October 20, 2010

It’s a snip for Iranian Dave

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Show me some skin: Our Dave feels the pinch.

A truly eye-watering story today in the Guardian which is firmly in the category of ‘too much information’ for readers of a nervous disposition.

Former professional David Roe has started working over in Iran to coach the world famous Iranian Snooker Team, second only of course to Rory McLeod’s mighty Qatarian baize boys.

Our Dave had a losing run last season that saw him drop off the tour after many years on it and a good few appearances on our screens. I questioned at the time whether his future lay in the game or as part of a duo with Stuart Pettman in a Black Lace tribute band.

But our Dave clearly has the baize in his soul and made the obvious move of upping sticks to Iran to show them what he had. In this case, literally.

(At this point anyone of a nervous disposition should stop reading)

For as well as undergoing a conversion to Islam and changing his name, our Dave went and got himself circumsized to prove his dedication to the cause. They even had a little ceremony to celebrate our Dave’s brave move.

The key phrase here however is ‘Iranian Media reports’, without wishing to cause all sorts of diplomatic spats or a war of any kind, they are up there with the News of the World and the Sun when it comes to bang on, straight down the line truth.

Dave however, according to a mate of his back in Derby might just be carrying some of his tactical awareness over to his new venture as his pal says “He never struck me as a religious bloke but it may have been a tactical conversion.”

As tactical conversions go, give me a dump shot any day of the week.

The full article can be read here

In other news, John Higgins is back for the EPTC4 event early next month and has been drawn to play Joe Jogia on his return. I’ll also be having a good old look at the weekend’s action today and getting a preview up, Skybet and Paddy Power have prices up already.

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