October 28, 2010

The Shaun Murphy Show: Smurf on Higgins

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Bigmouth Strikes Again: Shaun will soon have his own show.

Yes viewers he’s at it again. Never one to shy away from publicity our mate Shaun has been giving his thoughts on another topic to the tabloids this morning. With The Sun on speed-dial our Shaun will soon no doubt be hosting his own show on ITV.

This morning’s topic? John Higgins. This cutting-edge, in-depth and edgy article sees our Smurf reveal exclusively that he thinks John will struggle for a bit when he comes back.

With his customary astuteness he says: “I believe that during his ban he didn’t even practise until very recently – that’s almost five months without picking up a cue. I know when I’ve had a month or six weeks off, I’d go back into the club and it was like being a beginner again.”

“It would take me a few weeks to rebuild my game. John is a three-time world champion but will suffer for not having played.”

Shaun also proves a master of aftertiming in revealing that he knew that Tiger Woods would play like a crock of shite after his recent time off from the golf course. He even claims to have ‘had a bet’ with a mate of his to this effect. He must have some pretty stupid and gullible friends, I just hope he didn’t take too much money off the poor unsuspecting idiot.

But it turns out that our Shaun is just there to promote The Sun Backed Power Snooker and give the snouts at the paper a chance to offer a fiver off tickets to it’s, I use the term loosely, readers. Hang on, I thought it was sold out?

The full article can be read here, but to be honest I think I’ve covered the best bit and there are no funny pictures in it so probably best not to bother.

I also read that there is a rail replacement bus service to the O2 on Saturday as the Jubilee Line is shut. So maybe it will be more a case of ‘Bus Queue the Revolution?’

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