz said:

“The fact that has invested in the next major event shows that they were delighted with the exposure they gained for their brand at the World Open. It is a testament to what snooker can deliver in terms of exceptional reach of the television and media coverage.”

“The UK Championship will be broadcast to hundreds of millions of fans on BBC, Eurosport, CCTV in China and across the globe, so it’s obvious why our product is attractive to sponsors. We’re thrilled to welcome on board for the UK and we look forward to continuing to build a close relationship with their team.”

Well said Bazza. This is where the future is, not that awful stuff that we saw on Saturday. Get some of the boys that have invested in that to transfer their funds and media influence over to this side. This is where the future is.

It’s even more encouraging that have sponsored this too as the BBC saw fit to drop next year’s World Open from their portfolio. Let’s make them come crawling back begging us to give it back to them.

Have it BBC.

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