October 31, 2010

EPTC 4 Finals Day: Can we have our ball back now please?

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Everybody Loved a Bit of Bully

After the ermm, glitz and glamour of all things Power related yesterday, we can now return to the altogether more sedate but much more exciting Finals Day on Live Streaming at the EPTC in Gloucester.

I don’t want to get stuck into a big rant about Power Snooker as it was never meant to appeal to people like me. Despite this I gave it a chance and this is what I thought of it.

Positives: The host, Matt Smith I thought did an excellent job, holding it together in the afternoon when a less experienced or savvy presenter might have made it look like ‘Bullseye Live!’, in fact, I knew it reminded me of something…

Secondly, the performance of blog icon Captain Carter. The consistent references to his mustard attire made the event worth watching for me, totally self-indulgent of course and the 57p and half eaten Mars Bar I paid him to keep wearing it in the evening paid off. Several hundred hits came our way yesterday with search terms such as ‘Ali Carter Mustard’ and ‘Captain Mustard Ali Carter Shirt’ as well as the regular weekly search terms ‘Pig in Mud’ and ‘Sexy Snooker’. When Ali got knocked out I stopped watching it, he was far and away the best character there.

But I think that’s about it for the positives. The negatives? Well, for me, the rest of it. The game itself is not geared towards close matches which I thought was the whole idea of it. The first thing they need to do if this is to continue is to think about the break-off, or rack-off or whatever they call it. Perhaps introducing a penalty for missing if after the break the player chooses to continue. They also need to lose the bonus century points and possibly either shorten it to 20 minutes or play ‘First to xxx’.

But by far the biggest turn off was the crowd. On the whole, unimaginative, obnoxious, pissed-up shaved chimps. Either that, or genuine snooker fans scared to open their mouths for fear of ridicule by the drunken louts. They couldn’t muster up a decent catchphrase between them, ‘Brown, Pot the Brown’ and ‘Powerrr Zone’ being the best they could come up with. Genius. As one eloquent commenter put it yesterday, the yobs should stay locked up in the zoo.

If this is the revolution then, in the words of a great Scouser ‘don’t you know that you can count me out’. For those too young to know, I’m not talking about John Parrott, I’m talking about these blokes.

Selby: Knackered.

But now back to the main event and only one solitary mustard jumper is in sight on Finals Day in Ken Doherty with my weekly lottery ticket on Anthony McGill losing a decider last night and Stuart Bingham surprisingly for me, failing to qualify too.

Mark Selby will start as favourite but I hope he’s had some sleep as he looked exhausted yesterday. Hopefully Vicky gave him some TLC when he got back and he’ll be fresh as a daisy today as himself and fellow power boy Shaun Murphy try to be the first player to win two of these. Hopefully someone will get some prices up before the matches start, as it should be a good day.

Update: Sportingbet have prices up for matches and outright.

The last 16 matches are listed below and I’ll be updating the Prediction Contest throughout the day. The live stream can be accessed here.


Stephen Lee v Stephen Maguire

Semi Finals

Stephen Lee 4-1 Joe Jogia

Stephen Maguire 4-2 Liam Highfield

Prediction Contest after Quarter Finals:

1st Liggandestolen 183 frames (cannot be caught as he still has Maguire and Lee running, Congratulations!)

2nd Ger147: 175 3rd Big Clive: 171 4th The Roberdy: 170 5th Deco800: 169.

Quarter Finals

Mark Davis 2-4 Stephen Lee

Joe Jogia 4-2 Liu Chaung

Liam Highfield 4-3 Graeme Dott

Stephen Maguire 4-2 Anthony Hamilton

Prediction Contest after Last 16: 1. Liggandestolen 171, =2 Big Clive and The Roberdy 167, 3rd Ger147 164, 4th deco800 161.

Last 16

Andrew Norman 3-4 Stephen Lee
Peter Ebdon 1-4 Mark Davis
Joe Jogia 4-2 Ken Doherty
Shaun Murphy 1-4 Liu Chuang
Liam Highfield 4-2 Gerard Greene
Ben Woolaston 3-4 Graeme Dott
Jack Lisowski 2-4 Stephen Maguire
Anthony Hamilton 4-2 Mark Selby

Prediction Contest Latest (after Day 2 and Power Snooker):

1. The Roberdy 163 frames

2. Big Clive 156 frames

3. Liggandestolen 154 frames

4. Deco800 149 frames

5. Ger147 148 frames

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