October 30, 2010

Live Streaming from Gloucester: EPTC 4 Day Two

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Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. Today is dilemma day as the EPTC and it’s live streaming technology enters day two and faces the mighty marketing juggernaut that is Power Snooker.

Because I already largely ignore the Premier League even though I know a few people like it, I can’t just shy away from this without at least giving it a chance. I have therefore set up a Power Chat Zone here for anyone and everyone to post their thoughts as the events of the day and night unfold on ITV4.

But this is a Snooker blog, not a Power Snooker blog so the main page will remain devoted to Paul Mount’s mini revolution over in Gloucester.

Overall, the first day of streaming went well yesterday but I’m not sure what happened to table two’s coverage. Who are the commentators by the way? Whoever they are they don’t seem to have yet mastered the art of ‘sometimes less is more’ as when they are there they seem intent on commenting on anything and everything.

But hats are well and truly off to Mr Mount.

As for the snooker, a day to forget in punting terms. Robbo bombing out in Round 2 after a great display earlier in the day, the Captain also took a nosedive and Ronnie, well, was reliably unreliable as ever and just didn’t bother turning up again.

The only two Power boys that will be returning on Sunday are Mark Selby and Shaun Murphy after Jimmy and Ding also went out.

Now I know this blog is a mere minnow compared to some but I would direct anyone involved in the sport to the comments made by odds compiler Thorpy in yesterday’s post comments section. The performances and no-shows by some of the top boys in these events is now looking like having a detrimental effect on future betting markets.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, despite the best efforts of this blog to increase interest in these events, we are seeing the last tournament priced up at the beginning, meaning the end of the ill-fated weekly Team SB.

At a time that we want the sport to grow, I for one am a bit disappointed by that. But you can’t blame the bookies on this occasion.

Back to the snooker and in case anyone missed it. Blog regular Steve K posted up photo and video links last night from his day over in Gloucester. The videos can be watched here and his photos can be viewed here.

Round 3:

Matthew Stevens 2-4 Ken Doherty
Ryan Day 2-4 Liu Chuang
Liam Highfield 4-3 Anthony McGill
Gerard Greene 4-1 Michael Wasley
Ben Woollaston 4-2 Matthew Couch
Tom Ford 0-4 Graeme Dott
Stephen Maguire 4-2 Joe Perry
Stuart Bingham 2-4 Anthony Hamilton

Round 2:

Anthony McGill 4-1 Michael Holt

Ken Doherty 4-3 Daniel Wells

Ryan Day 4-0 Barry Hawkins (like buses….)

Anthony Hamilton 4-1 Hari Krishna (or something like that)

Liu Chaung 4-2 Andrew Higginson

Michael Wasley 4-2 Issara Kachaiwong

Tom Ford 4-2 Martin Gould

Matt Couch 4-2 Tony Drago

Round 1:

Paul Davison 4-0 Adam Wicheard

Anthony McGill 4-1 Hans Blaenkaert

Daniel Wells 4-0 Dermot McGlinchey

Liam Highfield 4-0 Chris Norbury

Ken Doherty 4-1 Bjorn Haneveer

Matthew Stevens 4-1 Martin O’Donnell

Fergal O’Brien 4-2 Kuldesh Johal

Issara Kaichaiwong 4-2 Alan McManus

Anthony Wasley 4-0 Pascal Ricard

Ben Woolaston 4-1 Zhang Anda

Jamie Burnett 4-1 Peter Lines

Rory McLeod 4-1 Ben Harrison

Martin Gould 4-0 Lewis John Calcutt

Andrew Pagett 4-1 Lasse Munstermann

Marco Fu 4-1 Rob Milkins

Tom Ford 4-3 Andrew Milliard

Ryan Day 4-2 Dominic Dale (Day stops his losing run)

Stephen Maguire 4-2 Tony Knowles

Barry Hawkins 4-1 Justin Ashley

Stuart Bingham 4-0 Jack Culligan

Allan Taylor 4-1 Andy Lee

Joe Perry 4-3 Stephen Hendry

Nigel Bond 4-3 Rod Lawler

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