October 25, 2010

The Eternal Struggle between Good and Evil

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You should always want the good guy to win I suppose..

I’m having a bit of a dilemma which I feel I must share with blog readers. Any advice would be most welcome.

As we all know by now, we’re ‘cueing the bloody revolution’ this weekend at Power Snooker, which is not only on ITV4 but for viewers further afield is now also going to be screened on Eurosport.

But we also have the first live streamed EPTC event from Paul Mount’s gaff in Gloucester, something that all snooker fans have been wanting to happen since the events started months ago.

To me this is like that old struggle between the tempting mistress and the devoted wife, the big tasty pie against the light salad, the bottle of wine against the glass of spring water, this my friends is humankind’s oldest dilemma, the struggle between what I should be doing and what I’m tempted to have a look at even though I know I shouldn’t.

In my opinion the marketing and promotion of the ‘Sun Backed’ Power Snooker event has been rubbish. To say it has been dumbed down is paying it a compliment, it’s getting to the stage now where highly paid middle-aged male executives are sitting in smoky offices all day coming up with puns like ‘Who’s the ‘breast‘ player’ and putting a picture of some gormless model with a cue, a suspect bridge hand and her eye not on the object ball to accompany this work of creative genius. Desperate ain’t in it.

So why do I think I should watch it? Does that make me a bad person?

I know that I should be glued to the events over in Gloucester as this will provide us all with a chance to at last assess how some of the players are cueing and it also makes it a live betting event. I know that any genuine snooker fan would know what to do and throw the remote control for the TV in the bin in case they succumb to temptation.

I’ll be doing the Prediction Contest on the EPTC, I’ll be covering it in full on here, Paul Mount is a great guy who gives loads of money to charity whereas the Power Snooker lot would mug their own granny for her pension scraps. But can I just sneak a peak at the Power boys? Purely for research and to see how the Captain gets on?

OK OK, I’ve had an interest bet on Jimmy, I’m going to watch it aren’t I? I feel dirty. I can feel a two-screen weekend coming on….

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