October 18, 2010

It’s Good To Be Back, but hold on what’s Smurf up to then?

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Apparently news of the blog has reached further than I thought.

It is probably fairly obvious to regulars that these past few days have been slightly stressful for yours truly. Today I am glad to report that we are now safely on the ground after a flight through cyberspace landed us here.

Positives? All in all most things work and look how they should. Negatives? There are bound to be glitches and the odd thing that will change, the comments section seems to have aroused most opinions with the unexpected changes that have happened there.

It now takes the format of more of a ‘forum’ but thanks to my ‘man who can’ there is now also a ‘twitteresque’ facility for direct conversations. To me it’s a little better than having to hunt down a set of comments to see if there is a response, simply click the reply button and an @the person will appear at the beginning of your message.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have a few bumps before everything is ship shape but after a flight through space I expected a few aliens to be picked up on the way.

Right, to business. The Prediction Contest at the weekend produced a runaway winner in newcomer GER147, who stormed to victory with a whopping score of 172, ahead of second placed Epure on 156.

The full points tally will be updated on the Order of Merit table very shortly (it’s there now), but the final standings from the weekend are at the foot of this post. I can tell you that Epure now tops the Order of Merit by two points ahead of Onestep who is 14 points clear of Mignon in third place.

In other news, the SB spy ring has been working overtime today and have tried everything to get ‘that scoop’ for the first post of the new set up, and boy have they delivered.

A regular rang me earlier to tell me of a chance encounter with none other than Team SB weekend skipper flop Shaun Murphy this very day.

The reason for Smurf’s early exit in PTC 6 became clear to our roving reporter when he was seen in a kitchen utensil shop near his home.

Shaun might just get tempted

It appears that Shaun’s mind was pre-occupied with thoughts of shiny potato mashers and egg-timers to impress his girlfriend. Our spy also reports that multi-billionaire Murphy was offered (and accepted) a 20% discount on his next purchase!

Now I don’t know if Barry Hearn reads this but this surely merits a look by the new anti-corruption unit, under the ‘accepting sweeteners’ clause. Who knows where this could have led? Today 20% off your next purchase of a pestel and mortar, tomorrow Shaun’s throwing frames left right and centre in return for a new hostess trolley.

This is how these things start. Thanks to our man on the ground for snooping this out and I welcome Shaun to come on here and give his side of the story, as I am nothing if not a fair man.

Anyway, thanks for your patience today and we’ll soon be onwards and upwards with this weekend’s EPTC from Germany.


Prediction Contest 6: Final Standings

GER147 172 Epure 156 Phillip 147 Hermund 146 chris 145 Spongy 145 Bradstores 143 jaykay 142 Ray 142 Pot Luck 142 urindragon 140 mike studyform 139 pchell 137 deco800 134 Joe Gibney 134 Elena 133 edo 131 totee 131 Isak 130 Black Whippet 127 Mignon 126 Volcano 125 Dani Martinez 123 one step 123 Jan-Eric 122 Godspeed 121 Steve K 118 Thorpy 117 Tina 117 Darren 116 redandblackblog 116 Kim Hawkins 112 Duke of Snook 109 invader 107 Ian White 107 Drew 106 caberet voltaire 105 liggandestolen 95 Jake 92 Kieran Baugh 86 Bruce McCarthy 76

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