October 13, 2010

PTC Event 6 Preview

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The Backbone of Team SB: Betty, Ethel, Enid and Doris

It’s a busy week again for the girls over at Betty’s Wool Shop on the High Street. The demand for Cashmere Mustard Team SB replica jumpers is currently outweighing supply and the old dears are going through custard creams at an alarming rate.

Demand from cash rich punters wanting to get their hands on Betty’s goods has been fuelled by Ding’s win last weekend.

A truly awesome debut by the Team Skipper which very very nearly made me let him keep hold of the woollens for another week.

But nobody has yet won two events, let alone two on the spin so history is very much against Ding and at the price he’s been marked up at with the bookies, I thought it best to give someone else a go at captaining the good Team Snookerbacker to further glories.

As ever, looking at the draw throws up all sorts of possibilities, you can plot a route to the semi-finals for someone that could well just turn up and lose his first match.

Last week, Ding looked an obvious contender for me and I did feel quietly confident from the off, though he had a few too many final frame deciders along the way. I will say this week that I am not as confident as last week that the player I am picking as Captain of Team SB is the right one from the crew of hopefuls.

I have not included Ding in the team at all mainly because there is little point flagging him as an each way bet at a best price 13/2 with Betfred, but I would not put anyone off backing him to win it again.

Looking at the draw one person who i would be very surprised not to see on Sunday is this week’s Team SB Captain and my most likely winner Shaun Murphy (10/1 Betfred and Skybet) from the main contenders in the market I think he has the most winnable first three matches so I’ll take him to kick on from there.

He does hold the mantle however of being a previous Team Captain that did not deliver, so I’m not sure whether he is up to the monumental task of carrying the colours to the podium for the third successive event.

Don't let me down Shaun.

If he isn’t I have assembled a decent crew behind him however who it may be worth following at the quarter odds 1-2-3-4 in the hope that one or two of them have a good weekend.

The two that narrowly missed out on captaincy are former winning captain Judd Trump (25/1 Betfred/Skybet) and Ricky Walden (33/1 Betfred/Skybet). Judd landed the 33/1 flagged up when he had the skipper’s jersey whereas Ricky landed 33/1 each way odds flagged up last weekend. They are two of my top boys and strong support should Smurf find it all too much.

Peter Ebdon (40/1 Skybet/Betfred) has been plugging away at these and should easily win his first two matches to leave him one game away from Sunday, I’ll give him the mustards.

To make up the crew we’ll go with two bigger odds in blog favourite and all round good guy Jamie Burnett (66/1 Skybet) and Fergal O’Brien (125/1 Betfred/Skybet).

Burnett, a finalist in Shanghai can take advantage of a decent draw despite a tricky opener against Liu Chaung and if he wins that could coast to Sunday. Strangely though he isn’t priced up at Betfred, it’s not like he’s ever done anything to deserve that is it. Fergal is in a tougher section but only a couple of weeks back was knocking in big centuries for fun over in Bruges in the event won by Murphy. Any hint of that form and he could also be lining up on Sunday.

I’ll do my mandatory bet on Anthony McGill aswell, regulars will know that this is now becoming a bit like buying a lottery ticket, he won’t be in the team.

The full draw is available from here and there is still time to enter the Prediction Contest here.

Good luck to anyone having a go and thanks to the bookies that have priced this up. I’d expect others to follow tomorrow and there may be some better prices about but I’ll leave that up to you if you fancy any of the above.

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