October 25, 2010

Top of the Pots Updated

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Time to kiss goodbye to the girls until next time.

Good morning all. Firstly congratulations to an old favourite of the blog, Marcus ‘Scruffbag’ Campbell on his victory over in Germany yesterday.

Going into the final I had Liang as the likely winner given he seemed to be making centuries for fun all day and had dispensed with two of my best men in the process.

Phillip has downloaded the final part of the event and this can be viewed here. Top Drawer performance from our man in Germany over the weekend I’m sure you’ll agree.

A further congratulations while I’m at it goes to Chris, who produced a class display to win the prediction contest and scooped the £50 free bet from Betfred. His win moved him up one place on the Order of Merit or, Top of the Pots list to 4th spot.

Top of the Pots is still the consistent Epure who, though yet to win an event outright is always there or thereabouts. Blog co-pilot and winner of Event Five One Step is now ranked second while ‘New Kid on the Block’ Bradstores sits in third waiting to pounce.

For the full update on the movers and shakers on this list click here.

I’ll be confirming hopefully later today that we’ll be having another contest at the weekend, a packed weekend it is too with the EPTC4 from Gloucester with live streaming! as well as eight hours of Power Snooker on ITV4 on Saturday, featuring the likes of Ronnie, Jimmy and blog regular Captain Carter. I’ll look forward to hearing Ali’s insights on the Captain’s Log.

Finally, I can’t leave without directing you to yet more ranting from Shaun Murphy here. This time he says he wants to introduce a shot-clock to the World Championship. Is that Joe or Fred Davis I just heard turning in his grave?

Event 7 Final Standings:

Chris 181
Epure 170
One Step 169
Jan-Eric 169
Godspeed 169
Nick 168
Urindragon 168
Darren 166
Edo 163
GER147 162
Totee 161
Steve K 160
Bradstores 152
Hermund 151
Duke of Snook 150
Pchell 148
Ian White 148
Volcano 146
Dani Martinez 144
Jaykay 138
Tina 137
SK 135
Isak 134
Thorpy 130
Kim Hawkins 130
Big Clive 129
Adey 126
Drew 124
Black Whippet 117
Pot Luck 115
liggandestolen 114
Seanc140 110
Bezmondo 101
Joe Gibney 101
Deco800 99
Bezaroonie 96
John McBride 94
kjbets 46

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