October 27, 2010

Clive’s Got the Power

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Clever Clogs: But not all new ideas are good ones.

The guv’nor Clive Everton has been giving his thoughts this morning on how Power Snooker fits in to the long term future of our more traditional sport.

Clive, who is commentating on the extravaganza at the weekend (probably their shrewdest move by the way) reiterates that ‘Power Plays’ and ‘Power Zones’ are not meant as a rival to our beloved baize but more as a supplement to increase interest in snooker as a whole.

He sets out the rules again and asks the question, will the audience really understand them so quickly?

Personally, I think some will and some won’t, given that the promotion of the event has been pitched at such a level that an earthworm stuck 18 miles underground is getting slightly aroused by the thought of Ronnie being led in by two scantily-clad dolly birds this is an obvious consequence.

For me though the most interesting part of the article is Clive’s thoughts on the traditional game as a whole, his realism that we should never expect the heady heights of the eighties but that things are going places under Bazza’s leadership.

It also just makes you wonder what took the players so long to get rid of the last bunch of useless twits. The full article can be read here.

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