October 26, 2010

Power Boost Prediction Contest 8 Open for Entries

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Who will be the breast player? It took me ages to think of that. I don't know how I do it, seriously, it's a gift.

Here we go again everyone, a bumper weekend of snooker awaits us so to go with it let’s have a Bumper Prediction Contest shall we? Maybe even a Power Boost Prediction Contest? Can you see where I’m going with this?

As you know from the story below I am having a crisis of conscience between what I should be watching and what I want to watch if only for the cringeworthiness of the whole thing. For this weekend sees live streaming from Gloucester for EPTC4 and Power Snooker for eight live hours on the TV.

So how, I asked myself can I justify also watching the power boys when there is proper snooker on? The answer, include both of them in this week’s competition!!! Genius.

So how I propose to work things this week is to have a ‘Power Group’ as well as three standard groups and a ‘Joker Group’. The Power Group will collect frames from the EPTC event in the standard way but will also collect points depending on where they finish in London.

I’m not including young Luca Brecel as he has to play an extra qualifying match in the EPTC event on Thursday and I’d have to close the deadline for entries earlier.

To help you select your team, the draw for the EPTC4 can be viewed with a magnifying glass here.

The format this week is such that all the Power Snooker participants are playing on Friday to qualify for Sunday’s finals day. This makes the updates a bit of a nightmare as they are scattered all over the drawsheet but never mind.

All totals will be added to overall Order of Merit scores, the latest standings of which can be viewed here.

The Rules:

1. You must choose a total of ten players for your scoring team.

2. Your team must consist of two players from each of the groups below.

3. The players you choose will score one point for each frame they win. The two players you choose from ‘The Joker Group’ will earn double points for every frame won.

4. The two players you choose from ‘The Power Group’ will earn one point for every frame won at the EPTC event. In addition they will be awarded points based on their performance in Power Snooker:

Winner = 50 points, Runner Up = 40 points, 3rd Place = 30 points, 4th Place = 20 points.

5. The winner will receive a £50 free bet from Betfred

6. Entries must be in before the start of play in the EPTC on Friday.

7. To have a valid entry you must enter an email address in the space provided, this won’t be visible to anyone but me and I won’t use it for anything other than contacting you if you win. Please don’t try and enter loads of times, I’ll be able to suss this fairly easily.

8. Oh yes, you must be over the legal gambling age to enter, or be prepared to lie about it to get an online account.


The Groups:

Power Group Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Joker Group
Choose 2 Choose 2 Choose 2 Choose 2 Choose 2
Ronnie O’Sullivan Liang Wenbo Ricky Walden Stephen Lee Mark Davis
Ali Carter Mark Allen Marcus Campbell Dominic Dale Jimmy Robertson
Neil Robertson Peter Ebdon Martin Gould Fergal O’Brien Anthony McGill
Jimmy White Matthew Stevens Marco Fu Rory McLeod Dave Harold
Shaun Murphy Andrew Higginson Barry Hawkins Stuart Bingham Liu Chaung
Mark Selby Mark Williams (possibly WD) Graeme Dott Nigel Bond Joe Perry
Ding Junhui Stephen Maguire Judd Trump Ken Doherty Jamie Cope

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